Chinese women are on the list of top-rated brides among American men. Their unique appearance draws the attention of Western men. Chinese women are drop-dead gorgeous. They have an exotic look that magnetizes men who are used to dating only white women. Second, it is the intelligence that Chinese brides are gifted with. There is no conversation off the table when you date Chinese ladies. They are highly-educated and very organized. A Chinese woman makes a fantastic wife since she holds and respects traditions. 

Check out the list for some surprising facts about Chinese women. Some statistics will help you understand why Westerners see Asian women as very attractive life partners and why local females search for love abroad. 

  • Even though China succeeded in achieving gender equality, modern Chinese women still suffer from a lower status. 
  • In the period between 2012 and 2022, over 60% of women in China were in the workforce. 
  • The most popular dating site in China has over 126 million users.
  • The average age of Chinese mail brides first marriage is 24 years old. 
  • The divorce rate in China grows up to 75%. The main reasons for a divorce in this country are unhappy and hopeless relationships. 

This list tells you about Chinese brides dating and what you can expect. The popularity of Chinese women using dating websites has grown so much over the last decade. Nowadays, foreign men are very much in demand in China. Eastern ladies would love to date guys from Europe or America, as they find them more attractive, respectful, and romantic. 

👰 Average age of Chinese mail order wives24 years old
✈️ Best cities to meet single Chinese girlsBeijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen
🌐 Top dating sites for meeting brides from,,

History of Chinese Women

Women in China were not admired or respected in ancient China. Respect and status were given only to males. It was far better to be born a male than a female. Women had to be subordinate to their fathers, then their husbands, and if their husbands died before them, then their sons. This was known as the Three Followings, or sancong. 

Chinese females were often mistreated and socially segregated. It was a male-dominated country where everything was created for the benefit of men. Some females managed to break through these harsh barriers. They created literary scholarships and even ruled the Chinese Empire. 

In Chinese philosophy, it was recognized that men and women were the yin and yang. The male was the yang, with qualities like being predominant and superior to the female. Hard against soft, forceful vs. submissive, level vs. curved, and light against dark. It was better to be born a male than a woman in China in the past. 

In Chinese literature, a man would be born a woman in his next life as punishment for his past deeds. A woman would grow up unable to earn money and leave her family to join her husband’s family. Because of this harsh life, many baby girls were abandoned after birth. It was a harsh life for women in China back in the day. However, many women still suffer from inequality even though, officially, women and men are equal.

Chinese Mail Order Bride

Chinese women have a host of attributes that make them perfect wives. Men from America understand this and actively search for them through dating sites daily. It is no coincidence that Chinese women are sought after more nowadays than ever. It has all to do with the number of dating websites that give great access to countless Chinese brides online as well as personality traits that Chinese ladies offer in marriage. I decided to talk in detail about the main characteristics of East Asia. 

💋 Chinese brides’ organizational skills are second to none

When you marry a Chinese woman, you are likely to lead an organized lifestyle. Chinese women are fantastic at planning and making sure everything is in order. If you are a businessman, Chinese brides for marriage are most suitable for your lifestyle, as they will help and support you at all times. 

💋 Chinese ladies are polite and respectful

East Asian females are considerate, kind, and warm to visitors. Their grace and etiquette make them stand out above other women. Once you are partnered with a Chinese woman, you will be the envy of every man.

💋 Chinese women have a great attitude to health and well-being

Brides from China take good care of their health with an active lifestyle and healthy food. There are over 1.5 billion Chinese people in the world, and the obesity rate is only 6.2%, which is incredible. By marrying a Chinese woman, you will lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

💋 Chinese wives are exceptionally loyal

Local mail order brides have loyalty in abundance. They take relationships seriously and devote themselves to their loved ones. Chinese brides online look for life partners who would have the same attitude toward marriage. 

💋 Chinese women are hard-working and independent

In China, it is all about productivity, so the ladies you will meet are hard-working and they do not expect men to provide for them. Not only do these women work hard earning money but they make amazing housewives. They manage to be successful business women as well as cook delicious meals for the whole family. 

💋 Chinese brides are direct and sincere

East Asian brides are frank with how they feel and what they think. Chinese male order brides are easy to build relationships with as they do not make men chase them. They openly talk about their feelings and desires. So if a Chinese woman likes you, she will definitely demonstrate it. 

Main Chinese Mail Order Brides Characteristics

These are just some of the amazing attributes you can expect from these beautiful girls. Chinese brides have everything a man from the West desires. They possess such grace and beauty, plus, with their traditional traits, they take good care of their husbands and make relationships last for decades.

Best Ways to Meet a Chinese Mail Order Bride 

The way to meet beautiful Chinese brides is relatively simple: you need to find a reliable dating website. It is the most convenient and efficient method of meeting an attractive Chinese single woman. Over the last decade, Chinese people have been using dating platforms regularly. According to statistics, by 2027, almost 89 million users are expected to use dating sites and this proves how popular online dating is in East Asia. Thanks to dating apps and sites, you can view Chinese brides photos and chat with local women before you decide to take things seriously. 

Others choose to date offline because they prefer a more traditional way of getting acquainted. When you decide to meet Chinese brides face-to-face, you have to be prepared for a few challenges including possible Chinese brides scam, a much longer process of meeting your perfect match, expensive flights, and a completely different culture. 

If you are looking for positive results, there is no better method than joining a Chinese brides agency. Professional dating services will provide you hundreds of women’s profiles with detailed bio, interests, relationship goals, quality photos, and videos. These women are traditional Chinese wives who desire to meet American or European men and move to the West. 

The Benefits of Online Dating and Tips on Meeting Chinese Wives Online

The Benefits of Online Dating and Tips on Meeting Chinese Wives Online

There is no doubt that searching for a bride through an online dating site is the best way to meet a partner. There are a host of significant advantages you get when you use online dating websites. Let’s look through them together.

✔️ The first is the convenience. You can stay at your home while chatting with beautiful Chinese brides regardless of distance and time difference. You have everything at your fingertips, which makes for effective dating. 

✔️ Date sexy Chinese girls on the move. Using your mobile device allows you to chat with brides while you are shopping. It is excellent for busy, career-minded people who are always on the go. 

✔️ Online dating is so much cheaper. A flight from New York costs about $1,500 and takes 20 hours. You can date real Chinese women for months and spend around $300. When you pay for a monthly membership at a premium dating site, you get to send as many messages as you like, view private photos and videos as well as chat with Chineese brides via webcam. 

How to meet a single Chinese woman through a dating app?

How to meet a single Chinese woman through a dating app?

These are the steps you need to get started with your online dating experience. The best advice is to always take your time before starting. Joining a reputable East Asian platform will help you avoid Chinese bride scam and meet genuine women looking for love. 

  • Read independent reviews of different dating websites to ensure you do your homework. Do not forget to read what other men say about using famous Chinese dating apps. 
  • Create an account to present yourself. Take time to set up a nice profile page with your name, age, location, interest, habits and requirements towards a woman you wish to meet online.  
  • Add your best photos to get the attention of China mail order brides. Place some images with a clear picture of your face. The more photos you add, the more women will trust you. 
  • Use advanced search that allows you to search for women by certain criteria. Some of the filters that can help you find an ideal match are age, height, weight, body type, and interests. Apply these criteria and view the corresponding Chinese brides pictures. This will save you time. 

These are the simple steps you can take to start your online dating adventure. It only takes a few minutes to register on a dating site or app and create a profile page. Dating online is so much easier and cheaper, however, it requires a good presentation. 

How to Succeed in Offline Dating? 

Offline dating means heading overseas to meet women face-to-face. This could mean searching for the right woman in bars, nightclubs, or cafes for single girls. Offline dating is nowhere near as popular as online dating, and for good reason because it is not as convenient or effective. When you travel to China, it can take months to find a match. Since dating culture is completely different than in the West, you may even have to relocate to China for some time. Things are going slowly here. You may need to learn a language and a local way of dating before you can approach a woman you like.

Tips on meeting Chinese women offline

meeting Chinese women

If you decide to go down the offline dating route, be open-minded and patient. Understanding the best places that foreigners can visit to meet girls is crucial. You want to know how to approach local women and make them interested in spending time together. Well, I hope these tips will serve you well. 

✔️ Start learning Mandarin. Over 70% of Chinese speak Mandarin, so learning the basics is essential. Not only will it help you feel more comfortable in the country, but you may also meet a woman who does not speak English at all. 

✔️ Dress smart and look clean. Chinese women judge a man by his looks, and it is not a bad thing. It is just a different culture that you have to be open to. Before you go out, put tidy clothes on, use your aftershave, and make sure your shoes are clean. 

✔️ Make friends first. The best way to start a relationship with a Chinese woman is to become her friend. Ask her questions, invite her for a coffee, or go to the cinema together. Show her that she can trust you. Only after some time, you can tell her about your intentions. 

📌 These helpful tips can make a difference when you are offline dating. It is undoubtedly more of a challenge, but there are some success stories with offline dating. The main thing to remember is to be approachable and visit gyms, bars, or even libraries. These are all places where it is possible to meet Chinese brides. 

Stories of Foreign Men Meeting Chinese Bride Online

Brad, 46, Atlanta

happy man with his Chinese wife online

I have always wanted to date Chinese women since my twenties. After a failed marriage, I joined a popular dating app and it was amazing. Within 3 days, I was chatting with Chen, a super hot 26 years old girl from Beijing. She was everything I wanted in a lover; she was pretty, intelligent, and caring. I went to her home in Beijing last year and met her family. We got along perfectly. The next step for us is to get married in Atlanta.

Mike, 39, Chicago

Western man and his mail order wife from China

Women from the US are just not worth it anymore, so I wanted to look for alternative brides. I found a free Chinese brides website and joined immediately. I was fortunate enough to start interacting with Fang, who was 36 and beautiful. We have been chatting online for 5 months and are looking to meet up soon. I can say Fang is not like any American woman I have ever met. She is loving, intelligent, calm, and so kind; I could not be happier. 

The Real Cost of China Brides 

The cost of meeting Chinese brides varies from person to person. It all depends on what type of lifestyle you live and what your desires are. The table below gives a breakdown of some expenses that are connected with Chinese brides sale. It is worth remembering that these are not women you can buy for money. Chinese brides are women who want to meet foreign guys online and who are willing to relocate to the US. These costs are connected with chatting with them, going to visit them, and arranging visas for girls. 

✈️ AirfareThe airline ticket to visit your bride can cost  from $1,000 to $2,000 round trip, depending on when and where you travel from.  
🏨 Hotel Accommodation is a large expense, and for a 2 week break in a mid-range hotel, expect to pay around $1,400.
🚕TransportGetting around a new city is always a challenge, using public transport and taxis can vary greatly in cost. Let’s say $150 for 2 weeks.
🍣 FoodDepending on what type of food you are treating your bride to, expect anywhere between $250 and $60 per meal.
📿PresentsOver a space of 2 weeks, treating your girl to a few gifts will certainly make her day. This can cost $500.
📄 K-1 visaIf all goes well and you want to marry your Chinese bride, a K-1 visa will set you back over $2,000. 

If you would like to save money, then heading on a flight off-season will save you hundreds of dollars. The same goes for accommodations. Booking your hotel accommodations in the off-season is not that expensive. However, do not try to save money on restaurants and presents you will treat your future Chinese fiancée to.

How Do You Conquer the Hearts of Mail Order Brides China? 

Winning the hearts of Chinese brides is the goal of many western guys. Visiting Chinese brides free dating sites and understanding how to impress them should be your priority. These are tips that can assist you in finding a beautiful bride online. 

🌸 Speaking her language will make her believe your serious intentions

The Chinese language is not easy to master, but a few phrases will undoubtedly be appreciated. Once you start chatting through a webcam, you can surprise your beautiful bride with your new language skills. Actually, it is a good idea to exchange skills: ask your Chinese date to teach you Mandarin and help her improve her English. 

🌸 Be respectful and considerate during interaction with young and mature Chinese ladies

All Chinese women want to date a gentleman. Using manners and being polite will show you are a kind-hearted person. These are traits that Chinese brides will admire in a man. It is also essential to show respect for Chinese culture.. 

🌸 Ladies from China adore men who can listen

Even though it is customary for foreign men to lead dates and relationships, listening to your date will give her great confidence in you. It will make her feel comfortable and open her heart to you more. The more she tells you, the better you know whether she is the type of woman you want to be with. 

How Do You Conquer the Hearts of Mail Order Brides China?

📌 Simple tips like these can help win the hearts of attractive Chinese brides. Once a bride feels comfortable in your presence, she is far more likely to open up. In general, Chinese women are rather shy and reserved, so the key is giving them confidence to speak. Compliments are also a fantastic way to break the ice on a date. 

Real Chinese Picture Brides

🌹 Expert’s Opinion

The easiest way to make that dream a reality is by signing up for a dating platform. The idea of having a partner from the Western world appeals to so many young and middle-aged females from East Asia. You probably see a lot of interracial couples in the US, so now you know why so many white men choose to marry Asian females. They are stunning inside and out, and they make the best wives. 


How much does a Chinese bride cost?
The price differs with each situation. In general, with the cost of the monthly dating sites and a visit to China. It can total somewhere in the region of $5,000 after you have paid for the K-1 visa to enter the US with your new bride.
Where can I find a Chinese bride?
The most effective way to find a Chinese woman is through a dating website. Using a reliable site will also give you a safe dating experience while tools like advanced search, video chat, winks, likes and photos exchange will help you feel close.
What happens on Chinese wedding night?
It is traditional that on the wedding night, the bride’s mother will prepare the bed for the bride and groom. The bed is generally made of red sheets and a plate of dried longans, lotus seeds, and red dates.
What do Chinese brides often wear?
Typically, a Chinese bride will wear a red gown. If the bride comes from Northern China, she will wear a long-form fitted one-piece gown called a qipao or cheongsam.
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