There has been a rise in dating scams in Ukraine since the Russian invasion. Most of sexy Ukrainian brides understand that many men are willing to pay any money to be with them, so they come up with different schemes and rip men off. Unfortunately, online dating Ukraine scams involve all possible methods to trick victims into sharing money or their personal information. 

The majority of dating scams on free dating Ukrainian platforms are for financial gain. Many of these scams are elaborate operations that trick victims who are desperate for love. Female scammers generally look for older people with assets they can steal. The first thing a scammer likes to do is gain the trust of their victim, so you need to know how not to fall for their trap. 

In this article, I decided to shed some light on popular types of Ukrainian women dating site scams, so you can prevent yourself from being a victim. I will also provide you with a Ukraine dating scams list, so you know how to recognize a dodgy love-seeker online and protect yourself from any harm on a dating website. 

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😱Here are some shocking facts about online dating scams:

  • In 2022, 70,000 people reported an online dating scam. They also reported losses of $1.3 billion.
  • In 2021, romance scams were considered to be the 3rd highest crime on the Internet. 
  • Russian dating scammers lose foreigners the largest sums of money sums. 

Ukraine Dating Scams Signs To Look For

Looking out for signs of a scammer is the first line of defense. I created a list of typical Ukrainian internet dating scams signs that will raise alert instantly. Please review them, remember and protect yourself from unauthentic love seekers online. 

  • A scammer falls in love super fast. This is a huge red flag and is common with scammers. Love takes time. Genuine singles looking for love will never rush as finding someone special takes time and effort. So when someone you have just met online confesses their dying love for you, be careful. Chances are they are a scammer. 
  • The photo is too good to be true. Many times scammers use fake pictures of models to get the attention of victims. Usually, scammers do not use their own photos as they do not want to be found and exposed. This is known as Ukraine dating scams pictures. Use Google reverse image search to check the authenticity of someone’s photo. 
  • Personal information request. A typical scammer will ask you questions like where you work and if you are married. Scammers need such info to blackmail you later. Never share sensitive information and always communicate through the dating site as if you do become a scammer’s victim, you will be able to prove it. 
  • Urgent need of financial help. Whenever you get a message saying that a woman you chat with has a sick relative who needs urgent financial help, it is a scam. Unfortunately, many ladies use such Ukraine dating site scams to get money. Never believe these stories. Someone who needs financial help immediately, does not look for it on dating websites. 

Remembering these dating scams from Ukraine blacklist will help you stay safe, recognize scammers instantly, and report them.

Popular Types Of Ukrainian Dating Scams 

As I said earlier, people come up with different schemes to get money online. I studied different types of Ukraine dating scams that tend to trap a big number of men. Well, the beauty of Ukrainian women must really cloud men’s minds. If you are not willing to lose money and self-respect, then I would like to introduce you to common Russian Ukrainian dating site scams that you should avoid at all cost. 


Catfishing is a popular way to scam victims online. A scammer pretends to be another person creating a fake image and persona on social media platforms and dating websites. It is more common with women than with men. So if you see a profile of a woman who looks like a supermodel, maybe you should check whether she is real or not. 


Blackmail is a common reason victims pay scammers money. Scammers will target those who have sexual fantasies and are willing to share their nude photos. Later, dating site users will receive a threat of publishing and sharing sensitive information unless they pay a certain money sum.

Money hunting

Predators are popular Russian/Ukraine dating scams. It entails a scammer taking you to expensive restaurants to pay inflated prices. Such scammers often work with the restaurant and pay a percentage to make sure their plan works. Female scammers manipulate the victim to buy expensive gifts, which are later returned for cash. Of course, the scammer will never be seen again. 

How To Recognize And Avoid Scams on Dating Sites?

How to Avoid Typical Ukrainian Dating Scams? 

Sadly, dating scams are getting more elaborate and common. Being educated, you will be able to do everything in your power to avoid Inna Venstal dating scams Ukraine and other types of scams that hundreds of men fall for. The tips below will steer you clear of making expensive mistakes:

✔️Use common sense when on a dating platform. Never let your guard down. 

✔️Always check profile pictures of Ukraine brides via Google Image reverse search for correct details to avoid dating scams in Ukraine photos.

✔️Never allow another user on a dating site to take you away from the platform.

✔️You should never pose for sexy photos or agree to webcam sex with strangers. This could be used against you.

✔️Anytime someone online refuses to video chat or face-to-face meetings, it is most likely a scammer.

✔️When someone asks for money, report them and block them immediately. This person is probably on the Ukrainian dating scammer list.

✔️Anytime someone confesses their love for you in a short time, be wary. 

📌These tips will surely make you use a dating site wisely. Do not believe anything you see on popular dating sites. For example, thousands of Western men became victims of Ukrainian Donetsk online dating scams by sending money to poor women who could not leave occupied territories and needed large sums of money to leave their homes with children. Being aware of possible tricks will ensure a safe online dating experience. 

Choose A Reliable Dating Site To Avoid Ukrainian Dating Scams 

The first thing you must consider when using a dating site is reliability. The better the website, the more chances you have of enjoying your dating experience and not getting scammed. To do this, you need to read as many reviews as possible to find a trustworthy platform. There are stories of Ukraine dating agency scams, so it is difficult to trust sites and agencies. 

A trustworthy dating site offers good security. This means all payments and data should be encrypted with the latest technology. 

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👉Another good tip is to use a dating website that offers verification with every use. This will help prevent catfishing scams. There are some sites that offer a safe date feature. This is an excellent tool that allows you to upload the time and location of your date. If anything untoward happens on the date, you can press the panic button for assistance. 

👉 As there has been a big increase in gay dating scams in Ukraine, use a website that checks the authenticity of users through social media accounts. It protects everyone involved in dating online as users are checked and validated. 


As dating scams are growing in number each year, it is crucial to be alert online. I hope that through my article, you get information that can later assist you online. Be vigilant while using dating sites, and never trust strangers. You may hear sad stories online, but there is a high chance it is a scam. Many dating scams in US embassy in Ukraine are constantly reviewed, and many foreigners have already received help. Contact the police, embassy of your country immediately if you have become a victim of a dating site scammer. 


How do you know if you are dating a scammer?
There are some telltale signs that you can look out for. If a woman confesses her love for you in a short period. If your online date refuses to use video chat. If a scammer does not use a real name and real photos. Another common sign from a scammer is a sad life story describing how they need financial assistance for a family member.
What countries are top in romance scams?
There are many countries that suffer from romance scams. Some of the main countries with this problem are Ukraine and Russia. As the women in these countries are so beautiful, it makes sense that these are popular countries. Dating ladies from either of these countries will require caution and common sense. It is recommended that you only sign up for trustworthy dating sites with a good reputation.
Will a romance scammer call you?
In most cases, a romance scammer will not call you. Insist on making a video call and see how a woman you are chatting with will react.
What does a romance scammer want?
The majority of romance scammers want to gain financial benefits from their victims. Their goal is to get their victim to trust them and go along with everything they say. In many cases, scammers will want the money sent to them, or they will gain from gifts and luxury holidays. Scammers are insecure people who require control in their life. Desperate men who look for love and hope that young and sexy girls will like their photos are an ideal catch for female scammers.
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