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France is a country where you can find the best food, the finest wine, and the most elegant females. American men have been arriving in this region looking for women for decades as they find them especially stylish and sexy. French ladies indeed have a unique style with immense beauty. They are like classic cars. You have to take a second glance. 

🌹Before I go into details about French beauties, let me share some curious facts about them: 

  • The majority of French women get married once they reach 35.9. This is far older than many other women in the world. 
  • The average age French girls give birth to their first child is 29. 
  • There were 48.8% of females in the labor force in France in 2022. Local ladies are not scared of work, yet they are not as hard-working as English ladies.  
  • The divorce rate in France is 55 out of 100 marriages. This is pretty high and puts France in the top five European countries for divorces. 

These statistics are an interesting read and illustrate why cute French women are in such high demand among Western men. They do not get married at an early age, meaning they mature first before they commit. Later in this comprehensive review on French females, you will find out about their looks and main personality traits. 

💃 The age when French women get married for the first time35-36 years old
🥰 Personalities of French mail order bridesFamily-centered, romantic, intelligent, independent
✈️ Top cities with the hottest French femalesParis, Marseille, Lyon
🌐 Best dating apps to meet French single womenVictoriyaclub.com, Loveinchat.com, Tenderbride.com
❤️ Success rate with American bachelors80%
💰 The cost of a French mail order wife$10,000

Typical French Woman Appearance 

French ladies have always had the label of being some of the hottest females in the world. Their elegance and style make them super attractive to the opposite sex. A typical French beauty will have high cheekbones, dark hair, and amazing long legs. Their skin will often be attractively tanned, and their eyes brown and shining. Men love the look of French girls as they are naturally beautiful and classy at the same time. Just take a look at some famous French actresses like Melaine Laurent and Juliette Binoche. These are two famous women who are gorgeous and elegant. 

One of the famous French models, Carla Bruni, is absolutely stunning and naturally beautiful. No wonder she was married to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Another beautiful model from France is Laetitia Casta, who has appeared on multiple magazine covers. Her beauty makes her sought after around the world. Unfortunately for many Western bachelors, Casta is one of the married French women. So, you will have to look for sexy and single French brides online. 

👉 So as you can see, French women are super attractive and keep themselves in top shape. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are something they take very seriously. This is what makes them so attractive. You can not forget their fashion sense too. French style is world-renowned and adds another dimension to their beauty. 

cute French women

How do women dress in France?

The French sense of style makes local women stand out so much. Like Italian women, French girls understand fashion and what to wear to get attention. The fashion scene in France is world famous, with the most amazing designers. French girls make the most of this and dress to impress. 

Most ladies wear the latest fashion brands, which add another dimension to their sex appeal because French girls have incredible bodies; you can expect to see long, beautiful legs when they wear clothes. They enjoy showing off their assets, yet they do it elegantly.

French women are sophisticated and classy with their fashion sense. They enjoy wearing unique outfits that make them stand out. These ladies are certainly not shy when it comes to wearing clothes. 

If you ever visit France, you will be surprised at how the older women look. They are as stunningly beautiful as the younger girls. It seems that French ladies are like French wine. They get better as they age. Mature French women keep up with the latest fashion trends too. You will likely see females in their fifties wearing the latest outfits from top designers. 

There is no doubt that dating a French woman will make you want to experience it, especially once you see photos of real French brides looking for love online. 

France Women — Main Characteristics of Local Girls

French women are sought after around the globe by foreign men from various countries. The main reason for this is their fantastic sex appeal. There is something special about French women that makes men go weak at the knees. But it is not only their first-class looks that stir men’s emotions. French girls have special personalities that draw men close to them. Let’s look into some traits you can expect when dating French singles

🍷 French ladies have a unique attitude to life

French girls want to have fun and smile. They are often described as those who enjoy every second of their life. When you spend time with a French single, you will make the most of life. She will bring the best out of you and create a fun, entertaining atmosphere. 

🏆 Ladies from France are eager to be successful

French brides enjoy their work and strive to be successful, famous, and independent. However, you should not worry because they have not forgotten traditional values and enjoy caring for their husbands too. Cleaning and cooking is something they take pride in, and of course, family always comes first with these women. 

🕯️ French girls are extremely romantic

France is the country of love, and Paris is the city of love. It is so true. Do not be surprised if your French girlfriend makes you a candlelit dinner. These females have a lot of love to offer a man. They enjoy being in love and caring for a special guy. 

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 French women are family-oriented

For local wives, their loved ones are the most important people in their life. They are close to their mother and father and can not wait to start a family. Being with a French lady, expect children and expect her to be a responsible mother. 

💞 Passion is something these women have in abundance

When you are with a girl from France, you will get lots of affection. They enjoy expressing their feelings to their lover at all times. Do not forget that the French kiss was invented by these people. That says a lot. 

👉 French girls have these positive character traits, which make them great partners. It is not only their good looks that attract men. They have positive personalities that are caring and considerate to others. Once you start spending time with these girls, you will realize how much they have to offer. Their sensitivity and tender heart will shine through. This is what makes them ideal life partners for American middle-aged guys. 

French women dating

The Rules of Successful Dating French Women 

When you are dating French women, being considerate and patient is a must. These qualities will create a strong foundation on which a relationship can grow. 

I would like you to look at my list of efficient French women dating tips and I can guarantee you will be successful with local ladies if you keep in mind my advice. 

💌 Always give a French lady compliments

This is a great way to break the ice on a date. As soon as these women hear positive remarks about their appearance, outfit, or personality, they will feel more relaxed. This then opens their hearts to a closer connection. 

💌 You want to show you have a caring heart 

According to statistics, French girls get married after 30, so it means that they do not trust men easily. As they have a serious attitude to marriage, trust is something that they struggle with. So by proving to a French woman that you are responsible, trustworthy, and honest, you will win her heart. Be considerate of her feelings and show empathy. This will make you stand out. 

💌 Women from France want to feel respected

French women dating is all about acting like a gentleman if you want to impress a local girl. Pulling out her chair, taking her coat, and opening doors will create an atmosphere she will adore. Your French date will love flowers, if you take her for a coffee and croissants or take her on a romantic trip to the sea. 

💌 Express your curiosity toward her hobbies

You must show interest in your French date to impress her. Being curious about her family and her passions will bring her closer to you. All ladies dream to feel wanted, and this is the best way. If she feels you are interested in her, she will lower her defenses. This will open the door for you. 

💌 Make an effort with your appearance when you have a date

As I have already mentioned, French ladies are world-famous for being some of the best-dressed females on planet Earth. You need to step up your game to get into their good books. They need to see that you have at least put some thought into what you are wearing. 

👉 Using these tips will improve your chances of having a strong relationship with sexy French singles. Just remember to be honest and follow her body language. If you manage to read her signals, you will know what to do every step of the way. French girls want to be understood as well as intellectually stimulated. If you can do these two things, you will have a fantastic chance of getting a second date.

French girlfriend

💖 Conclusion

French brides are some of the most attractive females you will lay your eyes on. They have class, quality, and passion, which creates a lot of interest in them worldwide. Having a French girlfriend will not only make your friends envious, but it will also give you a great partner. Ladies from France  are without a doubt worth making an effort for. Thanks to online dating, you can even start chatting with model-looking French girls right now!


How to date a French women?
The best way to meet and date French women is through online dating websites. You get the opportunity to chat with countless attractive girls when you visit a reliable dating platform. It is super convenient and provides the safest dating environment possible.
How are women viewed in France?
Women in France are viewed as passionate, attractive ladies who are sophisticated and classy. Men from the US and the UK strongly desire to meet these ladies. French women have a reputation for being the best-dressed ladies on the planet too. Overall, French girls are viewed as women you want to date.
Who is the most famous French women?
There are many famous French women that are well respected and known worldwide. Audrey Tautou is one of the biggest French actresses. She has starred in The Da Vinci Code, Dirty Pretty Things, and A Very Long Engagement. Tina Kunakey, Carla Bruni and Thylane Blondeau are well-known models also coming from France.
What was the condition of women in France?
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    France is somewhere I have always been eager to visit, because I have heard they have such great food and elegant women. The French women always have a great sense of style, love to have fun, family oriented, very passionate and romantic. This article provides you with the rules to successfully date these amazing women which I will remember for when I visit.

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