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12 signs that a girl communicates with an ex

2018-08-17 11:54

Do you still doubt or think that your girlfriend is talking to her ex?  Then use these tips to expose their communication. 

Girls are very secretive when it comes to communicating with the former boyfriend, so today we will consider very subtle points that will help you understand whether she is communicating with the ex or not. 

Sometimes there is a situation where a girl communicates and dates with you and communicates with her ex in the same time.  In this case, you begin to notice that in your communication something does not add up.  This can be caused by the fact that the girl wants more space while she is with you, and behaves in a strange way.  Although, with friends she is open and quite happy.

Will you reconcile with this?

If your girlfriend recently broke up with a guy and began dating with you, it is possible that she can think of him, but there is a fine line when a girl remembers the ex and when she misses him.  You do not need to ask her, whether she thinks about him or misses him, even if that happens, and you still ask, she will simply deny the fact that she thinks about him.  All you need is to talk to her and say that something has been going wrong recently, she behaves in a strange way, as if there's a distance between you, you are confused by her indifference about you. 

If your girl cannot decide with whom she should be: with you or with her ex, then she will walk in a circle.  The situation may not be resolved in your favor.

12 signs that your girl yearns communicates or meets with the ex.


1. She respects the distance between you and at the same time is closed.  You walk with her together, but constantly feel some cold, she seems to be keeping away from you at a distance, although you are trying to get close to her.  To the questions: "Is everything alright?" She answers dryly, but convinces you that everything is all right, but you see a completely different picture. 

And at some point, in your conversation or fellowship, she embarrassedly talks about her ex, singling out something positive about him in one sentence. 


2. She is excited.  She becomes excited and nervous at a time when their paths with the former guy intersect.  She cannot stop talking about him, although you have been together for several months.  If she tells you that she recently happened to meet with the ex and her voice is heightened or her voice sounds more alive than usual, this is another indication that she is thinking about him. 


3. Her memories of him.  She talks about him and her memories seem to be alive here and now.  She remembers him so far and responds gently to him, as if he's her best friend.  "This guy, dammit, he made me laugh."  She seems to exalt him, but at the same time forgets that you are with her, not him.  You can get annoyed by these stories, but nevertheless, she hints at you that she still misses him, although she says it briskly. 


4. She compares you all the time.  If your girlfriend often compares you with the ex-one, it is another sign that she chooses to this day, which of you is better.  On the one hand, when you have a relationship started recently, she can appreciate you and mentally compare with the ex, so do all the girls.  But when she starts constantly comparing you out loud, especially when you swear or when she is angry at you, then this is not a good sign. 


5. She is in contact with him.  If they have met recently and become just friends, but still walk and communicate in a cute way, then this may be one of the first signs of anxiety.  Everything would be fine, but if their communication is delayed and you understand that it is starting to gain daily turnover, whether it is social media communication, whether it is frequent meetings, then there is a chance that you can lose her. 


6. She still remembers the days spent with him.  When the objects remind her, first of all, of him, and they walked together in this courtyard, and here they first kissed - all this indicates that he is still alive in her thoughts.  Why is she thinking so much about him?  I think you already know .... 


7. If he has a girlfriend.  If her ex-boyfriend had a girlfriend and her reaction is calm, then nothing is bothering, but if she is irritated or falls into anger, she is still unevenly breathing. 


8. You are a temporary guy.  Yes, life is harsh, but sometimes girls use other guys to cause jealousy of their boyfriend.  It's like a game, but in this game you suffer more often. 


9. She likes to talk about her ex.  She cannot talk to you about the former guy all the time, but when she meets her old friends, she is curious to find out how her former boyfriend is doing. 


10. She wants to be his friend.  They broke up and she now is dating you, but then it turns out that she would like to become his friend. 


11. She "loves you" and thinks about him.  She tells you that she loves, but in fact, recalls what she thinks about her ex.  It has been going on for a while, but if you really suffer all this, then maybe you love it, but unfortunately, you act as a handkerchief in which it blows its snot. 


12. She allows him to establish contact with her.  He tries to make contact and surprisingly, she does not resist him.  Instead, she makes a cute look, and melts like a piece of ice in warm hands, she still dries after him. 

If you understand that your relationship has just begun, and she has already burned your brain with stories about her ex, then do not plan any colossal future with her.