You must have seen pictures of South Korean brides, and if these women draw your attention visually, you will also be fascinated with their inner world. I noticed that more and more Western men search for Korean brides online and express their desires to be with Asian females. Mail order Korean brides are gorgeous, feminine, and elegant. They indeed represent the femininity and pure beauty that Western women want to hide. While feminism grows in the US each day, mail order Korean brides remain who they genuinely are: hearth keepers, devoted wives, and caring mothers. 

Later in this article, I will be happy to tell you in detail who South Korean mail order brides are and what kind of wives they make. But for now, I would like to extend my introduction to East Asian females and tell you a few interesting facts about them.

  • At the moment, most Korean women become wives at 31.
  • In Korea, 91% of legal frameworks provide gender equality and help women to feel more independent.
  • Around 55% of women in Korea are in the workforce. 
  • South Korea displays the lowest fertility rate. Unfortunately, many women in Korea suffer from violence. This is why starting a family is a big issue for them.

Looking at these statistics, you must understand why so many Korean brides online search for love. Sadly, local women do not have great chances of happiness in their country. Many young girls and mature women want to leave their motherland, hoping to find love abroad. 

👩🏻 Average age of Korean girls for marriage31 years old
🤍 Famous cities to meet Korean singlesSeoul, Busan, Incheon
🌐 Top dating sites for meeting brides from,,

Who are Korean Women and What is Their Story?

Before I list the characteristics that Korean brides offer, I would like to go back in history. When Korea was under the colonial administration of Imperial Japan, women were forced to work as comfort women in Japan’s military brothels. During the Joseon era during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many Western Christian missionaries relocated to South Korea to build modern schools and educate women in literature, arts, and religion. Therefore, Korean girls could participate in political movements and share their knowledge with other females. 

The Korean women’s movement started in the 1890s. Its main purpose was to suppress discriminatory practices and gain rights. In North Korea, the women’s movement was channeled into the Korean Democratic Women’s Union, while in South Korea, it was united under the Korean National Council of Women. 

After Korea became independent from Japan, the country was established as a liberal democracy. Women were granted constitutional rights and had the same opportunities to get education and work. The number of women in professional fields significantly increased. Even now, Korean women can get high levels of education and participate in various fields, including education, medicine, law, and sports.

Even though modern Korean mail order brides have equal rights and are active in many professional fields, they still experience violations. Unfortunately, the femicide rate in South Korea is high, but the divorce rate is not as high as I would expect, considering the problem local women face. 

Main Characteristics of Mail Order Korean Bride

South Korean mail order brides are one of a kind. They look fantastic and have a rich inner world. Local females are gifted with a number of positive personality traits that every man would find attractive. They make amazing friends, wives, and mothers. What else does a family-oriented man want from his future wife?

Main Characteristics of Mail Order Korean Bride

❤️ Friendly and warm-hearted

South and North Korean brides are incredibly amiable and warm towards other people. They enjoy socializing and meeting new people. A lot of Westerners think that meeting local females is a really tough task as they are quiet, shy, and not open to meeting foreigners. This is so wrong. Korean girls are the complete opposite of this myth and will certainly surprise you with their charming smiles and welcoming attitude. 

❤️ They are very supportive

Women in Korea have a strong sense of community as this is the way for them to not surrender and show their weaknesses. South and North Korean mail order brides are incredibly supportive and protective. These characteristics make them fantastic wives. They will always support and stay by their partners’ sides. 

❤️ Korean females are intelligent

Every man who met Korean women at least once in his life was amazed by how smart, intelligent, and curious these women are. Korean females have excellent knowledge of politics, law, music, literature, and art. They read a lot and study hard to prove they deserve prestigious positions in professional fields. 

❤️ Foreign brides in Korea are humble

Korean women are totally different if you compare them to American brides. East Asian women are not arrogant, you will never see them boasting, and they have respectful attitude to everyone around. Even young Korean women show respect and come across as well-mannered and humble. This proves how mature Korean ladies are. 

❤️ They prioritize family

Even though Korean females strive for career success and independence, they prioritize their families. Korean mail brides make loyal and caring wives who never cheat or disrespect their life partners. They devote their time and make efforts to keep everyone comfortable and happy. Local women are amazing cooks and love household chores. 

📌I bet it all sounds like a great deal. With South Korean brides, you get a full package. Your East Asian wife will do her best to make you happy and surround you with love and care. If this is the type of woman you have been looking for, then you are just one step away from meeting her. 

Korean Picture Brides

Best Places to Meet Korean Brides Online

If you are interested in meeting foreign brides in Korea, you do not necessarily need to go to East Asia. Thanks to a wide choice of dating websites and apps, meeting foreign women is really simple. However, finding a good site is a very responsible step. It takes time and effort to locate a reliable dating platform that would offer all the necessary tools and guarantee safety. 

Well, without further tips on how to find a good site, I would like to tell you the name of one. Victoriyaclub is my first pick if you ask me what dating website is safe and effective. The dating platform was established back in 2008 and since then has had great success worldwide. The dating site caters to single men and women looking for love across the ocean. 

It does not matter how old you are, where you live, and what your skin color is. What matters is your desire to find true love. The platform hosts hundreds of profiles that belong to charming South and North Korean brides who you can meet in a pretty short time. With all the amazing tools Victoriyaclub offers, locating a perfect match requires a few taps on your smartphone. Please check out the list of other features that you will find on the dating site as soon as you register:

  • Advanced search for brides by age, location, body type, and interest.
  • Text messages and webcam chat.
  • Option to add photos or videos to messages.
  • Sending winks and likes at no cost.
  • Buying brides’ contacts.

With these exact features, dating women who live thousands of miles away from your hometown becomes a reality. I have good news for you – the platform has many free features.

Best Places to Find a Korean Mail Order Bride Offline

If you consider yourself a more conservative love seeker, then you have the option of traveling to South Korea. I guess you must understand that this is not an easy trip. It requires quite a lot of money and is time-consuming. The distance between New York and Seoul, the capital of Korea, is 6,867.66 mi, and the flight takes about 15 hours. So traveling all that way means staying for at least a week or two.

Korean couple

Coming from the US to Korea, you will likely be shocked as things are not as they are back home. There is a different dating culture, people seem to be much more reserved, and they may not all speak good English. If it does not scare you, especially after flying for 15 hours, and you are willing to make an effort, then you can achieve some positive results. 

Traditional roles are still present in Korea. Here men have to take the lead and organize a date. Women are more passive and accept men’s attention. However, not many Korean women are pleased with the efforts many men make. Local men are quite laid-back and rarely behave gentlemanly. This leaves Korean females looking for alternative dates, and American men seem very handsome to them. 

The most popular cities for meeting a Korean mail order bride are as follows:

  • Seoul
  • Busan
  • Incheon
  • Daegu
  • Daejeon

These are lovely places to visit, but as I said earlier, you should be open-minded to different dating rules, customs, and behaviors. Korean women are very well-mannered and reserved. They do not express their feelings like people do in the US. Women here never approach men, and as you can imagine, local girls do not have sex on the first date.  

Korean Mail Brides and Love Stories Shared by Americans

Michael, 50, Phoenix

Korean couple

Meeting an Asian woman was always my dream. I tried to find an Asian woman back in the US, but all the women I met were already married. This is why I decided that using a dating site could give me some positive results. I received a wink from a beautiful woman named Park. We had many similarities and enjoyed chatting online. We are planning to finally meet in Seoul this fall.

Rob, 41, Miami

Korean couple online

Seeing my best friend happy and content with his Korean wife, I decided that my second marriage should be lucky. I always knew that Asian women make good wives, but now I can say they are fantastic wives, as I am married to one. I met Ji-Min on one of the dating sites and fell in love instantly. Organizing a visa for her was not a problem, and within 6 months, she joined me in my hometown.

The Cost of Korean Mail Order Brides

Even though it is a popular service of “buying a bride”, you do literally buy the Korean bride. You will need to travel to Korea to meet your future spouse, so you will spend money on flights, accommodation, food, and presents for her and her family. But most importantly, you help her to obtain a special visa that allows her to come to the US and stay permanently. All these services cost, and this is why I think that breaking down the cost can help you plan your budget. 

✈️ Airfare

A flight from New York to Seoul and back costs around $1,500. You can definitely save money by buying a connecting flight, but this way, you will spend about 2 days traveling. The winter months, from December to March, are the coldest in Korea, with no high demand for visiting Korea. If you are ready to put up with the cold, winter is the cheapest season.

🛏️ Accommodation

A 3-star hotel room per night costs around $50 without breakfast. If you wish to stay in a 5-star hotel, be ready to pay $100. Resting an apartment or room is also an option and will cost you less. Checking out hotel deals is a smart decision, as sometimes you can get 5-star hotel rooms with breakfast for about $80 a night.

🚕 Transportation

A taxi ride from the international airport to the center of Seoul costs around $50. A bus ride costs $1 for a single trip. So, the cost of transportation in the capital of Korea depends on your requirements, but it is not more experience than traveling in the US.

🍔 Eating out

A meal for two people in a mid-range restaurant costs $50. If you prefer to save money, choose fast-food Asian cafes where a meal costs $15. However, on a date, you should invite a Korean mail bride to a nice restaurant with a romantic atmosphere and quality food. 

🌹 Presents

Presents are a sign of respect in Korea. Your North Korean bride will be delighted to receive flowers, sweets, or a piece of jewelry. Remember that Korean women are close with their parents and often take their advice on relationships. A smart move will be to get a present for your future in-laws. A ring or bracelet will cost around $100, while a bunch of flowers will not cost more than $30. 

💍 Visa

One of the most expensive parts of buying a South Korean bride after plane tickets is helping her to receive a special visa. Your Korean girlfriend will need to apply for a K-1 visa which grants permission to move to the US, get married there, and settle down. This type of visa costs around $2,000. 

Taking all the above-listed services into consideration, you are looking at spending at least $6,000. If you want to get married in Seoul, be ready to spend at least $40,000. In the US, an average wedding costs $20,000. So, you can spend money by asking your Korean date to get married in America. 

The Cost of Korean Mail Order Brides

Why Does a Korean Mail Bride Make the Perfect Wife?

A typical bride in Korean culture is a woman who serves her husband. A traditional wife in Korea is sweet, supportive, and family-centered. She thinks and takes care of her loved ones. She cooks delicious meals and makes home a comfortable and warm place for her family. A Korean wife is respectful towards her partner, his family, and friends. She is always by her partner’s side and allows him to be the head of the family. 

This description perfectly fits a woman from Korea you may want to marry one day. A traditional Korean bride wants to have children with a man who admires her and gives her a sense of security. She works to be able to provide for her children, but she expects her husband to be the main one who is financially stable and can feed his family. 

This is how American women used to be. They wanted to have a family and did not care much about their social status. Nowadays, American women chase rights and follow feminism which makes them less attractive to US men. In the West, the divorce rate is much higher compared to East Asia since Westerners are not ready to be patient and compromise. In Asia, women are mature and understand that patience is the recipe for a happy and lasting marriage. 

By marrying a North Korean mail order bride, you get a loving, devoted, and totally family-oriented woman. Local females adore American men as they show admiration and make them feel like princesses. So as a Western in Korea, you get a very high chance to marry a beautiful woman. 

How to Attract Korean Mail Brides?

Every North Korean mail order bride has certain choices in men. She wants her future husband to be family-oriented, supportive, patient, respectful, and the head of a family. If you have these characteristics, you are lucky as many Korean females will want you as a potential date. Whether you choose to use a dating site or travel to Korea, these tips will serve you.

🌸 Ask questions about her hobbies and family.

🌸 Do not forget about your appearance since every bride in Korean wants a good-looking partner.

🌸 Compliment on your Korean girlfriend’s look and personality.

🌸 Invite your date for a nice meal. If dating online, send her little presents. 

🌸 Show your affection by touching or by using sweet words if dating online. 

These are really simple tips that will make every North Korean bride feel warm toward you. 

😘 Conclusion

A South Korean bride is an example of a naturally beautiful woman who devoted herself to her family and gets what she wants. Many Westerners think that Asian women are indecisive and naive, but you will be surprised by how strong-willed and dedicated these women are. If a Korean woman likes you, nothing can stop you, even traveling a huge distance to be with you. A traditional Korean wife is what so many American bachelors dream of, especially those men who divorced or have been cheated on. The love and warmth that Korean wives give make men happy and generous creatures.   


How to date a Korean girl?
For the Korean bride, etiquette is essential. She pays attention to how a man carries himself on a date and whether he has manners. Korean ladies are certainly passive, meaning you have to do all the work. Invite a Korean woman to a nice restaurant, bring her flowers, pull a chair, and pay a bill. It is all about showing respect and making a woman feel special.
Where can I find Korean girl?
International dating sites provide many South and North Korean mail order brides. Join a safe dating website or app, and you start communicating with East Asian females from a distance. Offline dating is also an option for more adventurous men willing to take a risk.
What are the red dots on Korean bride?
Red dots that cover a bride’s cheeks represent youth and virginity. Usually, these dots are red stickers or applied vis makeup.
At what age do Korean get married?
Even though Korea is a very traditional and strict country, women do not get married until they reach 30. This says a lot. Local females strive to become independent and build up a career before they create a family.
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