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Vietnam Brides: Exotic Women You Will Like

If you have always been fascinated by Asian women, maybe you should take a closer look at Vietnamese brides. These ladies draw attention with their charming appearance and make men fall in love with their respectful attitude. Southeast Asian mail order brides are some of the cutest females you will find, as they are petite and have soft facial features. However, these women are strong and mature. They are used to living in difficult conditions and fighting for their rights. Hopefully, you will find many interesting facts about Vietnamese brides for sale in this article that will make you want to meet these ladies in real life. 

🧐 Let’s take a quick look at some Vietnamese women statistics:

  • As for 2022, the number of women living in Vietnam is 49.86 million.
  • In Vietnam, women delegates perform better in education and healthcare, as well as labor and employment.
  • Because of gender equality issues, women address discrimination and shift male leaders’ mindsets to promote equity.

According to these facts, you can see that Vietnamese women are dedicated to gaining equity and being respected among men. They may seem small and shy at first. However, Vietnamese brides are determined and hard-working. As a foreigner, you may appreciate these traits in a woman. Continue reading the article as I will unveil more interesting facts about these charming females.

👩🏻 Average age of Vietnamese mail order brides18 years old
✈️ Best cities to meet Vietnamese single girlsHanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang
🌸 Personalities Vietnamese ladies possessStrong-minded, loyal, romantic, family-centered
🌐 Reliable dating sites to find brides from,,
🏷️ Average price of a Vietnamese mail order wife$7,000

Who Are Vietnam Brides?

Vietnam brides are single, young and mature women from Southeast Asia who desire to get acquainted with foreign men. There are a large number of women in Vietnam who do not want to marry local men for several reasons. Later in this article, I will go through the main ones.

You will find hundreds of beautiful Vietnamese brides on top-rated international dating sites. There are many young and older women who look for reliable, generous, and loving men. Those Vietnamese women who had experience dating men say it is a completely different story being with a Western man. Bachelors from the US and UK treat Asian brides like princesses, buy them nice things, take them to restaurants, and show them the world. 

Often, Vietnamese women are called Vietnam war brides. The women who decided to connect their lives with American men actually went through some pain and suffering. First, their marriages with foreigners were not approved. Such women simply had to leave since local people do not really welcome interracial marriages. Second, they had a hard time getting used to American culture and traditions. Until now, Vietnamese women have their communities where they can get understanding, eat food they like, and share problems. Third, they are often called war casualties, which surely upsets them. Many Vietnamese women in the US say that they are Chinese, so others do not feel sorry for them. 

However, most marriages between Vietnamese women and American men work perfectly. Vietnamese brides make excellent wives for Western men who require loyal, caring, and sincere women. It also works fine for Vietnamese women, who have always wanted generous, reliable, and loving men. 

 beautiful Vietnamese brides

Why are Vietnamese Mail Brides So Attractive?

Vietnamese brides may remind you a bit of Korean and Chinese women. They are not tall, have petite figures, and have really soft facial features. Their faces always look relaxed, and there is always a smile on Vietnamese girls’ faces. 

A typical Vietnamese woman has:

  • a cute round face
  • a narrow nose
  • a slightly sharp jawline
  • black or brown almond-shaped eyes with slight double eyelids
  • straight black and shiny hair 

The average height of Vietnamese women is 5 feet 0.46 inches. Local women have nice curves, so they look very feminine. Southeast Asian brides have tanned, silky skin and usually look younger than American women of the same age. The reason why these women look so attractive is because they were simply blessed with natural beauty. Their dark magnetic eyes of almond shape and tanned skin make them look exotic. 

👉 Vietnamese brides eat healthily. They do not smoke or drink alcohol. Their diet consists mainly of rice, fish, and vegetables. They do not eat much junk food; therefore, their skin remains clean, and their bodies are in great shape. You will rarely see an overweight woman in Southeast Asia. Local females move a lot: they work on the land, play with kids, or do housework. 

👉 Local females are elegant, charming and carry themselves like true ladies. They wear minimum makeup, which allows men to really enjoy their pure beauty. Vietnamese girls look like models. You will never see Southeast Asian girls wearing baggy trousers. They choose skirts and dresses, briefly, they look adorable. 

The Reasons Why Vietnam Mail Brides Search for Foreign Husbands

There are many Vietnamese women in Vietnam as well as thousands of Vietnamese brides in USA searching for foreign husbands. You must wonder why such beautiful women need to look for love on dating sites. Well, there are several reasons that bring Southeast Asian girls to mail order bride platforms. 

🙅‍♀️ Asian men do not really have masculine energy

Vietnamese men are pretty soft and laid back. They are kind, pure, and kind-hearted, which is absolutely perfect, yet, these are not the only qualities that women want to see in their partners. Asian men do not give women a feeling of security and reliability. This is one of the reasons that Vietnamese women turn to international dating apps and websites. They hope to meet reliable and confident men who they will follow.  

🙅‍♀️ Vietnamese women have to work hard to provide for themselves

Asian men rarely support their families and provide a high standard of living for their wives. Those guys who work hard spend most of their time at work, so it can not be called a happy marriage. Every Vietnamese woman who worked from a young age dreams of meeting a man who would provide for her comfortable life. She wants to dress nicely, eat out, and travel. This is another reason that brings Asian ladies to dating websites. 

🙅‍♀️ Modern Vietnam women resent serving men

What a man expects from his wife in Vietnam is that she will care for their home, feed their children, and serve their husbands during marriage. However, modern Vietnamese women fight for equity and disagree with living in the shade. They want to study, work, and travel. This is why meeting a foreigner is a great opportunity for them to have a better life.

👉 With these reasons in mind, you can understand why so many young and mature divorced women from Vietnam want to meet foreign men. Kind attitude, respect, and love that Western men offer easily win the hearts of these ladies.

Vietnamese brides in USA

Why Do Vietnamese Brides Make Amazing Wives?

A Vietnamese brides agency will offer you hundreds of single girls’ profiles, and it will be sad if you miss the opportunity to get to know them. Vietnamese are some of the softest, kindest, and most loving women you will meet. They are raised to respect others, be hospitable, and prioritize family. They do not chase money, but happiness. They love children and make amazing mothers.

A Vietnamese wife is responsible, caring, and loyal. She puts her partners before friends, hobbies, and her work. A true Vietnamese wife will be your best friend, as she will support you and hold your hand through good and bad times. 

Vietnamese brides make fantastic wives for American and English men because they keep the traditions Western women lost. They are heart-keepers, amazing cooks, and they allow their husbands to lead. They do not infringe on the man’s place in the family. Therefore, they make men feel strong, assured, and loved. 

How Can You Meet Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Offline?

If you are interested in meeting Vietnamese women in real life, the best decision is to book a flight and head to Southeast Asia. However, you need to consider a few things before a trip. One of the things to think about is the seasons. Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate meaning you can get a lot of rain, and your stay will not be pleasant. The best time to visit the country is between winter and early spring. During these months, the temperature is comfortable, plus there are not many rainy days. 

How Can You Meet Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Offline?

The top three cities American travelers usually visit are:

  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hanoi
  • Da Nang

The most modern city is the capital – Ho Chi Minh City. It has around 9.3 million and some of the most attractive local women. You can visit a War Museum, local parks and walk along the river. The city offers numerous pit stops and posh restaurants where you can try delicious meals and cocktails. 

The complications of offline dating

Things like different food that you are not used to, lots of rainy days, and pollutants are not the only problems you need to consider before you book a trip to Vietnam. The main problem you may face is cultural differences, especially if you want to meet local women. Vietnamese women are very different compared to women in the West. They are conservative, shy, quiet, and they may be too traditional for you. I mean, they spend a lot of time with their families and take their advice on everything. As a foreigner, you may find it challenging to approach and chat with local girls. 

Ways to Get Acquainted with Vietnam Mail Order Brides Online

Do not get me wrong. Meeting Vietnamese women can be a joyful experience leading to a lasting relationship and a happy marriage. However, I believe the best way to meet these women is through a Vietnamese brides international website or app. Most female users from Southeast Asia on dating sites and applications are young and model girls who speak good English, dream of traveling, and desire to meet foreign men. 

With a great number of dating platforms, you can save money and time and still meet a large number of single women. It takes only a few minutes to register on a dating site and create a profile. After this, you can view the profiles of brides, send them winks, exchange messages, and chat via webcam. Meeting women online is cheaper, as you only have to pay for membership, text messages, video chats, and presents. 

The percentage of successful acquaintances through dating websites is much higher. Popular dating platforms use matching tools that help singles find compatible matches. It is based on several criteria, including appearance, interests, and relationship goals. Also, online dating takes away the awkwardness that is usually present when meeting people face-to-face. 

In the list below, I decided to sum up all the benefits of online dating and prove that it is going to bring you positive results much faster:

✔️ Extensive database of single young and mature brides

✔️ Advanced search allows locating women by city, age, height, weight, hobbies, level of education, English speaking skills, etc.

✔️ Fantastic communications tools like winks, texts, and video chat

✔️ Verified profiles with quality photos and videos

✔️ Ability to request brides’ contacts

✔️ Reasonable membership prices

These pros should undoubtedly make you think about trying Vietnamese online dating. 

Vietnamese online dating

Meet Mail Order Brides Vietnam: Comparing Offline and Online Cost

For those readers who still debate whether to choose offline or online dating, I decided to compare prices. You are going to see the cost of a 7-day trip to Vietnam and 7-day membership on a popular dating website. Let’s see what I managed to find out. 

Vietnamese online dating Vietnamese offline dating
Airline ticketFrom $2,000 round tripMonthly membership on a quality international dating siteFrom $30 
AccommodationA 3-star hotel costs $30 per nightA 4 star hotel costs $50A 5 star hotel costs from $100 a nightSending one message $1,63
Food and drinks$10 per dish in a fast-food restaurant$30 per dish in a posh restaurantChatting for 15 minutes$2,50
TransportationFrom $5 for a short-distance tripChatting via webcam for 15 minutes$5
Presents$10 for a bunch of flowers$20 for a dress$50 for a silver ring$100 for a perfumeBuying a bride’s contact$50

Is it really worth It?

According to my research, a one-week trip to Vietnam will cost you around $2,800. Compare it to one week of using a dating site which will cost you between $100 and $300, and you can see a huge difference. Of course, visiting Vietnam is going to be an unforgettable trip. However, you need to hope you will find a woman fast and persuade her to come with you to the US. Otherwise, you must come to Vietnam often and see your date.

Offline dating can be a good idea for men who travel and can stay in Vietnam for months. In this case, your chances of meeting the right woman, developing a serious relationship, and gaining her trust are higher. Still, there is no guarantee that the woman you meet will agree to relocate to America. 

As I have already mentioned in this article, international dating websites are full of single Southeast Asian girls who dream of meeting foreign men and relocating to the US. These women actively search for American men who are willing to take responsibility and bring their wives to the US. Such women have an open mind, speak good English, and have experience dating Western men. 

I believe you will have an easier and more pleasant experience meeting Vietnamese mail order brides online. Modern dating platforms cater to singles worldwide and offer the best features to make dating effective no matter the distance.

🌹 Expert’s Opinion

I believe that there is no easier way to meet a foreign wife than through a dating site. It takes at least 20 hours to fly from New York to Ho Chi Minh City, and it costs a lot to make such a trip often. A quality dating platform is a great spot to get acquainted with Vietnamese women and learn about them. Thanks to quality communication features, you can have an experience that is very similar to real-life dating, plus you will meet many more women online than if you were to walk down the busiest street in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnamese women are certainly worth meeting as they make devoted wives. They are driven to meet foreign men, so you are in luck as soon as you join a dating site with Vietnamese brides.


Can foreigners get married in Vietnam?
Yes. To get married in Vietnam as a foreigner, you and your future wife should be at least 18 years old. At the time of marriage, your wife can not have a spouse and should be able to decide for herself. You will need your passport, divorce certificate (if divorced), death certificate (if widowed), and a fee.
How do I marry someone in Vietnam?
To get married in Vietnam, you must fill out the Marriage application at the District People’s Committee where you live. Your fiance also needs to fill out the same application at the district of her residence. Then you must submit documents, pay a fee and choose a date.
What is the legal age of marriage in Vietnam?
The legal age for marriage in Vietnam for women is 18, and for men it is 20.
How many people get married in Vietnam?
As of 2021, around 117 thousand couples got married in Vietnam. The country is also an attractive wedding destination for many foreigners.
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