Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful countries and sea resorts in the world, but not many men are aware of Bulgarian brides. These women are super attractive and keen on meeting Western guys. Over the last five years, more Bulgarian women have been turning to dating platforms to search for American and European men for marriage. Finding Bulgarian brides online does not take a long time. Usually, it takes a single guy a few days to locate attractive females and start chatting with them. 

🔎Please check some exciting facts about brides from Bulgaria:

  • Bulgarian women are three times more likely to marry a Western guy than a local guy.
  • In fact, 20% of Bulgarian singles from dating platforms go on to marry men from the US. That is a high number, and if you add Western European men into that, you are talking about 40%.
  • An average Bulgarian female is 5’4” and 143 pounds.
  • Local ladies pay a lot of attention to their physique. Summer is the best time to visit the country and its beach resorts. Here you will see stunning Bulgarian girls swimming and playing water polo.

Why do Bulgarian Brides Want to Meet Foreign Men Online?

Bulgarian singles love the idea of being with a Western partner. Why? Bulgarian men drink heavily and smoke. They do not show much respect and expect women to be housewives.  This makes single women in Bulgaria turn to online dating websites and find a way out of the country. A new life is what many of these ladies are searching for. American men are true gentlemen, and these women can enjoy a better standard of life with them. 

What makes these girls so appealing to US guys is their charm and sex appeal. Bulgarian girls are full of life and energy; they are always looking to have a good time, plus they are beautiful to look at. Coming from a former Soviet country, these ladies are traditional in their values. Bulgarian brides make great wives. Cooking and cleaning are jobs they take on with enjoyment. But Bulgarian women are also keen to work and earn their own money. 

When you spend time with such women, you will learn about their humor and intelligence. These ladies have hot blood running through their bodies, so expect lots of passion in a relationship. 

👩Bulgarian mail order brides age27 years old
✈️Best destinations for meeting Bulgarian girlsSofia, Varna, Burgas
⌨️Reliable dating websites in BulgariaVictoriyaclub.com, JollyRomance.com
❤️Features of Bulgarian femalesoptimistic, loyal, passionate
🏷️Cost of Bulgarian mail order wife$4,000

Features Of Bulgarian Mail Order Brides 

Brides from sunny Bulgaria so sought after through dating platforms, you may ask what makes these females so unique. There is a list of attributes that make Bulgarian ladies stand out from the rest. Check out the list below of the characteristics you are sure to find in these brides. 

😍 Super friendly and warm

Unlike some other former Soviet countries, Bulgarian girls are not as stoic. You are likely to be greeted with open arms and a big kiss from these women. They treat their guests with love. If you are lucky enough to be their partner, expect care and kindness. 

🏖️ Laid back attitude to life

You will never see Bulgarian women rushing or panicking. They much prefer to take their time and enjoy life to the maximum. Stress and worry is something that Bulgarian ladies do not deal with. You will enjoy every minute with these women, as they are calm and carefree.

👪 Dedicated and loyal

The divorce rate is not high in Bulgaria because these women take relationships seriously. Marriage with a sexy Bulgarian woman implies having a reliable and loyal partner who will never let you down. She will be loyal and devoted to you. Bulgarian women believe supporting their partner is an important duty in life and take it on with pride. 

💃 Stunning appearances

Unlike Ukrainian and Russian, Bulgarian women are more likely to have darker features rather than fair skin. This makes Bulgarian girls very attractive and sexy. They share their looks with Romanian girls and are often described as exotic. This is what draws many Western European guys to date them online. 

❤️ Sincere

Honesty is a trait that Bulgarian ladies have in abundance. Unlike Russian girls, who tend to keep their emotions undercover in fear of releasing them, Bulgarian girls are the opposite. They will tell you how they feel, and they wear their emotions on their sleeve. This makes them easy to understand and read. 

With this list of attributes, you can see why Bulgarian singles are a good catch. They offer single men a loyal, calm, honest partner. They tick many boxes. This is exactly why so many men from America want to meet them. 

Bulgarian Women Mail Order Brides Profiles

Are you looking for a sexy-looking Bulgarian girlfriend? Please take a look at the top three profiles I found for you on Victoriyaclub dating site. These young ladies will make you want to marry them straight away!

meet Bulgarian lady
single woman from Bulgaria
best Bulgarian girl to date

Bulgarian Brides For Sale 

Dating websites and apps is a fantastic way to meet these attractive girls. Bulgarian ladies have been on the wanted list of American men for a few years now because of all their great advantages. It is not only natural beauty that grabs the attention of Western guys but their personalities. The reason these girls like the idea of being with European and US men is the way they are treated. Bulgarian women want to live in a more developed country and have greater economic possibilities. Being with a Western guy will give that to them, which is very appealing. 

When you desire to be with a sexy Bulgarian single, you want to impress her. The way you do this is by treating her with love and affection. Showering her with compliments and being positive around her will lead to good results. To get involved in a Bulgarian brides marriage, you want to search through dating sites. There are countless reliable online platforms where you can chat and interact with singles from Bulgaria. Choosing the best site to date Bulgarian ladies will guarantee you successful encounters. 

Online dating 

There are always two options when you want to date Bulgarian girls. You can choose either online dating or offline dating. The most convenient and fastest way is online dating. When you sign up to a trustworthy dating platform, you have the opportunity to connect with thousands of girls. The features that most dating websites offer their users make life super easy to date. 

After filling out your profile and adding interesting details about yourself, including a nice photo, you can search for your girl. You can find so many like-minded people all in one place when you visit a dating site. The fact that it is possible to chat with ladies while you are sitting at home is brilliant. You can be on your PC at home dating beauty from Sofia. 

It is also one of the safest methods of dating Bulgarian girls as you are at home. But if you want even more freedom and flexibility, why not use your mobile device and date? The majority of dating sites have a mobile site that can be accessed through a mobile phone. You will also find that many dating websites offer their own dating app, which allows for more convenient access. Compared to offline dating, online dating is super smooth and easy. There are fewer issues and much better chance of success. 

Offline dating

If you choose to go down the offline dating path, you have more work to do. Offline dating is certainly a challenge as it requires more time and effort. You will have to deal with time wasters and gold diggers when you are offline dating. There is more work you have to do when offline dating. You need to visit bars and clubs to search for women. You will need to be ready to make conversation with lots of girls and hope they speak English. I have listed some popular cities in Bulgaria where you can try to pick up single girls.

  • Sofia
  • Varna
  • Burgas

These are three of the most popular destinations when you want to date Bulgarian women. All of these places are tourist friendly and have fantastic accommodations and nightlife. You will find these destinations packed in the summer months with tourists looking for a good time. This is why offline dating is much more difficult than online dating. There is lots of competition. With offline dating, buying drinks in a bar is usually essential. You also have to know which are the good bars and clubs to visit. 

Dating Bulgarian Brides

How to Make a Bulgarian Bride Fall For You? 

Knowing how to make a Bulgarian woman fall for you will give you confidence. Fortunately, these girls are eager to be with foreigners, so it can be nice and smooth. Bulgarian ladies need certain things in life to make them open their hearts. So I have listed some tips below on how a foreigner buying Bulgarian brides can win their hearts. 

  • Acting like a gentleman is a sure way to make an impression on a Bulgarian lady. Opening doors, paying for a nice meal, all these things can make a big difference. Bulgarian girls want to be treated well, and international men certainly do that. 
  • Compliments on her look and personality. This always works very well, as all women like compliments. Bulgarian singles will appreciate kind, positive affirmations. It will let their guard down and open their heart. 
  • Ask questions about her family. As Bulgarians are close to their loved ones, showing an interest in her family members will win you her trust. She will like the idea you are getting to know her personally. 
  • Show her you will protect her. Bulgarian girls admire a man they feel safe with. They look for a figure that will be a rock beside them throughout their life. 
  • Showing your positivity will be a big plus when dating Bulgarian women. Ladies from this country are optimistic and full of positivity, so they want a partner like this too. 
  • If you want Bulgarian brides free online, you need to add attractive photos to your profile page. It is also essential to fill in details about yourself and explain what type of person you are in a relationship. 

These are simple tips that can make all the difference when dating single girls from Bulgaria. By implementing some of these tips, expect positive results. Remember that Bulgarian women are warm and easy-going, so they are easy to approach. Starting a conversation with them is easy as they are extremely open to new people. 

Bulgarian Mail Order Brides Love Stories 

Steve, 34, Birmingham

happy marriage with Bulgarian bride

It was 2 years ago that I met my beautiful wife from Sofia. We met online and got on like a house on fire. After signing up for a Bulgarian brides agency, I found Petia online. We had so much in common, and she was fluent in English, which was excellent. Through the various features online, we could communicate regularly, and we loved using the video chat feature. Being with Petia has shown me how much Bulgarian girls love life. She is always in a good mood and is such a caring partner. If you are not sure about Bulgarian women, I recommend them. 

John, 56, Sarasota 

couple that met each other on dating site

I was divorced a year ago and knew I wanted to be with a new partner as soon as possible. So I registered with a mature Bulgarian brides website. I got the opportunity to chat with many amazing ladies, including my girlfriend, Irina. I was 55 at the time, and she was 46; we were a perfect match. We are always laughing and smiling now we are together. Using the online dating method, we found it simple to connect. Being with a Bulgarian is much different from American ladies because they are traditional partners. Older Bulgarian brides want to serve their man, which is what every man likes.

Why Do Bulgarian Women Make Good Wives? 

Bulgarian brides are super popular with men from across the world for a reason. These ladies offer something that most Western women do not. In Bulgaria, there are still family values and traditions that are kept. Women like to act and behave like women, while men want to be and act like men. These fundamental differences are what interests guys from Western countries. But there are also other factors that draw foreigners to be with these females. The list below gives you reasons why a Bulgarian mail order bride is a great choice for a Western man. 

✅ Bulgarian women love to make fantastic meals so that you can expect delicious homemade food. It is part of the Bulgarian culture to enjoy every meal and eat until you can not move. Bulgarian wives will be happy to serve you food every day. 

✅ Bulgarian women are optimistic. Life is to be enjoyed, not stressed over. These are the thoughts and beliefs of Bulgarian women. 

✅ They make incredible mothers. Family is the most important thing in a Bulgarian woman’s mind. She will do anything for her family and loved ones. 

✅ Loyalty and dedication come easy with Bulgarian ladies. Unlike Western women, where divorce is common practice, Bulgarian ladies do not believe in divorce and are eager to be connected with their man for life. 

These are just a few of the traits you can expect in a Bulgarian partner. It is clear to see why so many Western guys choose Bulgarian ladies. They are entirely different from Western girls, which makes them very appealing. As the women in the West become more feminist, Bulgarian women will be in more demand. If you like the idea of being with traditional females, you need to choose Bulgarian brides. 

🌹 Bulgarian Male Order Brides: Expert Opinion

If you are a middle-aged man looking for an alternative woman in your life, then Bulgarian ladies are great. Many divorced men from America and the UK turn to dating sites to pick out a loyal traditional woman partner. Bulgarian ladies are the perfect choice. You will undoubtedly be impressed not only with the sexy, attractive looks, but also with their warm, friendly personality too. It is hard to go wrong with Bulgarian brides. 


Can I buy bride in Bulgaria?
Yes. Register online with numerous dating sites and start communicating with girls. The many features that can be found will assist you in your dating journey. You can always visit your Bulgarian bride and spend quality time with her. If all goes well, you can make things more serious by marrying her. This is what many foreign men do through dating platforms.
Can foreigners marry in Bulgaria?
Yes, you can get married in Bulgaria. It is certainly cheaper than marrying in America or Western Europe. When you are dating a Bulgarian woman, the chances are she would prefer to marry in Bulgaria, as her family and friends will be able to attend. Bulgarian wedding ceremonies are exciting and certainly not easy to forget. There will be plenty of alcohol and food available.
Which countries sell brides?
There are many countries that offer a bridal agency service that helps international men meet local girls. These companies are there for men who want to find a local woman. They will gather details and try to match like-minded singles together. These services are extremely popular with divorced men aged between 45 and 65. Males at this age want a trustworthy, loyal partner, so Bulgarian brides are excellent.
What is the tradition of the Bulgarian wedding?
Bulgarian weddings are unique as the bride and groom are showered in rice and wheat for fertility. There will be traditional Bulgarian music played. The wedding can take place in a church or one of the couple’s family homes. There will be two wreaths that will be placed on the bride and groom’s heads as they kneel before each other. There is usually drinking of wine from a shared cup.
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