Women from Japan have always been an interesting topic for American men. There are multiple reasons for this, not least their incredible beauty. If you are looking for an exotic woman who is difficult to describe in words, dating Japanese women is for you. 

American men have been on the search for Japanese girls for decades. It started after the Pacific War in the mid-1940s when many US service members were stationed in Japan. Since that time, American men have discovered the elegance of pretty Japanese women. 

Checking out the stats below will give you a good idea of why dating a Japanese woman is so popular and required among Western bachelors.

  • Over 1,000 K-1 visas have been given to Japanese brides to marry their American husbands in recent years.
  • The average age of Japanese women when they marry is 29.4.
  • The majority of Japanese women live longer than most other women in the world. The average age of these ladies when they die is 88 years of age. 
  • Over 53% of Japanese women for marriage born in Japan but now living in the US are fluent in English. 
  • The average height women Japan is 159.5 cm or 5 feet 2.8 inches.

These facts and figures illustrate the desire for Japanese young women to meet foreign men and move abroad. America has always been a land of opportunity for Japanese females. This is why you can see so many young Japanese girls seeking love on famous international dating websites.

👩🏻 Average age of Japanese mail order brides29.4 years old
🤍 Marriage success rate with US men95%
🌐 Top dating sites for meeting brides from JapanVictoriyaclub.com, Loveinchat.com, Tenderbride.com

Who are Beautiful Japanese Women? 

Women from Japan have lots to offer single men from around the globe. These ladies are highly-organized and professional in everything they do. When you are in a relationship with busty Japanese women, you will admire their loyalty and loving nature. Please check out some distinctive character traits that all Japan women possess.

❤️ Japanese women are incredibly pretty

Japanese girls’ beauty can be described as pure. They have silky light-colored skin, brown eyes and nice pink lips. Hairy Japanese women have black, thick and shiny hair. Local females have nice bodies, slim and petite. There are many thick Japanese women who go to the gym or naturally have very curvy bodies. 

❤️ They are incredibly hard-working 

This is a trait that you will notice right away when you meet Japanese girls. It doesn’t matter if it’s working for an employee or doing household chores. Japanese ladies give 100% effort. They enjoy being busy and are happy making life comfortable for their partner. 

❤️ The organization is a real art form for Japanese ladies

When it comes to having work, trip or household tasks organized, single Japanese women exceed expectations. It comes down to Japanese women culture since everything in this country is in order, strict, and organized. Dating a woman from Japan will open your eyes to how to live more efficiently, never be late, and not waste your money.

Who are Beautiful Japanese Women?

❤️ Japanese beautiful women are humble and down to earth

It is part of Japanese culture to show respect to others and never be arrogant. Whether you meet Japanese young girls or Japanese mature women, they will treat you like a king. Their attitude is to be subservient to their husband. This indeed leads to a tranquil and happy marriage.

❤️ Intelligence is something Japanese girls have in abundance

Japanese ladies’ knowledge of many subjects usually impress men. If you are someone who gets turned on not only by a woman’s appearance and sexy body but brain, then you should definitely try dating local females. Most women from Japan have a higher-than-average education level. 

❤️ Japanese wives are quiet and calm

Meeting Japanese American women online is great for those men who do not like conflicts or arguments. A relationship with a woman from Japan is a relaxed affair. Eastern brides enjoy solving any issues very quickly, which makes for an excellent partner. It also proves how mature they are. 

📌 These are only some characteristics that you will discover when you start dating young or mature Japanese women. It is clear why many foreigners, especially Americans, desire to be with brides from Asia. Japanese girls not only have a natural beauty that makes them appealing, but they also possess incredible traits that are important for long-term relationships. 

mature Japanese women

Why Are Western Men Interested in Japanese Busty Women? 

The best thing about Japanese ladies is that they are multidimensional. Men from the US are always on the lookout for girls who make life easier for them. Japanese mail order brides fit the bill. If you are looking for a calm life partner, there is no contest. Japanese girls will be your ideal match. They are reserved, quiet, yet very smart. They can help you achieve your life goals with their organized and hard-working character traits. Check out what other reasons many Westerns look for Asian wives.

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 American men want traditional wives

Many US men want to meet women who have not lost their traditions. Sadly, American women have lost this ability due to the rise of feminism. However, Japanese brides still keep traditions and are willing to become subservient wives. They love to cook, clean, and look after their husbands and children. Thanks to Japan culture women, they are on top of the list of the most desired wives for American bachelors.  

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Being with a Japanese woman is a smooth affair

There is no drama or fighting. Japanese girls appreciate small gestures, like simple compliments. Buying flowers will make a lady from Japan happy and thankful. Eastern brides are easy to be around as they do not demand material things and have a certain attitude in comparison to American females. 

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Japan older women can help you earn more

Their work ethic and organizational skills make them perfect for guiding you to a successful career. Japanese ladies enjoy assisting their men and can help lead you to fortune. 

It is clear why business-oriented men want to meet Japanese women. Unlike American brides, who enjoy spending huge sums, Japanese ladies work hard, save money, and certainly do not spend their husbands’ money on dresses and jewelry. 

Japan older women

Pros and Cons of Japanese Women Dating 

The culture in Japan is unique and utterly different from Western culture. This is why so many single guys spend their free time on a Japanese women dating site or app. When you are meeting women in Japan, the dating scene is unique. It will give you a brand new perspective on dating. Things must go slowly. Since Eastern brides take things slow, Westerners often ask: “Do Japanese women like sex? The answer is yes. Actually, Asian women make amazing lovers, as they are passionate and love to serve their men. However, things can not be rushed with the local girls. Check out other positives and negatives you have to be prepared for if you want to date Japanese women.

👍 Pros

  • Japanese women are incredibly feminine, sexy, and pure.
  • Local girls are keen on long-term commitments, not hookups.
  • Eastern wives are eager to please and satisfy their husbands.
  • They respect their partners and allow them to lead. 
  • Japanese women are soft and hate having arguments. 

👎 Cons

  • You may struggle with a Japanese women language barrier.
  • You have to be patient to make a Japanese woman fall in love with you.
  • Japanese women can be shy and quiet, especially at the beginning of dating. 

These are some of the ups and downs when it comes to dating girls from Japan. On the whole, Japanese women dating is an experience you will enjoy. Japanese women are friendly, soft, and incredibly warm towards Western men, making the whole dating process easy for a guy like you. 

Stereotypes You May Hear About Japanese Comfort Women 

Let me introduce you to some common stereotypes attached to Japanese women over the years. You may find some stereotypes really silly, and since not many men traveled to Japan, they can easily believe them. I would highly recommend you not believe everything you hear, as it can create the wrong impression. 

🤦‍♀️ Japanese girls eat sushi everyday. It is like saying Americans eat burgers every day or Germans eat sausages every day. This is a common stereotype that holds no water. Actually, sushi is not so common in Japan. Usually, people have the dish on special occasions.

🤦‍♀️ Women from Japan can not hold their alcohol. There is a myth that Japanese ladies cannot drink alcohol well. If they drink, they will be drunk and not be able to walk. This may be the case for some girls, but most understand how much they can drink and do not exceed their limit.

🤦‍♀️ Most women eat horse and whale meat. For some reason, this stereotype exists because people believe that Japanese food is weird. The lifespan of Japanese people is the highest on the planet, so they are doing something right. Anyway, Japanese girls may eat horse and whale meat on certain occasions, but certainly not on a regular basis. 

The best way to find out about a Japanese woman is to meet her. Whether you do it online or offline, you will have a chance to ask questions and see what she says.

Famous Japan Women Photos

Here are some of the most beautiful women in Japan. These Japan women pics will probably impress any man since Eastern brides look exotic, have magnetic eyes, and stunning figures.

Wedding Traditions Japanese Fashion Women Follow 

The most beautiful women in Japan dream of a wedding day. It is the day when they can dress up nicely and fully commit to their husbands. Japan has a rich history and many customs that modern people still follow. Some Japanese weddings will be more traditional Western style ceremonies, while some stick to Japanese traditions like Shinto.

🥂 Rokuyo

Rokuyo is a lucky Japanese calendar that plays a big role when planning a wedding. A future bride and groom will invite parents over for dinner to plan the correct date for the wedding day. Usually, the lunisolar calendar is used to choose an auspicious date. The dates that are said to be good luck are always sought after. 

🥂 Wedding venue

It is usually at a Shinto shrine, the native Japanese religion. The person in charge of marrying the couple is known as a Shinto priest. He will lead the shinzen shiki, which means a marriage before the gods. Only close friends and family members can attend the ceremony.

🥂 Special gifts

The standard gift at a Japanese wedding is money, called goshugi. It is customary to hand over the money in a special envelope, known as shugi-bukuro. The money must be in new bills, which represent a new beginning. Also, the money should be an odd-numbered amount. It is common practice for friends to give 30,000 Yen, which is around $225.

These are wedding traditions that give Japanese weddings a unique feel. You will certainly remember a Japanese wedding ceremony if you decide to do it not in the US, but in Asia.

Wedding Traditions Japanese Fashion Women Follow

💕 Conclusion 

Japanese women are unique females. They offer beauty, elegance, and tranquility. Thanks to many modern dating platforms, you can use the option Japanese women near me and meet Asian brides living in the US. In case you still wonder: “Do Japanese women like white men?” I can reassure you that local females dream of meeting handsome and loving men with whom they would create a happy marriage. So head to popular international dating apps and take a look at Japan women pictures as these women will make you sweat.


Do Japanese women like American men?
If your question is: “Do Japanese women like white guys?”, then the answer is yes. American guys treat them very well, and the thought of living the American dream in the US is what many Japanese girls desire.
What is average height of Japanese women?
If you look at a Japan women picture you will see that she has feminine but petite body. The average height of a local female is 5 feet 2.8 inches. This makes Japanese women some of the shortest females in the world.
Who are famous Japanese women?
One of the most famous Japanese women is Yoko Ono, who was married to John Lennon. She is now 90 years of age. Another famous Japanese woman is Emi Takei, an actress and model. She is 30 years of age and has almost 500K followers on Instagram.
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