Chinese women are unique in many ways, therefore, cause a big interest. Their appearance is exotic and draws white men to them. Their personalities are fascinating, making them an enigma for men from the West. When you start dating a Chinese woman, you feel like never before. Their attitude, intelligence, and beauty stand out. They treat a man with much respect and admiration. Any Western man would certainly feel like a king next to a lady from East Asia. 

Keep reading the article to discover exciting facts about Chinese ladies and their history. The stats below will allow you to understand how Chinese women live, at what age they get married and whether they are interested in meeting husbands overseas. 

  • In 2021, almost 550 women in Shanghai married foreigners.  
  • The Chinese immigrants are the third largest group of immigrants in America. They make up 5% of the 43 million immigrants in the US. 
  • The average age for Chinese women to get married is 22.2. 
  • Over 80% of Chinese women surveyed from 25 to 35 years of age said they had pressure to get married by their parents. 
  • As of 2022, over 33 million people use dating sites in China. 

These stats clearly show that there has been a connection between Chinese women American man for years. The large immigration of Chinese people to the US is still growing today. One of the main reasons the number of Chinese immigrants has risen so much over the years is because of online dating websites. 

👰 Average age of Chinese mail order wives24 years old
✈️ Best cities to meet single Chinese girlsBeijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen
🌐 Top dating sites for meeting brides from,,

Men from America have had a soft spot for Chinese brides for years. There are many reasons for this, one of which is their graceful appearance. You just have to take a look at Chinese women to be impressed. Their striking features make them irresistible to countless men worldwide. Many guys from the USA want something different from American girls. Western females turned towards feminism more which automatically made US men want to look for more conservative wives. Check out the list of the main reasons why US guys like Chinese women.

🌸 Chinese girls amaze with their exotic look

Local females have black, flowing hair and striking brown eyes. Their smooth skin makes them look years younger than their actual age. Chinese women also have excellent health. You will find females from China live longer than many other women worldwide. This is mainly due to their incredible genes and active lifestyle. 

🌸 Chinese wives are obedient

The culture in China is about respect and etiquette, so being with women from China means you will be respected greatly. Chinese brides are eager to be with foreign men and treat them as leaders in the relationship. As this trait is not inherent in American brides, Western men find obedient women especially attractive for marriage. 

Why are Beautiful Chinese Women Popular Among Westerners?

🌸 Women from China are incredibly smart

Most Chinese brides have a higher education, meaning their knowledge of numerous topics excels. When you meet Chinese women, they will certainly impress you on politics, sports and travel topics. They all know the history of their country. They will often speak good English, so communication will be smooth. Another reason so many American guys desire these women is their attitude. 

🌸 Chinese ladies are hard-working

If they do not own their own business, they enjoy cooking and keeping their home immaculate. If you are a career-driven man, a Chinese lady will undoubtedly assist you with her organizational skills. A typical Chinese woman dreams of having a life partner who would take responsibility for a family, but she will work too, and feeling independent is essential for her. 

🌸 Chinese women are rather shy and reserved

Since East Asian brides are shy and quiet, you may think they are cold and not passionate. It is a mistake. Women from China express themselves through their sexuality to their partners. They are incredibly romantic and affectionate. They do it in private, not in public. 

These are some reasons so many US guys dream of meeting busty Chinese women online. The best thing about an East Asian girl is the respect and kindness she expresses to her husband. Men have the opportunity to feel special and prioritized next to traditional Chinese wives. This is certainly a very precious feeling that every man seeks. 

Chinese Women

Pros and Cons of Chinese Women Dating 

There are positives and negatives of dating Chinese girls, but it depends on your mindset. Knowing the difficulties you may face is good before you have a first date with an East Asian lady. I decided to explain in detail all the positive and negative sides most foreigners face. 


Apart from having a stunning woman next to you, there should be other positives. The number of interracial marriages between American men and Chinese women keeps rising. Let’s see why. 

🙆‍♀️ Chinese culture is one of the oldest, and the women are exceptionally respectful. During the Confucian reign in the country, etiquette was essential. Chinese females impress with the way they carry themselves. Their grace and modesty make them very attractive for Western men.

🙆‍♀️ The loyalty you get from dating Chinese woman is brilliant. Once in a relationship, you do not have to worry that your girlfriend or wife will flirt with other men. She will be devoted to you from day one. Chinese women get married for the right reasons and tend to fight for relationships, not divorce. 

🙆‍♀️ Chinese brides are independent and do not require assistance from a man. Having a Chinese wife, you will not have to work 24/7 to provide for the family. A typical East Asian woman is not a gold-digger but a woman who enjoys her work and likes to feel independent. The women in Chinese culture understand the importance of a good work ethic since they are raised to be strong and successful. 


I am not trying to scare you, but I will tell you some of the difficulties you may find in dating a woman from China. The main reason for having issues in relationships is differences in culture. Please check what factors can become a problem in marriage with a Chinese woman. 

🙅‍♀️ Chinese women must get their approval before marriage. The mother and father of a Chinese lady play a significant role in her life, even when she is in her thirties. This is why Chinese woman dating must involve family members. 

🙅‍♀️ It can be challenging to win her heart. You will require lots of patience, as Chinese women are slow burners. If you are expecting fast results and sex on the first date, Chinese ladies are not for you. It will take time for her to open herself up and totally relax in your company. 

It is always good to know the pros and cons of meeting thick Chinese women. Having a good understanding of their attributes will make a massive difference in your dating experience. The most important thing is knowing what not to do when dating a Chinese woman and from the list of cons, you should know that forcing a woman to become intimate with you as soon as you meet and disrespecting her parents are two very bad ideas. 

Why Do Chinese American Women Look for Foreign Partners?

China has not been so kind to women over the years. It is a country where being born a woman was not a great advantage. Men were the leaders and had all the privileges in Chinese history. It was said that being born a woman in ancient China was a punishment for something you did in your past life. With this in mind, you can understand why so many Chinese women dream of living overseas with a foreign partner. 

The American dream is sought after by thousands of girls in China. The US is known as the land of the free. This is the opposite of China, where the government controls everything. It is a strict life living in China. Many freedoms that women in the West have do not exist in China. Because these countries are opposites, many girls want to travel to the US. Living with a foreign partner in a new country is a dream for most. 

You probably see a lot of white and black men dating a Chinese woman in the US. Millions of women have already immigrated to the US and have families there. So meeting a Chinese woman and helping her relocate to America will certainly make her very happy. 

What Kind of Life Partners Do Chinese Young Women Seek? 

Chinese brides are interested in men with big hearts and charming smiles. The main thing to consider is having a warm attitude towards an East Asian female. The list below illustrates what type of qualities Chinese singles are looking for in their foreign partner:

What Kind of Life Partners Do Chinese Young Women Seek?

If you possess any of these attributes, you will be in demand by Chinese women. East Asian men are strict, considerate, and aggressive at times. Many Chinese men are heavy gamblers and drinkers, this is why so many young and mature Chinese ladies search for love overseas. 

Common Stereotypes about Dating Chinese Women 

There are some surprising stereotypes that you may hear about Chinese ladies. Some are true, but some are entirely false and give a bad impression of Chinese mail order brides. Let me help you understand what Chinese wives really are. 

💋 China women dating takes time and there is no chance of sex

It is very true that when you date Chinese ladies, you must be patient. It is rare that Chinese women will have a one-night stand. In the West, a hookup is common. In China, dates are for serious relationships. 

💰 Chinese women prefer financially stable partners

It is essential for people in China to be financially comfortable. Chinese girls are interested in a partner with at least the same financial position as them, definitely not worse. If a woman can date a guy in a better financial position, it is even better. 

🍜 Chinese women make lots of noise as they eat

It is true that Chinese women make noise as they eat. It is not through being rude, it is how they eat. For example, eating noodles, which is a popular dish in China, has to be done by making slurping noises through your mouth. 

👰 Chinese are submissive wives

There are undoubtedly large numbers of Chinese women who enjoy having a dominant partner in their lives. The culture in China is dominated by men. So, it does make perfect sense that East Asian females make submissive wives. A typical woman from China wants her partner to lead the relationship, which actually works well for most men. 

Only by spending time with Chinese women will you be able to judge them. Rumors or stereotypes should not be a generalization of Chinese people as a whole. 

Chinese bride

Famous Wedding Traditions Women in Chinese Culture Follow 

Wedding traditions In China help create a wonderful experience for the guests. If you are ever lucky enough to attend a Chinese wedding, you are in for a real treat. They say you will never forget a Chinese wedding ceremony. Check out some of the famous and fascinating traditions you may also need to follow.

👰🤵 The happiness symbol

The double happiness symbol, shuangqi, is one of the most recognizable symbols at a wedding ceremony. It is created by two copies of the same character, xi, which stands for happiness. It is prevalent on cakes or wall decorations. It is also common to see this symbol on wedding invitations.

👰🤵 The tea ceremony 

This tradition implies the bride and groom serve tea to their parents. The couple has to serve the tea by kneeling down in front of their parents and inlaws. They will then go and serve tea to the elders. It is a unique tradition because as they serve tea, the elders give the couple wise advice. 

👰🤵 10-course meal

Wedding food, which is a tradition in China, consists of a 10-course meal. You will usually find abalone and other fish dishes at a wedding reception. The parents and grandparents are served first, and lots of rice balls will be eaten. This signifies that the families will be together forever. 

👰🤵 Hair combing

This is another amazing tradition that the bride’s mother carries. She will comb the bride and the groom’s hair, making sure they look their very best. It is believed this tradition keeps the couple together for longer. It is not so common for Chinese people to marry nowadays.

Famous Wedding Traditions Women in Chinese Culture Follow

So, there are a few traditions that play a big part in a Chinese wedding ceremony. Whether you are dating an older Chinese woman or a younger woman, she will be strict when it comes to traditions. Superstitions are also an essential aspect of a Chinese ceremony. Couples will only marry on a day that is prosperous, according to the astrology calendar. 

💍 Conclusion

Now you understand why so many Western bachelors desire to date such graceful and well-mannered women. The good news is that because of the rise of dating sites, meeting a Chinese bride is not as difficult as it once was. Sign up at one of the China dating women and get to meet truly beautiful females. These ladies will not only impress you with their appearance but also bring happiness and blessings to your life.


What are the qualities of Chinese women?
Expect respect, politeness, and organization skills. Women from China do not enjoy any form of conflict, and would rather have a calm conversation. This creates a harmonious relationship.
Does China have good women’s rights?
The women’s rights movement has improved in China over the last decade. Women in the past were not treated as equals to men. There are many more women in the workplace, and many females earn as much as men nowadays.
What’s considered beautiful in China?
Chinese women look at foreign men as beautiful. They love the way men from Europe and America look. But more than that, they adore how men from the US treat them. Acting as a gentleman is what Chinese women think is beautiful. Foreigners from the West are more likely to act as gentlemen.
What is the role of Chinese women?
Modern Chinese women are independent and strong. They own businesses and are self-sufficient. But at the same time, they are not against being a housewife and taking care of their family.
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