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Mail Order Brides: A Full Guide on Finding Romance in Digital Age

It would be difficult to imagine today’s world without modern technologies as well as the mail order brides industry. Well, actually, these two notions go hand in hand. With the quick evolution of the mail-order bride industry, one can see a high interest among guys in international marriages. Before I give you answers to all common questions like “How to get a mail order bride”, or “How much is a mail order bride?”, let’s make sure you clearly understand a mail order bride meaning.

🔍 What is a mail order bride❓This is a woman who adds her personal profile to a dating catalog with a straightforward aim – find a foreign spouse. The concept is not new at all, but it has greatly developed since the 19th century. The girl joins a society of same-minded people to find her soulmate. Users communicate on dedicated platforms using provided options, and, over time, decide whether they want to bridge their hearts across continents. 

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☝️Unfortunately, some guys who decide to find a bride abroad, mistakenly think that it is possible to buy a wife. However, it is a common confusion. A mail order bride is not a property or some good similar to something you can purchase in a store. This is an ordinary girl who seeks love and care. So, if you want to find out more about mail ordered bride and understand whether this is a good idea for you, then keep reading my article. I sincerely hope that all my experience as a dating expert will finally clear up everything. 

Top 5 Mail Order Bride Facts

Who Becomes Mail Order Brides?

In 2019, over 34 thousand K1 visas were registered, with the majority of them given to Asian women, according to recent data. Why do girls decide to become mail order brides? Well, the reasons that make them seek a husband beyond their native country are:

  1. A strong desire to escape a current way of life due to financial difficulties.
  2. A small number of local men willing to build a family.
  3. A dream to explore another culture and traditions.

Most mail order brides are single women without kids. Still, nowadays more and more divorcées and widows are thinking about international marriages as well. In other words, you can meet different girls on mail order sites who are ready to become loyal partners and devoted mothers. 

Mail Order Brides: Pros and Cons

Before you start to seek your perfect woman abroad, let’s ensure that you are aware of all related pros and cons of mail order brides.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons
▪️ They are family-oriented
▪️ Mail order marriages are stronger
▪️ You can widen your horizons
▪️ Language barrier
▪️ Cultural differences
▪️ Financial investments

First of all, mail order brides have a strong focus on the family. You can be sure that your woman is completely ready to create a meaningful connection and give birth to a baby. That’s why mail order marriages are stronger compared to those relationships that start offline. You have a chance to meet a woman with the same dating goals and life values. 

At the same time, acquaintance with a foreign lady means that you may have a language barrier. Luckily, many women today have a nice command of English or are good at using translation tools to communicate with foreigners. International marriages also have to deal with cultural differences, hence both partners should be ready to make compromises and show patience and understanding. 

Finally, a safe online dating experience is impossible without financial investments. Site subscription, sending gifts, and arranging a face-to-face meeting requires some budget. But it is the price that you must pay for safety and comfort when seeking the right woman for marriage. I recommend you weigh all these pros and cons before a final decision on acquaintance with a mail order bride.

Is it Legal to Mail Order a Bride?

While historically a notion of mail order bride has been used regarding international marriages, some people still have certain questions about it. Are mail order brides legal? Probably this is one of the most common requests. Pay attention that the answer varies from country to country. Therefore, it is important to clarify where you are seeking a legit mail order bride. Some governments have strict principles on this topic, trying to protect their citizens from possible problems connected to international marriages.

For example, in 2005 the USA initiated IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act) which aims to protect the rights of fiancées and spouses. If the couple decides to get married in the future, this act will let lovers get K-1 visa.

💋 Find your legitimate mail order bride


28 y.o. Santa Fe (Argentina)

mail order bride


33 y.o. Odessa (Ukraine)


25 y.o. Minsk (Belarus)

Do Free Mail Order Brides Exist?

You shouldn’t be a millionaire to meet the best mail order brides. All those statements saying that every woman seeking a foreign spouse is a gold digger, sound crazy. Mail brides who list themselves in catalogs of international marriage agencies do not need your money at all. Most mail order brides have pure intentions and clear dating goals. You are just expected to pay for the services provided by a dating site or agency specialized in mail in bride. There is no doubt that you can find a free mail order bride on trustworthy platform. Whats a mail order bride site? These are platforms with real girls and guys who seek romance beyond geographical borders.  Watch here, come the brides online free sites that are worth your attention. 

Mail Order Bride Website: Top Places to Find Your Special One

The number of mail order bride sites is incredible. But you may face certain difficulties with identifying the platform that has a top mail order bride catalog. If you do not want to waste your time or efforts when looking for Belarus brides or other ladies, then mind a few things to check before joining a particular mail order bride site:

✔️ Community. Look through the mail order brides catalogue. Do the girls seem to be real? Have you a chance to meet your best mail order bride here? 

✔️ Support system. The best mail order bride site has a professional support team that is ready to provide you with an efficient solution to any of your questions. See how you can get in touch with specialists, how long they take to respond to your request, and you will understand whether it is safe to use a particular platform. 

✔️ Navigation. It is another important factor that you should consider when choosing an international dating site for meeting Columbian brides or women of other nationalities. The platform should be user-friendly, with all the necessary options right at your hand so that you can easily reach a necessary point. 

✔️ Prices. All legit mail order bride sites have a clear pricing policy. It means you can see the cost of the services provided and not worry about possible hidden fees. 

✔️ Reviews. Take advantage of any possible feedback. Ask your friends or relatives for a recommendation if they have experience using mail order bride sites. Also, you can visit sites like Sitejabber or TrustPilot to see what other users say about a dating service that you are going to use.

📌 By keeping an eye on the above-mentioned points, you can make the right decision on the best mail order bride site. Also, I’d like to recommend you top services that meet discussed criteria for 💯%.

1️⃣ Victoriyaclub.com

This is a pioneer of online dating that has been connecting singles since 2008. The site has transparent prices, a user-friendly design, and an attentive support system. The administration of Victoriya club often holds different sales and promo actions dedicated to fests. It should be mentioned that victoriya club com has the lowest prices for dating services in the market. Its one-time offer of $4.88 lets users explore the options provided and decide whether this site is what they are really looking for.  

❤️ Features I liked:

  • Law prices
  • Professional support team
  • Regular sales
  • Simple design
  • Community 

2️⃣ Loveinchat.com

It is another well-reputable dating website that caters to people worldwide. You can become a user with a few clicks only if you are at least 18 years old. The site has a plain design and a wide range of Bulgarian brides, mail order brides from Ukraine, as well as other Slavic countries. The prices are cheap without sacrificing the overall quality of the provided dating services. 

❤️ Features I liked:

  • Quick registration
  • Verified profiles
  • Affordable prices
  • Variety of dating features

3️⃣ Tenderbride.com

Finally, tenderbride com comes. It has a smaller mail order brides catalog, but it is still worth trying. The nice, light design will not distract you from reaching your main goals.  By adjusting search filters, you can narrow down search results and quickly find the right match. The administration incorporates the latest technologies to protect your personal information. 

❤️ Features I liked:

  • Plain interface
  • Search filters
  • Nice support specialists

📌 If you want to get a safe, positive online dating experience with Polish brides or girls from other locations, then explore these sites well. I have no hesitation in saying that your perfect mail order bride is waiting for you there. 

Mail Order Bride Cost: What is the Price of Love in 2023?

Perhaps order mail bride cost is another popular issue that interests people seeking love abroad. As I have already said, you can’t buy a wife at a definite price online. Mail order brides cost includes all expenditures that are associated with dating online through marriage agencies. 

🔍How much does a mail order bride cost ❓Below you can get a detailed answer:

How much mail order bride cost?

Dating services

So, initially, you are expected to pay for online dating services. Some sites have a credit-based system, while others demand a monthly subscription. 

📌 In the first case, you choose a rate plan (for example 40 credits cost $13 on victoriyaclub.com) and spend the given credits on provided service. Among them are:

🔹 Messages. Most dating sites allow free users to read inbox messages for free. But writing or replying to this message is not paid. Hence, you should purchase credits to be able to exchange letters. 

🔹 Live chat. Similar to messages, live chat is accessible only to paying users. It is a great opportunity to see the girl in real-time and understand whether you can make a great match together.

🔹 Gifts. There is no better way to show your sympathy than with a nice gift. Dating sites have a section with all presents listed so that you can choose anything you like to please a mail order bride. 

🔹 Viewing private photos/videos. Usually, a girl has a few public photos, with the rest to be locked. You can get access to available videos and pictures by paying for this opportunity with the credits on your balance. 

🔹 Attaching media files. When talking in a live chat or sending a message, you cannot attach photos or videos. After spending the required amount of credits, you get a chance to share some of your media files with the girl you like. 

📌 Another option means that you will need to pay for a chosen type of subscription every month. Among the most common types are Basic, Gold, and Platinum. The names may differ, but not sense, of course. As a paid subscriber, you get access to a range of listed services. The more you pay, the more features you can use. One of the main drawbacks of this system is auto-renewal. It means the funds from your credit card are transferred to your balance every month. So you may simply forget about it, thinking that it is the last month you are using a mail order bride site, but all of a sudden, your balance will be renewed automatically.

Travel costs

Once you feel that you are ready to meet the girl in real life, you need to plan your trip. Besides buying a ticket or another kind of transportation, you are expected to book a hotel room and think about a car rental. All in all, it is not cheap at all. That’s why I highly recommend you find a suitable woman online first. This will reduce the cost of mail order bride, as you will know who you are going to. Otherwise, you may face extra expenses until you come across a nice lady in a popular local place abroad. 

Stay abroad

Along with travel expenditures, you need to have some extra money for entertainment in a new area and other unexpected expenses. Going to restaurants, cinemas, or even simple sightseeing requires financial investments. Please keep this in mind it, when calculating a mail in bride cost. Perhaps, you will also want to arrange a pleasant surprise for your beloved or give her a lovely gift. All in all, staying abroad is also associated with definite expenditures. 

K-1 visa

While discussing how much do mail order brides cost, finally, K-1 visa comes. A fiancé(e) visa is given by the American government. It allows a foreigner to come to the USA with the purpose of getting married there within 90 days. Getting this visa is not free of charge. It would be also difficult for me to give you an exact price since it depends on a few factors. Among them are the visa application fee, form I-129F filing fee, medical examination fee, and other related costs. 

📌 As you can see, there is no exact answer on how much does it cost to mail order a bride. The final cost is made up of different aspects that you should consider beforehand. 

Are Mail Order Brides Real?

Real mail order brides are seeking loving partners who can make them truly happy in a long-lasting relationship. Thousands of singles unite their hearts and lives every day. As practice shows, there are no obstacles to two people really loving each other. Just look at some of the love stories that started online:

❤️ Matthew and Anna

I had been looking for a real mail order bride for some time when, all of a sudden, I saw Anna’s profile on a dating site. This Polish beauty made my heart go faster in the first few minutes. She was pretty, talkative, and smart. It seems that we have met before because there were so many common topics to discuss. After a few months of online chatting, we decided to rest together and left for a trip to Dubai. During our first meeting, I got rid of my hesitations and understood that Anna was my soulmate. Now we are preparing all the necessary documents so that she can move to the USA.

❤️ Scott and Olha

Are mail order brides a real thing? Definitely! I got acquainted with Olha online after a few unsuccessful attempts to start a romance with locals. I have heard a lot about beautiful Ukrainian brides, but I didn’t expect all those things to be true. My Odesa woman is so charming and talented that I can’t stop admiring her, even for a minute. Her family accepted me like their own son, and now we are happily married. I wish every man found his special one. Believe it or not, no distance or cultural differences can break the magic that appears between two people.

Can you really mail order a bride?

Surely. There are so many real mail order bride sites that list Czech brides and beautiful women from all over the world ready to build relationships despite distance or any other related difficulties. Still, you should be aware that there are also dating scammers who aim to make a profit off of you. You can understand whether you are dealing with a mail order brides real or fake by learning these red flags:

  1. She invites you to another messenger. Mind that a real mail order brides site is a safe place where the administration does its best to protect all your information. Specialists do not take responsibility for your data if you move to another platform to chat with a bride. So, in case the girl encourages you to change the place, you’d better be more attentive and careful with her. 
  2. She has a poor-detailed profile. Look through the girl’s profile page. Is it detailed enough? Mind that the woman who really wants to find her soulmate will add as much information as possible. Check the uploaded pictures as well. Do they look genuine? Use Google tools to ensure the photos really belong to her.
  3. She often confuses facts. Is mail order brides real? I can’t say so if the lady often confuses facts and details. It means that she is not honest, and pretends to be someone else. To check it, ask the same question from time to time and see what her answer is.

📌 To decrease the probability of interacting with dating scammers, I recommend you choose a reliable dating sites. However, even when using a trustworthy platform, remember to take responsibility for your own actions. Never share your personal information or follow third-party links. Your safety should be a priority when dating online.

What Men Do Mail Order Brides Seek?

As a rule, mail-order brides are women who come from less developed countries, aiming to meet a man from a more developed country like Australia, USA, etc. While some people recognize these ladies as gold diggers, they dream about love and support. 

Mail-order brides want to meet a mature man who is ready for serious relationships. This man should have financial stability and be interested in marriage based on traditional gender roles. Women are ready to care about their partners, devote a lot of time to kids, and create a cozy atmosphere at home. While Western girls are more focused on career and professional success, a foreign wife may be a good option to start a family. 

Advantages of Seeking a Woman on Mail Order Bride Site

Without any exaggeration, a mail order site has numerous benefits when it comes to finding your perfect match. If you still have some hesitations about whether it is a good idea, then consider the related advantages:

Accessiability. You have 24/7 access to the dating pool, which is made up of women who really have the same dating goals as you do. By approaching a girl on a social media site, for example, you can’t know for sure whether she seeks romance. Let’s be frank; your chances for success are really law there. With a mail order bride site, you do not have to waste time talking with the wrong ladies. You two know what you want and are ready to connect your hearts, even though you are far away from each other. 

◾️Functionality. You have plenty of nice tools to enjoy communication with the lady you like. Online acquaintances will especially appeal to shy individuals who feel awkward meeting new people. Sending a virtual gift, winking, or liking may let you break the ice, and initiate a conversation.

◾️Safety. The virtual world is often associated not only with new opportunities but also with risks. Using a mail order bride site means that your personal information is well protected. You should not worry that other people will use your data until you share it yourself.

TARANTINKA, 22 y.o. Ukraine, Kamenec-Podolskiy
PURE_JUICE, 40 y.o. Ukraine, Zaporozhye
Irina, 29 y.o. Ukraine, Kiev

How to Get a Mail Order Bride?

Don’t worry if you are new to online dating. There is nothing complicated about seeking out your potential wife among Brazil brides or other ladies with the help of your device. These steps will guide you through the whole process of meeting your perfect match. 

1. Find a reliable dating site

Even if a certain website seems legit, it may turn out to be a real scam. That’s why you should spend enough time exploring a dating service before joining it. Check the terms and conditions, find out how the site protects users’ information, and see whether profiles are real. One more thing that you can do is to ask your friends for a recommendation. 

2. Set your profile

Once you have made your choice, the next step is to set up your detailed profile. Let it be a full reflection of your personality, without any exaggerations. Add all the basic information, select a nice profile picture, and write a more detailed bio. Of course, you want to impress all registered girls, but I do not recommend that you pretend to be someone else. It is useless since you risk wasting your time because the truth will come out sooner or later.

3. Adjust search filters

It is a great way to save time and effort. Instead of looking through all the available profiles, I suggest you adjust your search filters. Perhaps you have certain preferences about your potential girlfriend. For example age, country, height, attitude to drinking, etc. While it is a nice way to pick up profiles that have a high success rate, I recommend not being too specific. After all, there are things that are not so decisive, e.g., eye color. But being too strict may prevent you from meeting someone special. 

4. Browse the results

Next, you get a list of profiles on dating online site. Look through them to choose one or a few personalities that capture your attention. Do not hurry up; give yourself some time. Do you have the same life views and dating goals? Does the lady have kids, and are you ready to accept the fact if she does? Feel free to get in touch with a few ladies at the same time. You are just starting your online dating journey, and you need to practice making contact.  

5. Make contact

Finally, you can take the first step and reach out to a girl you like. It would be great if you could look through her profile once again. Perhaps there is some information that may make your approach more personal. I beg you not to start your communication with some banal phrase, as you may waste your chance to attract the lady’s attention. Instead, send a message that will interest her and show that you really want to talk with her. Along with writing a letter, you can wink or like her photos, depending on the functionality of the free dating site.

7 Working Tips on Attracting a Mail Order Bride

Have you managed to establish communication with a girl you like? Hey, well done! But let’s face the truth – a grand game is only beginning. You need to make the lady think about you, write to you, and understand that you two are a perfect couple. How to do it? Well, it all depends on numerous factors, as every woman is unique and requires a special approach. Still, I am ready to share with you a few cool tips that helped dozens of my clients win the hearts of the girls they liked. Take them into consideration, and start acting at last!

How to attract mail order bride?

💕 Learn her environment 

For every girl, especially the one who comes from Slavic countries, cultural background plays a significant role. If you really want to appeal to the girl and get closer to her, then start by exploring her environment. Display interest in local culture and traditions, learn at least some basic phrases in a foreign language, and find out what principles the girl was brought up on. Never compare customs in a woman’s country with your own. It may look like real disrespect. Take some time to learn all the important aspects of her background to understand what makes her the person you have met.

💕 Show your interest

Stop for a while and think well. What have you learned about the woman besides all those facts in her profile? I recommend you take every opportunity to get to know her better. Moreover, it would be great if you avoided asking all those banal questions and were more inventive. Do your best to show your genuine interest not only in chatting but also in preparing presents or arranging pleasant surprises. Remember to pay compliments to your mail order bride to let her feel truly special for you. 

💕 Practice active listening

Every girl wants a man to listen to her attentively. That’s why you need to practice active listening when communicating with your mail order bride. Remember all the tiniest details so you can use them later. For example, the girl may share her biggest dream or fear. Knowing such information, you can arrange a perfect date that both of you will save in your memories forever. Do not interrupt your girlfriend. Respect her personal boundaries and ask for her point of view. This way, you will prove that you really care. 

💕 Be flexible

You had certain ideas and beliefs before meeting your special woman, and the same is true for her. What does it mean? You need to be flexible from time to time. Mind your reaction to different things, and take a pause to rethink everything if you feel that you may be too emotional. Making compromises is probably the best thing that you can do, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Adapt to new realities, show that you care, and do your best to make everybody feel important.  

💕 Share your life moments

You may start your communication with the mail order bride with some banal phrases and well-known cliches. Still, they are not what can make you closer to your special one. Make sure that you share all your moments, both pleasant and unpleasant. It will make the woman feel like a significant part of your life. Don’t be shy to ask for advice when you need it. Talking about your friends, families, work, study, hobbies, and other activities may erase all those kilometers that separate you. Encourage your girlfriend to do the same.

💕 Be supportive and calm

Even the bravest, most independent woman seeks support and comfort. Invest your time and effort in building trusting relationships. Show your interest in her achievements and failures. Avoid judging or hurrying up with conclusions. Instead, stay calm and show that she may rely on you in any situation.  You will be impressed with how much a woman can achieve when there is a man who believes in her, supports her, and aims to make her life easier. 

💕 Show your intentions

Do you take things seriously? Great! Let the girl know your plans. Avoid talking, and start acting. For example, you can purchase a ticket to go to the woman’s country to see her in person. An acquaintance with the lady’s family and friends will deepen your connection. Also, show your financial stability to prove that you are ready to take responsibility for your future family. 

📌 Step by step, day by day, your connection will grow and transform. Please remember that everything is in your hands. In other words, if you are lucky to find your special one, do not mess it up. I hope, above-mentioned tips will let you do the right things and avoid making common mistakes. Love is the best feeling in the whole world, so keep it, develop your connection, and one day you will wake up and see the girl of your dream right there, by your side. Isn’t that very morning worth all those attempts and efforts?


Even though the first mail order brides appeared at the beginning of the 19th century, they are still very popular today. Yes, the process of connecting with a person from another country has changed, but not the concept itself. Women and men who do not care about cultural differences and language barriers have the chance to create a strong family. If, for some reason, you are not lucky enough to do the same with locals, then a mail order bride site may become your lucky ticket to the world of true love and sincere feelings. I recommend you explore Victoriyaclub.com, its prices, and the provided services.  It may become your successful starting point to the world of mail order brides, and help you meet the love of all your life.showhide


What are mail order brides?
These are women who register on a special catalog of dating sites with the purpose of international marriage. They seek Western guys to create families and are ready to move to another country.
What are popular mail-order brides?
You can find mail order brides almost in every country. Still, the most popular women for marriage live in Eastern Europe. Men often seek Ukrainian brides, Belarusian girls, Polish ladies, and Bulgarian hotties. These women have strong family values that Western men appreciate a lot but can’t find in their native land.
How to buy a wife?
You can’t buy a wife because it’s illegal. Mail order bride cost includes all expenses that are associated with meeting your soulmate online. Among them are site subscriptions, gifts, arranging face-to-face meetings, K-1 visa costs, etc.
What are the best mail order bride sites?
The best mail order bride sites are Victoriyaclub.com, Loveinchat.com, and Tenderbride.com. All of them are legit platforms with incredible experience in the dating industry. Law prices, big communities, and an attentive support system make these sites the top choice to meet a real mail order bride.
Is buying a wife possible?
No! You can only approach a marriage agency or register on a dating site to meet your perfect match. The women decide whether they are interested in communicating with you or not. No one can make ladies chat if they don’t want to.

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