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Characteristics of a Cheating Woman: Recognize a Cheater Easily

2022-10-03 23:25

Perhaps the last thing you would like to deal with is building a relationship with a cheater. While most people are sure that only men may deceive, women may lie as well.  That’s why it is essential to be able to recognize a cheater beforehand. This way, you can avoid romantic failure and not waste time dating a woman who doesn’t appreciate you. What are the signs of a woman cheating? Let’s find it out. 

7 Signs of a Cheating Woman that You Should be Aware of

Ladies can cheat on their partners due to different reasons. Some of them have been involved in such an experience before, some saw it in childhood, etc. However, there are characteristics of a cheating woman that will help you recognize such a person and not make a mistake thinking that a particular lady would change. Here they are.

She has passwords on all gadgets

Pay attention to the lady when somebody calls or texts her. What is she doing? Does she feel comfortable responding right by your side or she always goes to another room? The same refers to her devices. If the woman has passwords on all her gadgets and worries every time you take her smartphone, then it means she hides something. A cheating girl focuses her attention on her privacy. She is very secret, and she is not going to let you in. 


She doesn’t hurry to start serious relationships

It is quite a common sign of a cheating woman. She ignores your conversations about serious relationships, weddings, kids, etc.  You can hear a lot of reasons “ why not ”. Still, the only real reason that surely exists is that she is not sure you are the right man for her. Even if you have no hesitations that she is the one, it doesn’t mean that she feels the same. In other words, she is in active search of her perfect guy, and you seem to be just an option for some time. 

You have different social circles

Stop for a moment and think about how many common friends you have. If your social circles are different, and you prefer being with different people, then the possibility that you deal with a cheating woman is quite high. Such girls do not want to introduce partners to their colleagues or friends, as there is a risk that you will find out something they don’t want you to know. Also, it means that you have different interests and she will be more likely to get closer to a man who is fond of things that she likes too. 

She demands something all the time

Do you feel that your significant other is always dissatisfied with you no matter how hard you try to meet her requirements? If the lady constantly expects you to do this or that and eventually says that you are bad, then this woman may easily cheat on you.  You will often hear that you are a loser, you earn too little, you dress awfully, and your professional achievements are worth nothing at all. This way she tries to excuse herself for lying to you.

She is not pleased sexually

When looking for facts about a cheating woman, you will surely come across the opinion that girls just want to have a good sex experience. It is evident that people cheat on partners not only due to emotional factors but because they are willing to enjoy sexual intercourse. The reasons may be various - boring sex routine, lack of time from the partner’s side, different preferences in bed, etc. Still, some women decide to cheat exactly because of poor-quality intimacy. 

She seeks communication

While characteristics of a cheating woman Reddit say that such a woman wants to have good sex, we should not forget about the emotional part. The woman who makes up their mind to stay with another man lacks simple attention and communication. In other words, you stopped to talk, and exchange ideas and plans with your beloved. This is when she strives for closeness. Some women decide to have physical intercourse just to distract from current problems with a partner and look for a person who is ready to listen, give a piece of advice, etc. 

Her mood changes constantly 

Among the traits of a cheating woman is a changeable mood. Simply put, today she may say how important you are to her, and how much she loves you. But the next day you will face a complete coldness and indifference. It means that she may have another guy in her life. Such hot and cold behavior says that she feels guilty, and wants to settle everything down. At some point, you will simply face the emotional absence of the girl. She will hardly be able to give you the care and attention that you surely deserve. 

Can a Man Tell if a Woman is Cheating?

A man can definitely tell if a woman is cheating if he knows the signs of dishonest behavior. It should be mentioned that ladies are more emotional, so, it would not be a big problem to recognize a cheater. Still, experts recommend you not to jump to conclusions, and be careful about the decisions you make.

In the Nutshell 

What is the behavior of a cheating wife or a girlfriend? Perhaps, you will suspect that something goes wrong at once.  A cheating woman is not attentive or caring anymore. Her emotions change quickly, and you can’t predict her next step. If you do not want to share your days and nights with the lady who cheat on you, then it is essential to keep an eye on the signs that have been discussed before. Can a cheating woman change and be faithful? Well, experts say that the chances are rather low. You need to realize that your relationship will not be the same once you discover the truth. So, firstly, make sure that you are ready to know that your woman is cheating on you, and then decide what to do next. After all, quotes about cheating woman say that everything depends on two people, so you can change everything in accordance with your own desires and expectations. Remember that some girls seek the company of another man due to low self-esteem, so you may need to pay compliments to your significant other more often, arrange pleasant surprises, and do other things to show that she is awesome, and that you really love her.