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Researchers admit that the divorce rate in the USA was 2.3 per 1,000 of the population in 2020. If you do not want your couple to contribute to these statistics, then keep reading this article to understand everything on “I can’t get my gf outta my head, is she the one?”.

Falling in love is what happens to us during our lifetime. At 16, you are sure that it will last forever, and your girlfriend will become your faithful wife. At 30, you start to hesitate “Is she the one?”. Yes, you still have those well-known butterflies in your stomach, and your head is full of thoughts about your beautiful lady. Still, you start to look at things from another angle. You seek “Is she the one quiz”, and try to find the answers to all questions that appear in your mind from time to time. It is not surprising in case you have serious intentions, and want to marry the woman who perfectly suits you, who shares your values, who can become your support, horny lover, and a caring mother for your future kids. Is she the one for me? Let’s find it out. 

Is She the One Checklist: 7 Top Signs to Know

Is she the one that you’ve been waiting for? You can easily understand it by learning common signs and making the right conclusions. After all, nobody can know better than you the answer to “Is she the one I should marry?”. Therefore, pay attention to the following signs.

You talk a lot

Is she the one for you? Yes, if you can discuss everything with your beloved. Do you know what kills relationships between two people? – Silence. People who have a chance to create a serious relationship, always talk a lot. They feel free to express all their thoughts and ideas without any worries to be judged or misunderstood. Such a level of emotional closeness is not less important than physical intimacy. It means you can feel safe in your own place, and come back home knowing that someone is waiting for you and willing to know how your day passed. Every time, no matter whether you are discussing important issues or just chatting on a daily routine, you feel this emotional connection and realize that there is nobody closer than your woman. 

is she the one lyricsYou share the same values

Taking “Is she the one test”, you should recall all your values and think about whether they match the values of your significant other. Does she act like you in certain situations? Does she share your views on specific issues? Try to stop for a while, and think about all this once again. In case,  you look the same direction and want the same things,  then you do not need any “is she the one quotes” to understand that she is your soulmate. You easily make decisions that suit both of you and afterward feel happy and satisfied.

You spend all your time together

Like in any “Is she the one tv show”, you prefer spending all your free time with your significant other rather than meeting friends and comrades. You will never leave her alone to have fun with guys in a local pub and drink beer. Instead, you decide to go to a restaurant or do something that both of you like. It doesn’t mean that friendship is banned at your home. It just indicates that you like being together and take every chance to do it. Meeting friends is something that takes second or lower place in your list of priorities. Moreover, you aim to meet with girlfriends and have fun as one noisy company.  

You have a fantastic sex

Is she the one Reddit? Most people will give a positive answer if you say that your intimacy is over the moon. Physical attraction is significant for building serious commitment. It is well-known that over time feelings are cooled down. Therefore, it is significant to keep the fire alive. If you both understand this and try to do your best then your connection has all chances to grow into something incredible. Do you aim to try something new, and let each other experience the best emotions? Great! You are on the right way.

You do not aim to change each other

What is all this is she the one line? It means you do not want to change her and she doesn’t aim to change you. You accept each other completely. You admire available advantages and understand all weak points. You never point out to them when arguing as you respect each other. It is one of the most important signs that you have a chance for your “happy ever after”, just because you evaluate each other a lot, and even features that some people recognize as drawbacks, you take as a great treasure. 

You have common plans for futureis she the one to marry quiz

Is she the one when you feel like youre floating? Definitely, if you make plans for the future together. Let’s mention such basic examples as a desire to have kids, or purchase a big house. You may talk about visiting new places every year or staying at your country house. In fact, it doesn’t matter what you want. The most important is that these plans are common. Moreover, they should not be like the goals of other couples. Every family is unique, and it is quite okay for every union to have different plans and values. 

You decide all difficulties together

It is never only you or your woman who makes the final decision on a definite issue. Instead, you are used to discussing all questions and finding a solution that suits both of you. Yes, you may quarrel from time to time. But eventually, you pick up a compromise because you appreciate your connection and want to do everything possible to save it.

Is She the One for Me, How Do I Know?

It goes without saying that marrying a Ukrainian woman is a serious step. Answers to “is she the one questionaire” as well as the above-mentioned signs will help you understand what is going on between you and your partner. Moreover, you will be able to decide whether you have a chance for a happy future together. Some experts admit that if the girl is really your soulmate you even do not think about questions like “is she the one I shoud marry”. You simply do it! Mind that nobody knows what may happen tomorrow, so, it is better to take your chance to be happy today. Does your woman make you crazy? Does “she the one song” play in your head all the time?  Then enjoy the moment,  be thankful for things that make your heart beat faster, and stop worrying about the things like is she the one that got away meaning?

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