Asian women have always been in high demand by single American men. This is mainly because of their kind, caring nature. Vietnamese ladies have all the attributes you should want in a partner. They are calm, loving, devoted and beautiful. Their patience and the fact they love serving their man is the reason why thousands of US guys visit the country every year hoping to find a future wife. When you are dating Vietnamese women, you will feel loved, respected, and privileged. Tradition still plays a big part in Vietnamese culture, so women enjoy caring for the home while their husbands are out working. If it sounds like a perfect marriage, then I hope this article will help you find a cute Vietnamese fiance. 

Below is a breakdown of some facts and figures connected with Vietnamese women for marriage:

  • The divorce rate in Vietnam is the third lowest on the planet. The annual divorce rate is 22.13 per 1000 marriages. 
  • Around 11% of girls in Vietnam get married before the legal age of 18.  Compared to American and Europe, Asian brides get married early. 
  • Traditional Vietnamese women’s roles are to run the household and control the family finances.

The breakdown above illustrates that women in Vietnam are dedicated to creating a family before they turn 20. It may be shocking, but young women in Southeast Asia are more mature than their peers in the West. 

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Personality Traits Traditional Vietnamese Women Possess 

One of the biggest things men look for when dating women from Vietnam is their compatibility. The beauty of Vietnam single women is undeniable. However, many Westerners wonder how local girls’ personalities will match up when they get into relationships. I decided to tell you about Vietnam women’s personality traits in detail, and I bet you will be pleased with what I am about to share. 

❤️ Vietnamese brides are calm and patient

Women who are calm are always great to spend time with, as they argue less and are more understanding. It does not matter which situation the women of Vietnam find themselves in. They remain calm, patient and mature. This personality trait is certainly very attractive to Western bachelors. 

❤️ They are incredibly loyal

In Vietnam women culture, loyalty is essential and very common in the country. The divorce rate is meager, as women believe marriage is a sacred event. Once you marry a Vietnamese girl, her heart is yours, and she will treasure your relationship. 

❤️ Vietnamese wives are hard-working

Vietnamese single women work hard on land and take any opportunity to earn money. There are over 70% of women in the labor force, which shows how dedicated to work these ladies are. Whether it is working for an employee or working at home, Vietnamese girls are not afraid to work hard. 

❤️ They are friendly and open to other people’s views

There is nothing worse than someone who has a closed mind and is not friendly. The good news is that by dating an older Vietnamese woman, you get friendliness and an open mind. They love meeting new people and have fantastic hospitable skills. This makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable in their presence. 

👉 These are some of the qualities you will find in traditional Vietnamese girls. The personalities these women possess are very attractive to Western men who used to date women chasing money and independence. Marrying a local girl, you get a devoted, loving and respectful partner who will prioritize family over work and money.

dating a Vietnamese woman

Pros and Cons of Vietnam Women Dating 

When you meet women from Vietnam, there are pluses and minuses you need to think about. Foreign women have a different dating culture and upbringing, so some things you may not agree with 100%.  The list below will give you a few facts to consider before dating a Vietnamese woman for finding relationships.  

🙆‍♂️ Pros

  • You get to appreciate a different culture and open your mind to new things
  • Vietnam women are some of the most loyal in marriage
  • They make great friends, wives and lovers
  • Southeast Asian brides allow their husbands to lead while taking good care for home

🙅‍♂️ Cons

  • Even though many Vietnamese women speak English, the language barrier can make dating difficult
  • It can be a challenge fitting into a new environment and culture

👉 It is worth considering these points before Vietnamese dating. There are positives and negatives to think about. You need to consider if these are deal breakers or if you are excited about dating a woman from another culture. 

How to Make Beautiful Vietnamese Women Fall in Love With You? 

Winning the heart of a Vietnamese woman is what many single men dream about. The good news is that there are many young and mature Vietnamese women eager to meet men from the US and UK. Since Southeast Asian brides are easy-going and have kind hearts, impressing them is not a challenging task.

How to Make Beautiful Vietnamese Women Fall in Love With You?

🌸 Show your gentle side and be kind with your words. Women from Vietnam are gentle and timid, so they want to be with a man who would treat them in the same way. Being considerate will certainly make these women warm to you. The more kindness you express, the more they will admire you. 

🌸 Learn about your Vietnamese girlfriend’s likes and dislikes. If you are a good listener, you can please any woman. Pay attention to what your date says and you will find the way to girl’s heart. Ask questions about her life, family and dreams. This demonstrates you are serious about a relationship with her. 

🌸 Be generous towards her and her parents. Vietnamese women are not gold diggers, but they will certainly appreciate men who treat them well. Eating out and getting some nice gifts will help you win some brownie points. Treat your date’s family with respect and love, and you will get her loyalty very soon. 

👉 These are three ways to get the best possible results when dating the most beautiful Vietnamese women. Sometimes, simple actions can make a big difference. This is certainly the case with sweet brides from Vietnam. 

Unveiling Stereotypes About Vietnam Women for Marriage 

Unfortunately, there are always stereotypes about women, and Vietnamese girls are no exception. Many of them are false and give the wrong impression of these wonderful women. I decided to mention the most common ideas about Southeast Asian brides and tell you what you should and should not believe. 

👆 There is an idea that all Asian brides are gold diggers. This is false and could not be further from the truth. In fact, women from Vietnam don’t chase money at all. If you do not believe me, visit Vietnam and you will be surprised at how down-to-earth the residents are. In Asia, people do not think about money as much or as highly as they do in the Western world. Locals are more interested in creating a family, having enough food and enjoying life. 

👆 Vietnamese women are overly strict parents. This is another stereotype you can find on the Internet. Vietnamese women want the best for their children, so they want them to study. But they never abuse their children. They provide a loving environment for their kids to grow into mature, smart adults. Southeast Asian mothers have so much love and affection for their children they are not overly strict. This is untrue.

wedding day for Vietnamese girls

Famous Wedding Traditional Vietnamese Mature Women Follow 

The wedding day for Vietnamese girls is special, as it is for all women worldwide. It is essential for the Vietnamese bride and groom to respect their culture and heritage. These are some traditions you can expect at a traditional Vietnamese wedding. 

💍 The wedding date

It is usually set by the bride and groom in the West. In Vietnam, it is the parents who set this date after taking the advice of a monk or fortune teller. It is important for the relatives to understand which date is the best for the wedding. So they take zodiac signs and birthdays into consideration before a date is set. 

💍 Tea and candle ceremony

This event takes place at the same time as the couple exchanges rings. Afterwards, the couple will serve tea to their family members, serving the eldest first. It is usually green tea that is served. Once finished, the couple will receive gifts and jewelry. They then light a dragon and phoenix candle, which symbolizes the unity of the families. 

💍 Wedding photos

At a Vietnamese wedding, the bride and groom will pose for a photo with each guest at the entrance of the wedding venue. This is a way of thanking each guest for attending the ceremony. At the end of the wedding reception, each guest will receive this photo as a gift for their support on this big day. 

These are some wedding traditions that are very important to Vietnamese people. The food and drink are plentiful when you attend a wedding reception in Vietnam. Do these traditions make you want to marry your future wife in Vietnam? If so, you are going to have unforgettable memories, as a foreign wedding is a unique experience. 

💞 Conclusion

Vietnamese women are some of the most naturally beautiful you will find. They are loving, caring, and serious about relationships. The chances of divorce from a Vietnamese girl are slim, as the country has the third lowest divorce rate. Vietnamese women dating is easy and pleasant, as local females respect and admire their partners. They know how to comfort men and please them. By marrying a Vietnamese girl, you will feel happy and blessed. 


What is average height for women in Vietnam?
The average height of females in Vietnam is 5ft. Little women Vietnam take the 15th position on the list of the 25 shortest women.
Who are famous Vietnamese women?
One of the most famous Vietnamese women is Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao. She is the first-ever female budget airline owner who launched her company in 2011. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao is one of the wealthiest females not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia. Her worth is around $2.8 billion.
What is it like dating a Vietnamese girl?
Dating a girl from Vietnam is a wonderful experience. Firstly, you will find women from this region soft, calm, and understanding. They are not at all judgmental. They are honest and warm-hearted.
Do Vietnamese women marry foreigners?
Yes, there are many marriages between Vietnamese girls and foreigners. The success rate is about 80%. Southeast Asian women and Western men seem to make perfect matches as these women allow men to lead which creates a happy marriage.
How to flirt with a Vietnamese woman?
The best way to flirt with Vietnamese girls is to show them you are keen on them. You can do this by taking them out to a coffee shop for a date. Showing interest in their life and family. This will express your interest in them and let them know you like them.
How to win over a Vietnamese girl?
Winning the heart of sexy and thick Vietnamese women is not too difficult. One of the easiest routes to a successful date with these women is to be respectful. Be polite, use manners and treat her family with respect. Since Vietnamese girls tend to listen to their parents’ opinions, you should impress her family first.
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