Lithuanian women are some of the most attractive in the Baltic region of Europe. This is a very small country, yet it has many mail order brides who dream of meeting men from America and moving abroad. Even though Lithuania is in Europe, it is not as modern as, let’s say, Germany, Italy, or Netherlands. Lithuania used to be a part of the Soviet Union and still has some Soviet past. This is one of the reasons why many local women dream of meeting foreign men and starting a new life abroad. 

Positive Lithuanian women personality traits, as well as their fantastic looks, make these women desired wives among American men. Most women from this part of the world are blonde, have amazing bodies, and have charming smiles that draw the attention of foreign bachelors.  

Joining a trustworthy Lithuanian dating site increases your chance of meeting local brides and exploring their personalities. You will be able to access hundreds of local women’s profiles with real photos and descriptions of what they are looking for. So please keep reading the article to learn the best sites for meeting a single hot Lithuanian girl online and how to conquer her heart. 

🧐Top facts about Lithuanian mail order brides:

  • In 2021, women made 53.07% of population in Lithuania
  • Also, in 2021, the average age of a woman entering her first marriage was 28.6
  • Connecticut state in the US has the highest percentage of Lithuanian people at 0.719%.
👱‍♀️ Average age of Lithuanian women for marriage28 years old
✈️ Best cities to meet brides in LithuaniaVilnius, Kaunas, Nida
🥰 Characteristics of Lithuanian girlsFamily-focused, independent
🌐 Best dating sites to connect with Lithuanian,,
❤️ Success dating rate with foreigners90%

What are Lithuanian Women Like?

If you join a Lithuanian dating site or visit this country, you will be amazed at Lithuanian beauty. This country is full of truly charming females. They have fair skin, light-colored eyes, and blonde to light brown hair. They are slightly similar to Scandinavian women thanks to their light features. Being next to Slavic countries, Lithuanian women facial features are the elongated forehead, thin nose, high cheekbones, and slightly puffy lips. So a typical Lithuanian woman looks like a mix of Ukrainian and Swedish girls. What a mix! There are actually many similarities between Lithuanian and Ukrainian. Lithuanian wedding traditions are very similar to Ukrainian wedding traditions, and Lithuanian food is quite similar to traditional Ukrainian food. 

The average height of Lithuanian females is 5 feet 5.69 inches. They have nice feminine curves, but they love working out, so they look fit and toned. Lithuanian women are more conservative than Slavic brides looking wise. They like to dress up, but you will not see many women in ultra-short skirts and high heels. Still, local young and mature women look absolutely stunning and easily get the attention of men. 

Lithuanian Women Stereotypes

You may have heard some things about Lithuanian women traits and characteristics that may not be true. I would like to tell you what is true and what is not about Lithuanian females. This will help you learn more about their personalities and stop worrying about negative things you may hear about these charming ladies. 

👎 Cold and reserved

They say that people living in Northern Europe are cold and aloof. This is not really true, as people from this part of the world are incredibly hospitable, warm, and friendly. Of course, the culture in Lithuania is very different from, let’s say, Brazil. Here, people are reserved at first, as they need time to get used to you and learn about you. However, you can count on them being very welcoming and kind-hearted. 

👎 Slow and unhurried

You could have heard that Lithuanians are slow and never rush. This is not really true. In this country, people are very organized. They are calm. This is why it seems like they are never in a rush. Lithuanian women seem very balanced, and this is why so many American men are drawn to them. 

👎 Gold-diggers

You may also hear that Lithuanian babes look for rich men and are only interested in money. This is so not true. The majority of Lithuanian women are independent and make good money. They have prestigious work, they travel, and they do not need men to support them financially. Women from this country are interested in serious relationships only as they have traditional values and prioritize family. 

These are the main three stereotypes that give foreign men the wrong idea of lovely ladies from Lithuania. Well, now you know what to expect from these women. They have dozens of positive characteristics and seem to make great wives for Western bachelors. 

Why Do Men Look For Lithuanian Brides?

When you see a photo of a Lithuanian woman, you definitely want to meet her in real life. The beauty of Lithuanian brides is indisputable. These women look very charming and are more feminine compared to Western females.

🔥 Sexy Lithuanian women take good care of themselves. They eat healthily and lead an active lifestyle. If you visit Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania, you will be amazed at the number of women of different ages who jog, ride bicycles, and go to the gym. It is important for local women to stay in good shape and prolong their youth. 

🔥Take a look at Lithuanian women pictures on dating sites, and you will see how lovely they look. They have sexy bodies, shiny hair, magnetic green or blue eyes, and sweet smiles. Local brides carry themselves like true ladies and have a spring feminine energy that men instantly feel and want to be around. 

🔥If you type in “Lithuanian women marriage”, you will learn that women from the Baltic region are family-oriented and loyal. They make fantastic life partners who support their husbands and allow them to be leaders in relationships. Lithuanian females put family before work and friends. They enjoy spending time with their loved ones. They have great cooking skills, and they love household chores. A Lithuanian woman makes a great friend, lover, wife, and mother. 

📌These characteristics have been lost in the West, where girls focus on building careers and making money. Less and less women in the UK want to create a family. Marriage does not mean much to them. This is why so many Western single men turn to the Baltic region, where gorgeous Lithuanian people and women in particular remain traditional. 

Interesting Facts About Lithuanian Dating

Have you ever dated a Lithuanian woman? As a foreigner, you should be aware of cultural differences, therefore, a different approach to dating. I am willing to share interesting facts on Lithuanian dating culture. 

❤️ Here people have a serious attitude to dating

In Lithuania, there is no hookup or casual dating, which is extremely popular in the West. Dating in Lithuania implies serious relationships. Usually, when two people meet and show interest in each other, a man invites a woman for a date which is usually to a restaurant. This is when they find out about each other and see if they have mutual interests and goals in life. If so, they start seeing each other and building the future together.

❤️ If a Lithuanian woman invites you to her home, it is just a polite gesture

In Lithuania, unlike in the West, people invited each other to their houses to spend time together. You may get an invitation from a woman you met and had a few dates with to her house. For many men, it is a sign that a woman wants to have sex. However, in Lithuania, it is just a polite gesture. A woman probably wants to cook something for you to show her respect. It is a good idea to bring flowers and a small gift. 

❤️ A woman will eventually expect you to kneel and propose

Coming from the West, you probably thought that kneeling and proposing are no longer what women desire. When it comes to traditional and conservative Lithuanian women, they dream of meeting men who are capable of doing such romantic things. In Lithuania, women want to be treated as women, not equally. So they expect men to do all the romantic things you see in movies. 

Real Hot Lithuanian Girls Online

Meet Lithuanian Women

Inga, 30. Jurbarkas

Meet Hot Lithuanian Woman

Di di, 25. Kaunas

How To Find Beautiful Lithuanian Women?

Online dating is undoubtedly the best method of finding a foreign wife. On top dating websites, you will meet not only Lithuanian women most beautiful but single and those who are ready to commit to serious relationships. Thanks to the amazing features that dating sites and apps offer, you can meet women from any part of the world within a few clicks. For example, at Victoriyaclub, pick Lithuanian from the list of countries and view profiles of all real women registered and looking for love. 

The main advantages of using Lithuanian dating websites over offline dating are:

  • A much wider choice of single women
  • Users who look for serious relationships 
  • A matching algorithm that connects like-minded singles
  • Advanced search allows you to find women by certain location, age, weight, height, hair and eye color, body type, etc.
  • Comprehensive brides’ profiles that unveil their interests, hobbies, and type of men they dream of finding 
  • Safer environment due to profiles’ verification 

Using Lithuanian dating agencies makes finding the right partner easier, safer, and faster. Choose a dating service with good reviews, create a profile, add your photos, and share what kind of a woman you would like to meet. It takes single men from 2 weeks to a month to connect with a matching lady and develop a relationship. If you still have not tried online dating, I would certainly recommend this method, that perfectly fits the modern world where everyone searches for information using their smartphones and the Internet. 

happy couple: Western man and Lithuanian girl

How Much Is Dating A Lithuanian Woman?

Whether you choose to date online or offline, you should be prepared to spend your money. I decided to provide approximate expenses for traveling to the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, and dating women offline. I am going to provide the cost of a K-1 visa which is essential for your future wife if she wants to relocate to the US.

✈️ Airfare

It is a long trip that can take from 12 to 20 hours and cost from $1,000 to $2,000. Since Lithuania is really far from the US, you can not avoid an expensive flight ticket. However, you can save some money by going during the off-season, for example, in spring or autumn.

🏠 Hotel

There are hotels for everyone’s budget in Vilnius. You can book a simple room in a hostel for $40 or pay for a room in a 5-stay that will cost you around $150. So, it is up to you what standards you are looking for and how long you are planning on staying. 

🍔 Eating out

Luckily, Lithuania is not the most expensive country in Europe, so here you can eat out every single day, even a few times a day. There are many nice restaurants with local food which you should definitely try as well as bars and nightclubs where you can enjoy drinks and meet local girls. On average, a meal in a restaurant in the center of the city will cost you around $30. 

💍 Presents

When Lithuanian singles dating, they expect men to treat them to some little presents. You do not have to spend a fortune on your date’s presents, but you should certainly try to surprise her. A bunch of flowers or a little piece of jewelry will put a smile on a Lithuanian girl’s face and make her fall in love with you.

🌐 Dating site fees

A typical Lithuania dating site charges $30-$50 per month. However, you should expect more as you may want to order flowers for a woman you are chatting with. Also, you may want to add other features like video calls and a contact information request which costs money.  

🛂 K-1 visa

This is one of the most expensive parts of dating and marrying a foreign girl. A K-1 visa costs from $800 to $2,000. Obtaining a fiance visa is not a fast process and can take up to 18 months. 

📌 You are looking at a minimum of $5,000 to get yourself a Lithuanian wife. If you keep traveling to see each other, it requires a lot of money. Dating online can significantly reduce costs. By meeting the right woman online, you can help her get a tourist visa and pay for her flight. Once you know she is your perfect match, you can help her apply for a K-1 visa, and once it is approved, you can help her relocate to unite and get married in the US. 

How To Succeed At Dating Lithuanian Girl?

How To Date Lithuanian Women?

Dating a woman who was raised differently is undoubtedly a challenge. However, if you know how to date a foreign woman, you have a good chance to succeed. I have prepared a few working tips that will make any Lithuanian woman fall in love with you. 

  • When using Lithuanian dating services, make the first step. Local women admire brave and confident men. Start a chat by complimenting on a lady’s look.
  • Ask about her work and interests. This is what Lithuanian women like to talk about. Show them that you are not just interested in their hot looks. 
  • Speak highly of your family. One of the topics that you can discuss through Lithuanian dating sites is your family. Share what relationship you have with your parents and siblings. By talking highly of them, you will show your good manners and respect. This is what many Lithuanian women seek in their potential partners. 

Love Stories: Hot Lithuanian Women From Dating Sites

James, 51, Tucson

happy couple

I was incredibly lucky to meet Janine online. Her magnificent eyes and body took my attention instantly. We started talking, and I found that she was dating a Lithuanian man who did not make her feel happy. She is such a kind and warm-hearted woman, and I just wanted to give her all I have and make her life better. We both had a similar dream: to find a soulmate and see the world. We got married last fall and are planning our first trip together. 

Bryan, 44, Detroit 

marriage with Lithuanian woman

I met Saule a few weeks after joining a famous Lithuania dating website. I saw her picture and instantly fell in love with her. She is one of the kindest and most hospitable people I met in my life. We had so many similarities, even though we were born and grew up in different countries. Saule always wanted to visit the US, so our first date was in New York. She has recently received her fiance visa and is ready to move in with me. 

Mistakes To Avoid When Dating Lithuanian Women

If you type in Lithuanian women Tumblr, you will find many men discussing ladies from this country. Foreign men share their experiences and give each other advice on how to date women from this part of the world. Well, after observing Lithuanian females for years and studying the experience Western men had with women from this country, I can certainly tell you what you should never do. 

✔️ Do not boast

If you think that you can impress a Lithuanian woman by telling her how rich, cool, and successful you are, then you are risking pushing her away. Let your date ask your questions and make up her own mind about you. Lithuanian women fall in love with wise men who prove their feelings not with words but with actions. 

✔️ Do not be pushy

Rushing a Lithuanian woman to make a decision is undoubtedly a wrong approach. Local women are reserved and carry themselves with dignity. Respect them, and do not try to force things. If a Lithuanian girl does not kiss you on a first date, it does not mean she is not into you. She needs time to trust you and feel comfortable expressing her affection. 

✔️ Do not treat her like a servant

Many local women do not enjoy Lithuanian men dating because often, men in this country want women to be their servants. Lithuanian men want women to take care of their needs, cook for them and clean the house. These are echoes of Soviet times when women had to earn money, look after kids, cook for the whole family, and be good wives at the same time. 

So this is what Lithuanian women really dislike. 

Lithuanian women are beautiful, and there is no doubt about it. So, if you do not want to lose a chance of dating a stunning bride, do not make these mistakes!

🌹 Expert’s Opinion

As we get closer to the end of this comprehensive review of dating Blatic brides, I believe that these are perfect women for marriage. Now that you have seen pictures, and know what do Lithuanian women look like. They are really stunning females. You also know what personality traits these women possess and what kind of wives they make. What I can recommend is joining reliable Lithuanian dating sites UK and US, like Victoriyaclub, with a vast choice of single ladies all ready to chat with foreign guys and build romantic relationships regardless of distance. 


Are Lithuanian women traditional?
Yes. Lithuanian women are traditional. By the age of 30, local women dream of getting married and creating a family. They want to meet like-minded partners to share interests and build a future together. Lithuanian females make devoted and loyal life partners who put family before career.
What characteristics do Lithuanians have?
Lithuanian women are independent, family-centered, intelligent, and very romantic. These women make loyal friends and life partners. They impress with their skills and knowledge, the ability to make their partners happy, and remain in a good mood most of the time.
What does a typical Lithuanian look like?
A typical Lithuanian woman is not very tall and has a nice feminine figure, light hair, and light-colored eyes. Women from this country are obsessed with looking good. They keep fit and choose elegant clothes. Lithuanian ladies draw the attention of men with their natural beauty and their ability to carry themselves like queens.
What is Lithuanian culture?
Lithuanian culture is all about creating a family. Local people are family-focused and search for life partners who share the same values. Lithuanians are quite calm and reserved people. They do not really like parties and prefer to spend time with their loved ones. They enjoy traveling and spending time in nature as Lithuania has so many beautiful and peaceful places.
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