When you are looking for attractive, sensual ladies to partner you through life, Serbian women are a great choice. Women from Southeast Europe are such a great catch because of their natural beauty and their traditional outlook on life. Women from this region offer men a wife who will care for, serve and excite. Men from America have been drawn to Serbian girls for a decade, searching through dating sites to meet them. In this article, I am determined to tell you more about these women and how you can meet them. 

👰🏻Take a look at some of these exciting facts about Serbian brides:

  • As for 2020, the average age for a Serbian lady to marry is 28,6 years old
  • Serbian ladies are either fluent or very good at English. Most people in this country speak English and easily communicate with visitors.
  • Women from Serbia will generally have two children throughout their lifetime
  • In Serbia, women are more educated than men. In 2020, 25,002 women graduated compared to 17,947 men.

These are some facts and figures that illustrate why these females are sought after by foreign men. They are family-centered, smart, and speak good English, which makes meeting them easy. 

👩🏻Typical marriage age in Serbia for women28-29 years old
🥰Serbian brides personality traitsLoyal, friendly, hospitable, and joyful
✈️Top cities to meet local singlesBelgrade, Novi Sad, Nis
🌐Safe dating services in the countryVictoriyaclub.com, Loveinchat.com, Tenderbride.com
👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨Percentage of matching with Western menOver 75%

The Appearance Of Serbian Brides Mail Order

This is one of the top reasons many men from the US are interested in Serbian ladies. When you lay your eyes on females from this country, you will be hit by their toned bodies and beautiful hair. Serbian girls can come in all colors; some are tanned, while others may be fair-skinned. Many Serbian women will have green eyes, and you can be sure they look feminine. Wearing makeup and fashionable clothes is very important to these girls. They enjoy wearing clothes that show off their attributes, such as their sexy legs and curves. 

Real Serbian Mail Order Brides

young wife online


Age: 33

City: Belgrade

English: Normally


Age: 33

City: Belgrade

English: Normally


Age: 29

City: Loznica

English: Normally

How to Meet Serbian Mail Brides Offline? 

If you decide to try and meet Serbian beauties offline, you want to know what cities to visit. There are some fabulous spots in the country for nature lovers and for crowd fans. Check out these cities and popular spots where you can locate single girls. 

✈️ Belgrade

With over 1 million people living in this city, it is the largest and most visited in the country. You can expect some incredible restaurants, bars, and nightclubs here. Belgrade is the hub for single men looking for sexy women. This is a lively city with lots of people looking for a good time. The good news is that most people in the city will speak English, making communication simple. A good place to meet single girls is in cafes that serve coffee, as it is very popular in Belgrade. 

✈️ Novi Sad

This city is located in the North and has the Danube River running through it. You can expect excellent bars in the old town and many attractive women. Meeting your future Serbian wife in this city is possible, as the people are super friendly. A top place to meet singles in Novi Sad is gyms. The city is a popular tourist destination with plenty of opportunities to interact with attractive Serbians. There are plenty of cozy streets and cute coffee shops where you can start chatting with a local woman and develop a romance. 

✈️ Nis

Nis is the third largest city in Serbia, with lots of opportunities to find a sexy Serbian girl. Heading to the bars and cafes of the city is an excellent place to meet women. Ladies are amiable in Nis as it is a small community of just over a quarter million people. You will find Serbian wives quite conservative in this city. It is common for girls to date older men, and they are very interested in international men here. So, if you are not a fan of big cities, then you should choose Nis over Belgrade to meet a potential traditional wife. 

Online Dating for Acquaintances With Serbian Wives 

If you want convenience, then online dating Serbian brides is the best choice. Serbian mail order brides are just a click away when you date online. You get to chat with countless like-minded girls, all looking for love. Why do I think that online dating is a much better option compared to offline dating? Here are just a few reasons why online dating options stand out:

  • A safe dating environment
  • Viewing brides’ profiles via your mobile device
  • A wide choice of women
  • Easy communication features
  • Matching features for better results
  • Support staff is available

With these benefits, you can see why so many singles from around the globe choose online dating. To start dating online, you want to find a reliable dating platform. It is a good idea to read reviews before joining a dating website. The better your profile, the more attention you will get from Serbian mail brides. 

Once you pick a trustworthy platform, getting started is really easy. Add our photos, age, and hobbies. Then explain what you are looking for in a woman. Most dating sites will allow you to specify a woman’s height, weight, eyes, hair color, etc. 

Searching for compatible brides is a true joy. You will be amazed by the number of attractive Slavic-looking females. Upgrading your account will allow you to use a dating site without limits and communicate with brides via texts and video. 

The Cost of a Serbian Bride: Breakdown 

Knowing how much it will cost you to meet and bring a Serbian woman to plan ahead. I can not give you the exact figure, as everyone’s case and circumstances are different. The breakdown below illustrates some factors and costs that will help you understand how much it can cost to meet and bring a foreign wife to the US.

✈️ Flight 

If you are traveling from New York to Belgrade, expect to pay over $800 for a round-trip ticket. The best advice is to travel off-season to save some money. Anytime you travel in the summer months, expect to pay more than in the winter months. 

🏨 Hotel/apartment 

The cost can vary considerably, as some people prefer luxury hotels, while others may be satisfied staying in simple rooms. So let’s say you are interested in staying in more expensive hotels in Serbia. You can expect to pay anything from $100 upwards per night. For those wanting something cheaper, paying $40 to $80 per night is possible in the country. 

🍹 Eating out

No matter what city in Serbia you head to, there are many spots to have a meal in: from cheap to fancy. You can eat cheaply for about $20 for two people in some places. If you want a good meal at a moderate place, expect to pay $30, and for a fancy restaurant, you can pay upwards of $60 for you and your Serbian bride.

🎁 Presents 

All women like a present, so paying for a lovely bouquet or some nice chocolates is a great idea. This cost can be around $20. If you aim to spoil your date, buying her a new iPhone will cost over $1,000. 

📄 K-1 visa

If you plan on marrying your Serbian partner in the US, she will require a K1 visa. This is a high cost, as it will be $2,200. Marrying in Serbia will certainly cost less, however, if you are planning to live in the US in the future, your bride can not avoid applying for the fiance visa. 

As you can see from this breakdown, the costs can vary greatly depending on what you prefer. If you want more luxury, the costs will be higher. If you are happy with simplicity, you will pay less. 

Love Stories: How Foreign Men Meet a Serbian Wife Online

Jack, 52, Denver

I signed up with a dating site 3 years ago and could not believe how many opportunities I found. I was chatting with numerous attractive girls every day until I found my beauty Milena. We chatted for hours as we had so much in common. I went to visit her in Novi Sad, and it was magic. We decided to marry 1 year ago and could not be happier.

John, 36, Sarasota

I was single for 5 years before taking the advice of my sister to start online dating. I reluctantly agreed but soon found it was brilliant. I viewed photos of attractive women and could chat with them too. After two months of being registered, I found Ana. She was 30 and super attractive. We eventually got married in March and are expecting our first child.

How To Win The Hearts Of Serbian Brides? 

Impressing Serbian brides mail order is not too difficult. Fortunately, these women are laid back and easy to get along with for most Westerners. Please check out the list of working tips that will assist you when meeting charming Serbian girls.

  • Be sincere and tell her your true intentions. Being honest is always the best policy because Serbian women will see through your lies. These females appreciate honesty even if it offends them. It is far better than having a guy tell them what they want to hear. 
  • Ask about your bride’s family members. Family talks will show you are interested in developing a serious relationship. Anytime a guy shows interest in family members, it is a positive sign for a Serbian girl. Serbian brides are very close to their families, so once you meet their family, make a good impression.
  • Shower your girl with words of appreciation. All females love a man who appreciates their looks and character traits. Once you give compliments to Serbian ladies, their eyes will light up. It is a sure way to win their hearts and make them comfortable.

These are just a few simple tips that will get you the attention of girls from Serbia and make them consider you a potential match. It is worth the effort, as Serbian women will bring you pleasure and joy. 

🌷Expert’s Opinion

As you can see through this article, Serbian ladies tick many boxes for single Westerners. Men from across the world want to meet local females because they are incredibly sexy, intelligent and make traditional partners. Start your journey and get acquainted with lovely girls from Southeast Europe online. You will be amazed by how friendly and sweet these women are!


Can foreigners marry in Serbia?
It is popular for international men to marry in Serbia, and it is much cheaper. By marrying in Serbia, you can save yourself thousands of dollars. If you want to take your Serbian lady back to the US, you need to think about visas, and the cost will increase considerably. 
Where to find Serbian brides?
The most convenient way to meet Serbian ladies is through dating websites. The amount of choice you have through a dating platform is excellent. Online dating is now the most popular form of dating and the one that brings results fast. Pick a good dating site by reviews, create a profile page and add your best photos. It will not take long before you will get interest from Serbian brides.
What is the best site to meet a Serbia girl?
There are many top-quality sites to pick from, but one that stands out is Victoriyaclub.com. Here, you can find countless brides searching for love and ready to relocate. There are innovative communication features that make connecting smooth and fast. Buy credits, send messages, chat via video, and even request brides’ contacts.
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