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How to invite a girl to live together?

2018-08-17 14:40

The result of a good relationship is the desire to see each other more often.  Sometimes I do not feel like parting at all.  There is a desire to wake up together, do something around the house, go shopping, spend more time together.  At such times, there is a desire to live together.  It's time to think about living together. 

For a start, it would be good to know the girl's opinion about your future life together.  Or maybe she already hinted to you about it. 



If you or your girlfriend have the opportunity to live in an apartment, then the question is solved simply.  If you meet for a long time and know her preferences well, then you can safely make an offer.

If you do not have the apartment, then you can think about a rented apartment, or make a plan to purchase a new apartment. 

You can also consider the option of living with your parents.  This proposal will also need to be considered, some girls want to live only together, so this moment needs to be discussed. 

If you decide to buy an apartment or rent for a temporary or long-term residence, consult about the options with your girlfriend, she will appreciate it.  -

If there is still no opportunity and money to buy an apartment or rent a house, you can consider a variant of living together with your parents.  First of all, you need to consult with your parents about the opportunity to live with the girl with them for a while.  Learn carefully the opinion of the girl about living together with parents, approach this issue from afar so that she has nothing to suspect.  Compare the opinions and wishes of your parents and your girlfriend.  If everyone agrees, it's time to suggest the girl to live together.

If you decide to offer a girl to live with your parents, then you can invite her to your home and sit with the parents at the table, only so that she does not suspect anything, and then make her an offer, it's good if the parents support your proposal.  The girl will understand that not only you want to live together, but your parents want this as well, because you will not be alone, it will be important for her. 

There is another version of the proposal.  You can approach this question in an original way.  For example, arrange a romantic dinner.  You need to prepare well for it.  Tell her about your sincere feelings and about the fact that you cannot live without her day or night.  And in turn, the solution to this can only be a proposal to live together.  You can also give her the keys.  The keys can be decorated in a gift box, to once again pleasantly surprise her. 

If you are serious and serious conversation is more important than romantic meetings, you can invite her to a restaurant or to another institution where you will be comfortable.  Talk to her seriously about living together and invite her to live together.

If everything goes well, you can think about how to make a proposal to marry a girl.