There are many single guys from the Western world who are searching for a traditional, subservient wife. The good news is that Japanese brides fit your bill perfectly. Japanese women have amazing beauty and humble personalities. Their exotic appearance and sharp intellect are something that many single guys from the West want. What makes mail order brides Japanese especially popular among American men is that local women dream of marrying Western men. 

With male order brides Japan you can start a new life and be happy in marriage. I believe that online dating is the number one method of meeting Eastern brides and I am going to tell you why later in this article. Now I would like you to check out some curious facts about Japanese mail order brides.

  • Modern Japanese girls get married at approximately 29.4 years of age. 
  • You have an 82% success rate when you choose to date East Asian women online.
  • About 1.3 million Japanese live in the US which increases your chance of meeting an Asian woman in your hometown.
  • In Japan, those women who have not gone further than school are likely to get divorced. 

Japanese ladies make some of the best wives thanks to their unique characteristics. Fights and arguments will rarely happen, and your life will become calm and relaxed next to a bride from Japan. Young Japanese brides online who you are about to meet are clever and mature. They respect men and are willing to be loyal wives. 

👩🏻 Japanese brides marriage age29.4 years old
✈️ Top cities to get acquainted with Japanese singlesTokyo, Osaka, Kyoto
🤍 Marriage success rate with US men95%

Why Do Japanese Male Order Brides Look for Foreign Husbands? 

Japanese mail order brides are searching for foreign men because they are adventurous and want a different life. Japanese men do not treat their wives the way foreign guys do. Bachelors from the UK and the US are true gentlemen and this is what so many Asian ladies want in their lives. By dating Western men, Japanese women feel admired and loved. The list below includes other reasons why Japanesebrides search for foreign husbands online. 

🌸 Living in Western countries is the dream of many Japanese girls

Growing up, most Japanese women watch American TV shows. They find everything in the West more fascinating, entertaining, and happy since Japanese culture is incredibly strict.  Having the opportunity to move and live in the US is a dream for many young women from East Asia. 

🌸 Japanese women admire the way Western men treat them

The amount of respect and consideration that foreign men show, makes Japanese women feel on cloud nine. If you compare how foreign men treat Japanese girls to how local Japanese men treat them, you will understand why local females do not want to date Asian men and dream of escaping the country. Japanese men are impolite, cold, and demanding. Often, local men are big drinkers which causes troubles in marriages. Naturally, beautiful Japanese brides want to be with well-mannered, respectful, and caring men.

🌸 Most Japanese brides love the thought of travel

Having the possibility to meet people from all over the globe is something Japanese girls desire. You will find many Japanese brides for sale traveling with their English and American boyfriends and husbands. Meeting foreign men gives East Asian women a chance to make their dreams come true and share their passion for travel with their soulmates. 

These are only a few reasons why brides from Japan want to be with men from the West. The good news is Japanese females are very good at understanding technology, so using dating sites and apps is their hobby. You will be amazed to see a huge number of attractive and young Japanese girls looking for love online. They are shy but make efforts to meet foreign men and develop serious relationships, even though there are 6,741.05 miles between New York and Tokyo.

mail order brides from Japan

What Kind of Wives Do Mail Order Japanese Brides Make? 

American men have desired Japanese women for decades. It all began after the Pacific War in 1945. The amazing personalities that mail order brides from Japan offer can not be compared to what American wives give their partners. Even though women from Japan are very modern, inside they remain traditional. Their femininity and obedience are things that so many men want to find in their future life partners. Please check out the list of advantages Japanese wives give their husbands. 

💋 You can trust your Japanese bride

Once East Asian ladies commit to serious relationships, they only have eyes for you. Japanese girlfriends and wives are devoted and take things seriously from day one. If you used to wonder whether your American date really likes you and plans her future with you, a Japanese woman will reassure you that you are the only man for her. 

💋 Ladies from Japan are highly-educated

Your Japanese wife will be educated on a number of topics. You will be able to have interesting conversations with her and will not be shy to introducing her to your friends. Men do not only want an attractive woman, but a woman who can present herself well and make a good impression. 

💋 Japanese wives are exceptionally caring and considerate

These are essential elements for a healthy relationship, and it is what every woman from Japan gives her man. East Asian wives are thoughtful and enjoy helping others. The culture in Japan is all about respect for others, so you can expect your wife to treat you well, as well as your family and friends. 

📌 Now you can understand why so many middle-aged men from the US search online for Japanese brides. Reliability, trust, and consideration are a recipe for a loving, long relationship. Once you meet a charming bride from Japan, you will be able to feel like a real man again.

How to Date Japan Mail Order Brides? 

Dating women from Japan is a pleasure from start to finish, but it is good to understand as much as possible about them beforehand. You want to remember that Japanese girls can be sensitive and reserved. Therefore, treating them with care and being patient will help you gain their trust and love. To make a positive impression on a date with a Japanese bride, you need to carry yourself like a true gentleman, which means you need to show manners, be romantic and make your date feel special. 

I certainly want you to remember that Japan brides for marriage are quite sensitive. This is why you need to be soft with local females. You can scare these brides away if you are too aggressive or insist on having sex. As long as you are mindful of these things, you can impress your Japanese bride. 

These are the positive and negative sides of dating women from East Asia. I think you need to know them to make a smart decision. 

🙋 Pros

  • Expect a warm-hearted date
  • Japanese girls respect men, serve them and allow them to lead
  • They are smart girls and it it nice to chat with them
  • Japan females are calm, obedient, and friendly
  • Many East Asian brides speak perfect English

🙅‍♀️ Cons

  • The language barrier could be an issue 
  • Japanese girls are sensitive and take everything you say to their hearts
  • You need to be patient when it comes to intimacy

These are some things you need to consider before dating Japanese ladies. Like all women, there are pros and cons. It is up to you if you are willing to deal with the cons I provided above. I believe that Japanese girls are one of a kind, and if you can be patient and use the right approach, you will get a loyal, loving, and affectionate male order bride Japan by your side for decades.

Where Can You Meet Japanese Mail Order Brides? 

The ways single guys from Western countries try to find Japanese women differ. Some choose to visit Japan and search for ladies in bars and nightclubs. At the same time, others prefer a more laid-back approach which involves looking online. It all depends on what floats your boat. 

If you enjoy the adrenaline rush and are a big fan of traveling, then visiting Japan is going to be an exciting adventure. You will not only see a new country but also get to know a new culture, be able to learn a new language, but most importantly, meet some of the hottest women on the planet. 
Using a Japanese brides agency is a route that most single guys choose. Online dating makes everything so much smoother. It gives users safety that offline dating does not offer. Modern dating websites and apps provide thousands of brides’ profiles, allow you to reach attractive female users within a few clicks, get messages translated instantly, and provide many other fantastic tools that make meeting foreign ladies simple.

How does online dating really work? 

Japanese online dating

When you want to meet the love of your life with ease, convenience, and safety, it is a no-brainer. Use a dating website. Online dating is the fastest-growing business nowadays. There are more dating sites than ever before because singles are interested in interracial marriages and appreciate the fast way to connect with attractive people from all over the world. Around 20% of the population in Japan uses dating sites to find love. So, if you want to meet good-looking Japanese brides, check what other advantages you will get from online acquaintances:

✅ Thousands of real and verified brides’ profiles

✅ Safe dating environment

✅ Matching tools

✅ Various communication methods 

✅ High success rate

✅ Reliable customer support

✅ Affordable rates

Try completely free Japanese mail order brides sites if you worry about spending your hard-earned cash. However, I would recommend you pick a trustworthy dating website which is, in most cases, paid. It will only take you a few minutes to register and set up a profile. Provide details about yourself and add some of your recent photos. Online dating needs a profile that will stand out to draw the attention of singles and make them want to connect you. 

free Japanese mail order brides

How do you date Japanese women offline?

The other method that many men still choose is offline dating. This is a more adventurous way, and it certainly requires more effort. Offline dating entails looking in bars and nightclubs for single women in Japan which will not work for shy guys. Keep in mind that this is a longer route too. If online dating sounds better to you, choose large cities to search for dates:

How do you date Japanese women offline?

📍 Tokyo

📍 Kyoto

📍 Osaka

📍 Yokohama

📍 Sapporo

These are five popular tourist destinations where single men from the West can search for real dates. Bear in mind that with offline dating you get less contacts and approaching women can be tricky. Japanese culture is totally different from American culture meaning you will have to adapt to new rules. For example, Japanese women rarely go on dates just with men. It is common to date with a group of friends. Be prepared to meet the friends of the women you fancy and spend time with them. The chance of having a romantic date one-on-one and then heading to a hotel room with a local woman is almost non-existent while you are seeing each other in Japan. 

Japanese Mail Brides And Love Stories

Jack, 47, Houston

Japanese bride and her husband

Being married previously, I knew this time I wanted a different type of woman. So I chose to visit Tokyo . On my second day in the city, I started chatting with Yua, a gorgeous 25 year old lady with a beautiful smile. We had many things in common, and after having dinner in a restaurant she took me to, we knew we did not want to be apart. She is the love of my life and we are planning to get married next year. 

Callum, 39, Phoenix

loving Japanese couple

There has always been something special about Japanese women for me. I guess it’s their incredible skin and exotic eyes. I was recommended a dating app with profiles of Japanese single women, so I joined immediately. After a couple of days of searching through the app, I came across Akari’s profile and was speechless.  She was 26 and absolutely beautiful. We have already met in Osaka and plan on a second meeting in a few months. 

How to Conquer the Hearts of Japan Brides? 

Winning a Japanese woman’s heart requires knowledge and practice. If you are willing to put in the effort, you will be rewarded with a gorgeous date. Please check out a few simple tips that will assist you in conquering an East Asian woman’s heart. 

How to Conquer the Hearts of Japan Brides?

💗 Open up to a new way of dating. If you do so, you will not be far from a Japanese brides marriage. These women adore a man who can listen and cater to them. Japanese girls like their men to lead a relationship, they want romance and respect. So if you are open to giving the woman what she needs to be happy, she will definitely say “Yes” when you propose. 

💗 Be polite and use manners when communicating. These simple tips can make all the difference when you date. Foul language is a big red flag for Japanese women, so think about what you say. Showing you are a gentleman will, in return, make your date feel comfortable in your presence. 

💗 Give lots of compliments and watch your date shine. If you can picture brides Japanese with smiles and sparkling eyes, this is what happens when you give compliments to your date. Women from Japan appreciate positive remarks about their appearances, outfits, and personalities. 

As you can see, it is not that difficult to impress a Japanese woman. With a bit of homework, an open mind, you can make a happy couple with an East Asian woman you met online. 

How to Bring Japanese Brides in America?

Getting your bride to America can take some time. The process is not simple and requires certain actions from your future fiance. Of course, she will appreciate your helping financially, as relocation to the US is not cheap. Review the steps you and your Japanese date will need to take in order to unite in the US. 

  • Your Asian fiance needs to apply for a special K-1 visa from outside the US.
  • This will give her the chance to arrive in the US and get married legally.
  • There are lots of forms to complete, such as how much you earn, your occupation, and address in the US. 
  • You and your future wife need to present Japanese picture brides with you on them.  Sometimes, couples are asked to prove their connection by showing their chat history. 
  • It can take up to 1 year to receive a K-1 visa to enter the US. The cost can rise to over $2,000 for the K1 visa. 
  • Once your Japanese girlfriend arrives in America, you will have 90 days to marry.
  • Once married in the US, she can apply for adjustment status for permanent residence. 
  • It can take up to 1 year to receive this, but once it is done, your bride will get a green card.

In total, it can take over two years of waiting. There are many forms to fill out, and ensuring you are truthful is essential. You may need to consult a lawyer to make sure you did not miss anything.

The Cost of Mail Order Brides Japan 

The cost of brides in Japan varies from person to person. Knowing how much you need to spend approximately for buying a mail order bride from Japan will allow you to plan your budget. Please check the essential facts involved in the process below.

The Cost of Mail Order Brides Japan

✈️ Airfare. A ticket to visit your bride in America can cost between $500 to $800, depending on which time of year you travel. Traveling in the low season will undoubtedly save you money. 

🏡 Accommodation. Renting a flat or staying in a hotel room can be expensive depending on how long you visit Japan. Let’s say you want to visit your bride for 2 weeks. The average accommodation cost can be $150 to $250 per night. 

🍷 Food and drinks. Food in Japan can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. If you are content with heading to mid-range places to eat, the cost can be $40 to $100 for 2 people.

🎁 Presents. Japanese women love presents, so buying flowers, chocolates, or a gift card for beauty treatment is a great way to make a positive impression. A bunch of flowers costs about $30 while a beauty treatment goes up to $100.

🌹 Expert’s Opinion

Finding a Japanese bride to spend your life with is a treasure. Japanese mail order brides history is rich and has women who keep traditions regardless of the fast-moving world. Japanese ladies are incredibly charming, intelligent and make amazing life partners. And since a big percentage of single Japanese girls search for love online, there is no easier way to get acquainted with them from the comfort of your home. 


How do I find a Japanese bride?
You find a Japanese bride by searching through dating websites or heading to one of the cities in the country. However, with the number of great sites and apps, you can connect with Asian females within a few clicks and save a lot of money.
What color do Japanese brides wear?
Brides can wear various outfits on their wedding day. Usually it is a white dress with a white hat called wataboshi. It is the equivalent of a veil worn in many Western wedding ceremonies.
What happens at a Japanese wedding?
The guests will give monetary gifts to the married couple. It will be cash gifts wrapped in a special cloth. Goshugi-bukuro is an envelope for the money to be presented in. Friends usually give at $300, while family members can present newlyweds $1,000.
What does marriage look like in Japan?
One difference from Western marriages is that in Japan, a woman is a hearth-keeper. She can work and have her hobby, but she is not after equal rights. She is happy to serve her husband and it does not offend her to follow her partner like it does most women in the Western world.
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