The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Belgium women is class. These ladies are beautiful and know how to carry themselves. It is their charm and sex appeal that speak to many foreign men who are interested in long-term relationships. Luckily for American and English men, Belgian ladies are also keen on meeting them online. 

Belgian women are modern yet still have traditional tendencies. They love to have a large family, which many of them do. Belgian brides are known for their work ethic. However, once in a relationship, they give their all, and work becomes second nature. Belgian wives do not have wandering eyes, and they are fiercely loyal. 

To make this introduction about what are Belgian women even more interesting, I would like to share a few curious facts connected to local females.

  • According to statistics, women from Belgium (49%) are more educated than Belgian men. 
  • The average age for women to get married in Belgium is 32.
  • Belgium brides speak Dutch, German and French making them very attractive to foreign men. 
  • An average Belgian woman has 1.34 children. 

Because there are so many beautiful Belgian women in the country, searching for a date is simple. International dating sites are full of single ladies waiting to meet foreigners. Probably, their sexy Belgian accent will be a huge turn-on for you as many guys love chatting with local brides for this reason.

👩🏻 Average age of Belgian women for marriage32 years old
✈️ Famous cities for meeting single Belgian girlsBrussels, Bruges, Antwerp
❤️ Characteristics of Belgian mail order wivesHard-working, classy, romantic, loyal
🌐 Top dating sites for meeting brides from,,
🤍 Marriage success rate with US bachelors80%
Belgium bride

Who Are Belgian Women? 

Belgian women obtained the right to vote in 1919 but still had some restrictions. It was not until 1948, the year, when Belgian women had equal rights with men. This has created a modern society in which women have excelled. 

Belgian women are highly intelligent and sophisticated. Dating girls like this, you can learn from them or improve your knowledge. Local ladies are more than happy to have their finances, so meeting a man who would provide financially for them is not what they are looking for.

The reason many men from the US want to date Belgian ladies is their incredible personalities. They have a very positive mindset which makes everyone around them feel optimistic. It is well known that women from Belgium are compassionate, selfless, and devoted partners. They have a natural nurturing personality which makes them ideal mothers. 

Actually, Belgium is a place where you can discover art, music, and fine cuisine. So you can expect local girls to be talented and creative. 

The list below includes a few famous Belgium women names:

  • Lyne Renee
  • Hadise
  • Laura Tesoro
  • Ingrid Vandebosch

These are modern and famous women who you will find incredibly attractive. Even though it has not been easy for Belgian women, nowadays they are highly respected. The ladies you will meet on Belgium dating sites hold important jobs and are self-sufficient. Starting a relationship with women from this country means you have no fear of meeting a gold digger.

beautiful Belgian women

Where Can You Meet Belgium Single Women? 

There are two methods by which single guys can meet attractive Belgian girls, offline or online. If you like heading overseas to search through bars and nightclubs, then offline dating is for you. It is undoubtedly an adventurous way of looking for a date. At the same time, online dating is for those who prefer convenience and efficiency. Online dating gets positive results faster thanks to modern technologies. There is also a wide selection of options when you sign up on a dating website. 

How does online dating work?

Belgium online dating

There is no more efficient, convenient method to finding love than through a reliable dating platform. There are many advantages to using dating websites if you compare it with an offline traditional method. The first one that comes to mind is ease. It is super easy to start using a dating website. Pick your smartphone, go to a webpage, and join the community of singles.

I personally love online dating because it has thousands of sexy women who are willing to chat with men now. You will never be able to chat with as many women in a bar as on a dating site. Specify the type of woman you want to meet and see how fantastically matching features on modern dating sites work. You will get recommendations – profiles of young and older Belgian women, who meet your criteria.

The safety aspect of online dating excels. Users will often benefit from customer support assistants who work around the clock to help with any questions. Online dating also allows you to block people from contacting you if you prefer. 

Please check out my list of pros of choosing online dating over offline dating.

✅ Super convenient

✅ Wide choice of dates

✅ A safe dating environment

✅ Like-minded people

✅ Features that make interaction easy

✅ Customer support available

✅ Higher success rate compared with offline dating

These are some of the positives you gain by dating online. As you can see, when you choose a dating platform, your options are plentiful. You can meet attractive women who look for the same thing: casual dating or marriage. This method undoubtedly saves money and allows establishing meaningful connections. 

Is offline dating popular and still effective?

Belgium offline dating

Those men who have a more adventurous nature will probably choose offline dating. Dating in a foreign country will certainly give you an adrenaline rush but you should not forget about all the difficulties that it comes with.  The way to do this is to travel to Belgium and search for a partner in various establishments. Some choose offline dating by heading to bars, nightclubs, and cafes looking for girls. Offline dating can be successful with some luck and a lot of hard work. 

There are some issues with offline dating, and one that I can not walk past is time wasters. Heading to bars and chatting with women can be very time-consuming. There are many women who are interested in free drinks from wealthy bachelors. They will tell you they like you and want to spend time with you. So, they will drag you to posh restaurants and ask for nice presents, but in the end, they will disappear. Another problem with offline dating is that many attractive ladies you will meet in public places are simply engaged, married, or just not interested in dating foreigners. 

Still, I would like to highlight several benefits that offline dating offers to singles around the world: 

✅ Get to visit different countries

✅ Face-to-face meetings with a more intimate interaction

✅ Chance to meet your date’s friends and family

✅ Discover local traditions and dating customs

Both methods can be effective, but there is only one that is consistent, and that is online dating. I firmly believe that it is the best method for meeting a partner in today’s world when everyone is pretty busy and using modern technologies. 

How to Bring Belgian Women to the US? 

If you want to bring your Belgian bride to the US, you need to follow a certain procedure. Since it is widespread for American men to be with Belgian ladies and live together in the US, there is a special visa that your future fiance will need to apply for to come to the US and settle down.  Belgium is a country in the EU, so it has friendly relations with the US. This means Belgian women can enter the US through the visa waiver program. It gives them 90 days in the country as a tourist, and the visa is available online. 

Rules of coming to the US for a Belgian woman

Your future wife will need to think about coming to the US in advance. Certain documents are essential to provide in order to get a visa. Please check the list of the steps needed for your Belgian fiancee relocation:

🌸As a visitor to the US, a Belgian lady can apply through the visa waiver program. This can be done online and can be approved within 1 hour.

🌸This visa lasts 90 days, so it is suitable for spending time in the US and visiting you.

🌸If you want to get married in the US, your date needs to apply for a K1 visa outside the US.

🌸There will be several forms that need to be completed, plus an interview that your date needs to attend.

🌸This can take up to 1 year to be approved, and then your future wife will have 90 days to get married in the US.

🌸Once you have married your US partner, she can apply for an adjustment status to permanent residence.

🌸She may have to wait another year before it will be approved, but once approved, she will receive a green card. This will give her the right to live and work in the US permanently. 

📌 As you can see, this procedure is not that easy and requires some time. However, once they are all taken, your wife can move to the US permanently to start a new life with you. There are many forms to fill out and documents to present, so you may need to consult a lawyer. It is a good idea to do it slowly and make sure you do not miss out on any documents. If a document is missing, the whole process will have to start again.

what are Belgian women

Unique Wedding Traditions Modern Belgium Women Follow 

Traditions on a wedding day are essential all over the world. Would you like to find out about some famous Belgian wedding traditions? This can definitely be useful if you decide to tie the knot in Belgium. 

💍 The bride carries a handkerchief with her name embodied on it. After the wedding, the handkerchief is framed and placed in the family home. When the next family member marries, the handkerchief is removed, and a new name is embroidered. This is passed from generation to generation as a family heirloom. 

💍 Belgian couples hold hands as they say their vows in church. It symbolizes their love and commitment to one another. This is not the most unique tradition you will see, however, it is not performed in every country.

💍 It is customary to dance in circles around the bride and groom. At the wedding reception, every guest will participate in this tradition. It represents that every person wishes the married couple love and strength during their lives.

📌 Many of these are standard wedding practices used in the Western world. If you attend a Belgian wedding reception, expect lots of drinks and delicious food. Belgium is famous for its pastries and chocolate, so if you are a big chocolate fan, you will never forget your sweet wedding.

 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Conclusion

Belgium is a small country in Europe, but the women will leave a lasting impression on you. Dating girls from Belgium will attract you with a huge smile on your face. They are classy, sophisticated, and intelligent. They are also highly dedicated to their relationships and their loved ones. Now you know how to bring a woman from Belgium to the US and get married in your motherland, so nothing should stop you. 


Are Belgian women charming?
Women from this country are not only super sexy but very charming too. Coming from such a developed, modern, and forward-thinking country, Belgian ladies still hold traditions very close to their hearts. Romance is essential to girls from Belgium.
Who are famous Belgian women?
There are many famous women who have come out of Belgium. One of the biggest names is Audrey Hepburn, who was a big actress and mostly known for her main role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Another famous woman is Justine Henin, who was the world’s number one tennis player in 2003 and 2006.
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