Belgium dating sites have been popular for over a decade now, since single Belgian women seem very appealing to American guys. Through top-rated Belgian dating sites, you have an excellent opportunity to meet charming, intelligent, and loyal girls for long-term relationships. Women in Belgium are quite mysterious: they are not very talkative and can be cold. They say that shy women are the craziest in bed, so it’s no wonder why so many Americans desire to meet Belgian dates. Keep reading this article to find out how the top Belgian dating sites work and how you can land a date on them. 

Here are some facts and statistics about local women and Belgium dating in general:

  • Most Belgian women have their first marriage once they reach 33.
  • The majority of females in Belgium speak three languages, Dutch, German, and French.
  • The labor force participation rate among women is 50.6% in Belgium, meaning local females are hard-working and financially stable. 
  • Belgian ladies enjoy using dating sites. In fact, local women get more matches than men. 

These are interesting points about Belgian women that create a good impression of them. Just because Belgium is a small country, it does not mean finding a woman there will be challenging. International dating sites have hundreds of Belgian brides’ profiles worth viewing.

👩🏻 Belgian women first marriage age33 years old
✈️ Beautiful cities with single Belgian bridesBrussels, Bruges, Antwerp
❤️ Personality traits of Belgian mail order bridesHard-working, classy, romantic, loyal
🌐 Safe dating websites for meeting Belgian,
🤍 Success rate with bachelors from the US80%

Tips on Successful Dating in Belgium 

Dating in Belgium can work out very well if you understand the people you are dealing with. As with every country in the world, Belgium has its own dating customs and rules that you have to respect and follow. If you create an account on a Belgium dating app and try to be open-minded from day one, you will certainly get better results than those men who want women to play by their rules. Please check out the list of useful tips on Belgian dating and impressing local brides.

Tips on Successful Dating in Belgium

Your appearance matters

Dress up in neat and clean clothes. Check your nails and breath before meeting a local girl. Belgium women are well known for being fashion-conscious and stylish. This is why they find men who make an effort very attractive. However, you have to make an effort when dating online too. Put on nice clothes and style your hair to impress a Belgian woman while chatting via webcam. 

Show your manners, do not swear and use polite words

Belgian girls are known for being well-mannered and polite, so they want the same on a date. Be considerate and thoughtful when chatting with an intelligent woman like Belgium. Coming across as a gentleman is the first step towards a successful beginning of dating Belgian women. 

Shower women with compliments

The easiest way to make a woman feel comfortable in your company is to tell her how nice she looks, how smart she is or how good you feel next to her. Do it on an offline and online date. Start with compliments on your date’s look and then admire her personality as you find out about her traits. 

Do not interrupt when she speaks

If you want to succeed in dating a Belgian woman, you need to be a good listener. Listening is an art that many men forget when they are dating. If a woman senses that you are listening to every word with intent, she will open her heart to you. Show you are interested and do not interrupt as she speaks. 

📌 These simple tips can easily be implemented if you are dating girls from Belgium. Remember to take things slowly when you date Belgian women. Things do not evolve here fast, and you will rarely find ladies who will have sex with you on the first date. For Belgian women, connection is the main thing. So they will take things slowly, until they can trust you and see that your intentions are serious. Belgian women dating is definitely for men who respect women. 

 romantic couple in love

Why is Using a Belgium Dating Site Better than Offline Dating? 

The two methods people use to meet the love of their life are either offline or online dating. There is little doubt that online dating is the superior method of finding love. When you choose a trustworthy Belgian online dating platform, you gain convenience, simplicity, and lots of choices. 

Thanks to modern technologies, you can contact a woman who is located thousands of miles away instantly. Advanced communication tools that include chatting via webcam as well as matching tools that allow meeting compatible people within a few clicks certainly beat a traditional offline dating method. 

Among other reasons why I think online dating wins are:

  • Suitable for young and mature singles
  • The safest method of meeting people worldwide
  • A huge database of women
  • Suitable for reserved and busy people
  • Lower fear of rejection

Still, this is not the full list of positives that Belgian dating apps offer single men. There is a large choice of free dating sites in Belgium that you can try right now. However, with free dating platforms, you are more at risk of scammers. I am ready to tell you about a partially free dating platform that has great protection from scammers and real profiles of Belgian females. 

Find Love on Victoriyaclub.Com – One of the Best Belgium Dating Sites is a famous Belgian dating site with thousands of women’s profiles, amazing communication tools, and safety measures. The website has been in operation for over a decade. Its experience and expertise in the dating industry allow singles to connect within a few clicks and create happy matches. 

Register an account by providing your name, age and email address. Add photos and complete your bio. Soon your profile will be reviewed, and you may start getting messages. provides a host of features that make online dating the best and most effective method of meeting foreign brides. These are the main features you will find and be able to use once you set up an account. 

Viewing photos and videos allows its users to view photos and videos at no cost. Check out the media of women you fancy to find out more about them. Victoriyaclub is one of the legitimate dating sites in Belgium that has photos and videos of real women from around the world. 

Chat via webcam

Chatting with other members online is fine, but when you can chat and see them through a webcam, it becomes brilliant. There is no better way of communicating one-on-one than through a webcam. This is a paid feature, however, it will make your online dating experience effective and slightly intimate. 

Winks and likes

This is another feature that is completely free and can be used as a starting of Belgian girl dating. Show your admiration by sending a wink to the woman you fancy. Most male users say they start receiving winks and likes as soon as they create profiles on Victoriyaclub. If you get one from a woman, you should read it as a sign of interest. In most cases, women are too shy to write a letter first, so they send a win instead. 

📌 There are many other amazing features that you will find on Victoriyaclub. Viewing private photos, attaching photos to messages, and buying a bride’s contacts are some of the tools that will improve your experience and speed up the process of making acquaintances.

Mistakes That an American Man Should Avoid on a Dating Site in Belgium 

Mistakes are part of life, but if you can avoid them on a dating app in Belgium, you will not lose a good opportunity. Please check out my list of mistakes a foreigner should avoid when dating Belgian brides online or offline. They are quite simple, but remembering them will make you an attractive potential match.

Mistakes That an American Man Should Avoid on a Dating Site in Belgium
  • Do not put pressure on a Belgian woman. Belgium ladies are pretty laid back and relaxed. They want to go at their own pace, so never rush them. The more patient you are, the more they will appreciate you. Remember, making her fall in love with you is a marathon, not a sprint. 
  • Forget about foul language. Women in Belgium are considerate and extremely polite, so any use of bad language, even with a joke, will not be appreciated. When dating Belgian ladies, be mindful of your choice of words. Show your manners, and you will certainly impress an intelligent Belgian girl. 
  • Avoid using untrustworthy dating websites. If you want to avoid the main mistake, then skip free and shady dating websites. Read reviews before you register with a site. Free sites are full of scammers who will definitely spoil your romantic experience.

Avoiding these three mistakes will protect you from disappointment and failure. Thankfully, you know the name of a trustworthy dating platform by now and all the tips to succeed with Belgium brides. 


Victoriyaclus is the most used dating app Belgium with profiles of really sexy and hot females. Since a large number of Belgian girls do not even want to start dating Belgian man, as a foreigner, you have a very good chance. Belgian women are keen on polite, respectful, and romantic men who make them laugh and make time spent together unforgettable. If you are willing to be patient and wait until a Belgian girl will open her heart to you, then you will be rewarded with a loving and loyal partner. 


What is dating like in Belgium?
Dating in Belgium is relaxed and slow. Things will not move too fast, so patience is the name of the game. Because the girls are so gorgeous, it is a pleasure meeting them, but you must remember to treat them with respect. If your date wants to split the bill, do not refuse. It will offend your Belgian girlfriend.
How do you know if a Belgian girl likes you?
A Belgian girl shows her interest in a guy by agreeing to go on a second date. She will also share personal information with her date if she fancies him. Once a lady from Belgium feels comfortable in your presence, she will introduce you to her friends and family. This is a sign that you are in her good books and things are going well.
What is the best dating site in Belgium? is a well-respected dating website that has helped thousands of single people meet their partners. Using the website will increase your chance of finding a match much faster than on other dating platforms.
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