If you fancy Asian women, there are plenty of popular dating apps in Japan. Asian women are big fans of American guys, so they actively search for dates online. With the ideal Japanese dating app for foreigners, it will not take you long to meet a sexy Japanese girl and start dating from a distance if you are open to this opportunity. 

If you are, then the first step you need to take care of is finding a reliable and trustworthy dating platform. With a large number of options, it is easy to get confused and pick the wrong app for love seeking. But as you are reading this article, I know you are keen on meeting Japanese hotties, and I am about to tell you the name of a fantastic dating platform you will not be disappointed with. 

Before I mention how you can start meeting East Asian brides safely and efficiently, check some interesting facts about local dating.

  • The average Japanese woman will marry for the first time at 29.4.
  • It is uncommon for women to attract a man’s attention in Japan. This is why thousands use Japanese dating websites to gain the attention of men. 
  • The number of divorces in Japan grows since local women want to be with more caring and loving partners. 
  • Around 24% of single or divorced women reported they tried dating apps in Japan to find love.
👩🏻 Japanese girls first marriage age29.4 years old
🌸 Personality traits of Japan womenReserved, well-mannered, romantic, devoted
✈️ Famous cities with Japanese bridesTokyo, Osaka, Kyoto

Things You Need to Know About Japanese Dating 

When dating Japanese ladies, you will understand that they make ideal wives. Their down-to-earth personality and the respect they show others are really impressive. Thanks to a massive choice of Japanese dating sites for foreigners, you can start meeting these charming females today.

Japanese dating culture is all about being humble and well-mannered. These females have been on the menu of American men for decades. Since the Pacific War, which was in the 1940s, American men have been visiting Japan for the ladies. The fact that women from Japan are obedient and calm has been a big reason why US guys admire them. 

The Japan dating culture comes with more rules compared to America, making foreign men really curious. Learning about dating customs in Japan will undoubtedly uncover unique patterns and rules that US men have to follow to succeed. I can say for sure that online dating Japan is incredibly popular, since local people love technology. 

Local dating traditions every American should follow

Making a foreign woman fall in love with you does not only depend on how good you look. It is mainly about how you treat them. The list below illustrates some interesting Japanese dating customs you should be aware of.

Japanese dating customs

👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻 Many times a group of friends will go out all together. This is called gokon. As the men and women communicate, they will whisper to their same-sex friends to explain if they like them. Dating culture in Japan rarely has one-on-one meetings. 

👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻 Whether you date offline or use Japanese dating apps, respect your date. It is massively important to show respect to a woman in East Asia. Being a true gentleman will lead you to success on the most popular dating app in Japan where brides are surrounded by men’s attention. 

👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻 Kokuhaku, which means confession, is critical. When dating in Japan as a foreigner, you need to start with the act of kokuhaku. So you will need to say “I like you and I would like to date you.” Once the act of kokuhaku has happened, you are officially in a romance.  

👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻 It is very uncommon to live together before marriage. Unlike in America, where many couples will live before marriage, dating Japan style means you start to move in together after you tie the knot. 

👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻 In Japan, it is rude to show affection to your date in public. Holding hands is not popular, not mentioning kissing. However, a Japanese dating site for foreigners can be the perfect place to express your affection as you can use a webcam.

Luckily, with a free Japanese dating site for foreigners, you can start interacting with local girls and understand more about them before you meet for the first time in real life. 

Japanese bride

Why Is a Japanese Dating App More Efficient Than Offline Dating? 

There is no competition when it comes to offline and online dating. Online dating is the clear winner every time. It is far more convenient and practical. Using a reliable Japan dating app will give you the best opportunity to land a date. Whereas through offline dating, you will face challenge after challenge. Let me tell you in detail why I think online dating is a superior method of meeting girls. 

Why Is a Japanese Dating App More Efficient Than Offline Dating?

💌 Using a Japanese dating app in America leads to more girls

On top dating sites, you will get access to thousands of single women living in Japan. Let’s compare it to a night out: you can probably meet 3-4 girls max, and there is no guarantee that they are looking for serious relationships. This is why I think dating websites in Japan lead to greater results. 

💌 Japan dating apps make communication easy and fast

Anytime you want to interact with beautiful single girls, you can send winks or likes, send text messages or invite a woman to chat via a webcam on the best Japanese dating apps. All the cool features create a pleasant dating experience for every user. Chatting online is perfect for shy men too.

💌 You get only verified profiles on the most popular dating apps in Japan

This prevents time wasters and fake accounts. Unlike meeting in bars and clubs where many girls seek rich men to satisfy their material demands, online dating helps them meet genuine and real people. By joining the best Japanese dating app, your chance of finding a perfect match is very high.

💌 A dating app in Japan has a friendly community of like-minded people

About 20 people use dating sites in Japan while over 60% of singles use online dating in the US. Top-rated dating apps Japan provide a network of people all searching for the same thing – love. So, you get to meet really nice and friendly people all united by the same idea. 

💌 Meeting women online has never been so easy

Once you register with the best dating app in Japan, you can chat with foreign girls from the comfort of your home. Since we all lead such a busy lifestyle, sometimes fitting a night out in our schedules can be tricky. A dating app Japan gives single guys from the US a chance to search for love in the easiest way possible, saving time and money. 

These are some of the reasons so many people choose the best dating apps in Japan over the hassle of dating in a foreign country. Online dating provides a more effective method of meeting the love of your life regardless of your age, location and ethnicity. Keep reading the article to find the name of one of the best dating sites in Japan for foreign men dreaming of marrying an Eastern wife. 

Successful Japan Dating

Victoriyaclub – Top Platform for Successful Japan Dating

Foreign bachelors have been interested in meeting Eastern women for decades. However, modern dating Japanese girls is so much easier as you can just open a good app on your smartphone and connect with stunning Japanese females. Victoriyaclub.com has been one of the most reliable places for mature Western men looking for traditional wives for over a decade. The website has bags of experience and lots of quality features. 

The website includes a Japanese dating app free chat as you can read your inbox messages at no cost. Victoriyaclub has successfully matched thousands of single people and allowed them to build lasting relationships from a distance. The Japan dating service uses a credit-based system and affordable rates for premium features. 

dating Japanese girls

Simple and intuitive navigation will certainly make you enjoy your experience with Victoriyaclub. Sign up, create a profile, and you are ready to meet the most attractive women on the planet. The search filters make it a smooth experience to locate your ideal woman by the age, appearance, and interests. 

Since Victoriyaclub is a partially Japanese free dating site, you can test the platform and see how you like it. Because Victoriyaclub has a serious verification process for its users, you get no time wasters and few fake accounts. I can definitely recommend this platform, as it exceeds expectations and makes online dating a real joy. 

Amazing Features of Victoiryaclub 

Quality features on a partially free Japan dating site make all the difference. These include searching, matching and communication. Check out the list of paid and free tools on the best Japanese dating site that aim to connect singles from different parts of the world.

Amazing Features of Victoiryaclub

💋 Sending winks and likes

Sending a wink to a girl you fancy is really simple even if you are a shy individual. Japanese women will certainly appreciate a signal like this and respond. Through Victoriyaclub.com, sending likes and winks to those you admire is free. This is how you can start your journey on Victoriyaclub without spending a cent. 

💋 Attaching photos to messages

This is a great feature to use when you want to show yourself off and get attention. Attach a nice photo of yourself. I would recommend avoiding nudes since you can never be totally sure what intentions the woman you are chatting with has. Exchanging photos makes online dating in Japan more intimate.

💋 Viewing private media

Viewing private photos and videos is one of users’ favorite tools on Victoriyaclub. This is a paid feature that requires you to buy credits. Choose the package and get access to Japanese girls’ hottest shots.

💋 Webcam chat

If you are up for some flirty Japanese dating games, invite the women you fancy to have a webcam chat. Victoriyaclub is one of the best Japanese dating sites that allows you to chat via video for a really low fee. You certainly can not miss out on the opportunity to see and talk to a beautiful woman from Victoriyaclub via video. 

💋 Buying brides’ contacts

This is probably the best feature that I found on Victoriyaclub.com as it takes relationships to a next level. According to my research, not many Japan dating sites allow their customers to buy others’ contacts as they are scared to lose profit. Use credits to buy a bride’s contacts and enjoy Japan online dating privately.

Japanese dating sites in America

Japanese Women Dating: How Do You Know She Likes You? 

Dating Japanese girls will be a new experience for many men from the West. It is essential to read the signals to understand if you are both on the same page. To help you succeed on Japanese dating sites in America, I decided to list a few tips.

🌹 Talking about her family means you are in her good books. Japanese women are renowned for being reserved and shy. As soon as a girl starts opening up on a Japan dating website and telling you about her family members, it means she likes and trusts you. 

🌹 Any type of touching is a clear sign that she fancies you. Usually, dating a Japanese man, a woman in this country would not show any signs of affection in public. If at any point she touches your shoulder, back, or knee, it is a sign she is into you.

🌹 If she is chatting with you for hours online, she is very interested. If you get winks, likes, and messages from a lady on a Japanese American dating site, it is a great sign. Most Japanese women are shy and would prefer a man to take the first step. Why not dive into a flirty Japanese dating game of exchanging winks and photos before you start talking about feelings. 

When you are on free Japanese dating sites, keep your eyes peeled for some or all of these signals. I would not say that Japanese girls dating is straightforward, but it will certainly give you an adrenaline rush. A Japanese bride can be shy and reserved at times, but she instantly becomes flirty and chatty as soon as she gets your attention. So, make your date feel special using all the tools Asian dating sites provide. 

Mistakes to Avoid While Dating in Japan 

Avoiding mistakes when dating Japanese ladies is essential, if you want a second date. The culture in Japan is rich and has some truly unique rules that you have to be open to. Having an understanding of what is dating like in Japan beforehand will help you succeed on a Japan dating site or forget about the idea of dating East Asian females.

🤦‍♀️ Avoid talking too much and not listening to your date. Japanese girls are reticent and reserved. This is why getting them talking is essential if you want to get to know them better. When online dating Japanese women, encourage them to speak by asking questions and not interrupting.

🤦‍♀️ Talking about money is considered rude. In Japan, it is taboo to ask about someone’s salary or job description. Japanese women prefer talking about their families, hobbies, music, art, and movies. Check out dating in Japan Reddit posts to see what other topics Japanese women hate to discuss, according to foreign guys’ experiences. 

🤦‍♀️ Affection is not appreciated in public places. Avoid kissing and touching a Japanese girl on a date. Not only will you make her feel uncomfortable, but you will also get strange looks. Even holding hands is frowned upon in Japan. This is why so many foreigners dislike dating in Japan and would rather meet Asian women in the US. 

These are three things to avoid when meeting brides on a free Japanese dating site or offline. I know some of them sound really weird, especially one about affection, but if you chose the offline dating route, this is what you have to be prepared for. 

Avoid Scam When Dating Japanese Women Online 

Dating has its fair share of scammers who can make life difficult for love seekers. Spotting a scammer can be difficult, but if you know how typical fraudsters behave, you can protect yourself from trouble. Let me tell you how to use dating sites in Japan safely.

Avoid Scam When Dating Japanese Women Online

🚫 Never give any personal information to a stranger online. It is easy to relax and start giving too much information to the woman you fancy on a Japanese women dating site. I would highly recommend being aware of what information you provide on your profile and give to a woman in a message, as it can be used against you. 

🚫 Never believe sad stories beautiful women share with you. A Japanese dating site in USA is one of the best spots for scammers to make money. They first tell you how much they like you, but then tell you a sad story of how their close relative needs financial help. A dating site is not the place to ask for help; it is a place where people look for love. This is why you should instantly block or report a female user who is trying to “sell” her heartbreak story and get money. 

🚫 Never agree to chat on another platform. One of the other tricks that scammers use is when they ask you to leave Japan best dating site and switch to another platform. You never know how safe other platforms are or what information they get from you and your device. By staying at a reliable Japanese dating site in America, you are protected and can get help at any moment. This should open your eyes to potential risks and know how you can protect yourself on any dating platform. 

💝 Conclusion

Through this long article, you learned interesting facts and figures about dating a Japanese woman. Traditional East Asian females have everything that a Western man desires in a wife. They have warm hearts, and they are incredibly caring and loyal to their life partners. The main thing is to pick a reliable dating website that guarantees safety. As I mentioned, the Victoriyaclub Japanese wife dating platform ticks all the boxes regarding safety, features, and the number of single females. So you have the knowledge and tools to find a beautiful Japanese lady for marriage. 


What dating apps do Japanese use?
Japanese like technology so they are open to trying all news platforms that come on the market. Victoriyaclub is one of the apps that has a high success rate in Japan at the moment.
Where can I meet Japanese girls online?
There are several top-quality dating apps and websites that cater to single men looking for Asian brides. Victoriyaclub.com is a good choice, offering many free and top communication features. The platform can be used on mobile devices which makes searching for girls even easier.
What is the name of Japan dating site?
Victoriyaclub.com is a famous Japanese dating site with a good reputation and a big number of users. However, you can find the site that suits your preferences by doing research.
How to date a girl in Japan?
Remember that affection is not common in public places in Japan. This is why local girls choose to meet foreign guys online. They fancy respectful, reliable and family-oriented men. Through a Japanese dating website, you can send messages, gifts and develop romantic relationships with East Asian women.
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