Сhristmas time is always special. Every person waits for some miracles to return to funny childhood days and remembers the amazing feeling of unpacking Christmas gifts. Although this holiday is associated with plenty of different things like decorating a Christmas tree or baking favorite cookies, none of them can bring as much joy as receiving a neat present. Girls feel especially excited as they look forward to getting a lovely box from their men. So, if you want to win a woman’s heart, then Christmas time is the best moment to show your love or sympathy. So why don’t you take this opportunity? So let’s talk about the best presents for women. 

How to Choose Christmas Present for Your Crush?

It is not a secret that ladies are better at choosing presents for people they love despite the receiver’s status. Independent research proved that once again by asking a few groups of people. Still, it doesn’t mean that your chances to impress the girl are equal to zero. VictoriyaClub team hold its own survey in which over 30 girls participated. We asked what present the ladies would like to receive from the men. This is how the final result looks. 


Which Gift is Best for Ladies? – Top 9 Gifts for Her

Based on the most common women’s expectations, we arranged a list of the top 9 gifts for her. You can check Christmas gift ideas for women 2021, and pay attention to a refreshed list. In the long run, you will surely get the answer to a popular question “ What should I get my girl crush for Christmas?”.

christmas gift ideas

#1 Jewelry

Women love beautiful things and love to look beautiful in them. That is why the jewelry is a perfect gift that will tell about respect and affection for your beloved. The market is full of cool offers with special discounts. It is not challenging to purchase earrings, rings, chains, bracelets, and other jewelry as the selection is really amazing. Does your lady like necklaces? Then make sure you choose a special item that will please her and remind her of your sincere feelings each time she puts your gift on. Of course, not all women prefer it, so we offer to consider other ideas. Maybe a classic wristwatch will appeal to her more. This stylish accessory will never go out of fashion. They can be oval and square, glitter, with brilliants, so you will find something special for your girlfriend.

#2 Perfume

It is one of the top gift ideas for women, and Christmas and every lady who likes fresh and youthful smells will be delighted. If your woman is one of them, you will make the right choice. You can contact the sales consultants or choose it yourself in case you know the preferences of your special one. By the way, many stores offer certificates that you can present and the lady will be able to choose the perfume herself. 

#3 Handbags

Women actively follow the trends of modern fashion and want to be the most beautiful no matter what. If you think that one or two handbags are enough, then you are surely wrong. Almost every girl would like to get a handbag from Cristian Dior or Guess, for example. If you are on a tight budget, feel free to order a luxury copy of a well-known brand to please your crush. Or, choose a more affordable option in a local market. Experts recommend purchasing a traditional model of a handbag that is always of high demand for every lady. 

#4 Book

The book is still a wonderful gift. You can choose a classic or business book or buy a copy of a rare vintage. Almost every bookstore has its own list of bestsellers that you can find on the shelves near the entrance. We advise you to carefully choose the present. What can I gift her to make her feel special? Remember that every woman is special and individual, so your surprise should fully reflect her personality. Think well and try to remember whether she mentioned books that she would like to read. Or, maybe you know her favorite book and can purchase its first edition? As you can see, the options are numerous – so you should take any of them. 

#5 Spa day

A list of Christmas gift ideas for young women in 2022 includes certificates for a Spa day. It is a great way to show your care and attraction. In case you do not know the particular preferences of your lady, it is better to choose something traditional or ask for a consultant’s recommendations. In any case, your lady will surely highly appreciate your gift. This is an awesome opportunity to relax after a hard-working day, busy college time, or distract from any other routine problems. A healthy soul in a healthy body will also positively contribute to relationship development, and make women more cheerful for close romantic communication with you. Some guys even risk taking a role of spa employee and make a massage or another beauty procedure for their women. Sounds cool, yeah? Still, if you have just got acquainted – it is better to postpone such an experiment to better days. 

#6 Gadgets and accessories

It should be stated that electronics is popular these days as never before. In addition to such things as tablet sleeves, iPhone cases, docking stations, and headsets, you can please your lady with the more expensive but useful gadgets. Is your crush dreaming of an iPhone 14 Pro or an up-to-date coffee machine? The choice of devices is just incredible so you need to find out what she needs for comfortable living, working, and resting and choose a useful thing for every day. There is no doubt – the woman will be satisfied, and feel thankful every time she uses your present.

#7 Show or theatre tickets

Does she like music? Or maybe she prefers theatre? Get her tickets especially if it is her favorite show! You may spend this time together or let her invite somebody else. Nevertheless, she would have pleasant moments, learn something new, widen her horizons, and see how much you care about her passions and preferences. 

#8 Clothes

This idea doesn’t look like a new one still not all guys remember it. That’s why we decided to remind men that presenting clothes is also a good way to please your woman. It may something that she has been dreaming of for a long time – a fur coat, for example. Or the item that she needs for her hobby – a new dress for a belly dance. Actually, the range is wide and you will easily find something worth your attention. Just be careful with the color and size. In case you have some doubts, it is better to ask her friends for help or a shop assistant.

#9 Chocolate

Does this option look trivial in comparison to other Christmas gift ideas for women? Yes, it may be so at first glance, but do not jump to conclusions. Chocolate doesn’t only mean a bar of chocolate that you can easily purchase at the local supermarket. There are so many cool boxes that will not leave any lady indifferent. You can even present her with handmade sweets or make her favorite chocolate a compliment before giving the main gift. This sweet symbol will always be a good reminder of your warm feelings and sincere attitude. 

christmas giftsHow to Gift a Woman Online?

If you are a lucky man who met a special girl online, then mind you also can make her feel special on Christmas day.  For example, at VicroriyaClub you can choose one of the numerous gifts in a related section and please your beloved. Luckily, the selection is great, and you can order a gift from the list above. Christmas is the time of cozy evenings, warm hugs, and sweet kisses. And even if you do not have an opportunity to be with your crush on this day, a properly selected gift will help you impress everything that fills your heart with warmth, passion, and admiration. 

VictoriyaClub Team Opinion

What do I get my girl best friend for Christmas? We hope you enjoyed our list. Although each proposed idea is far from new, we are sure, all of them come up with numerous variations that you can choose to experiment with. Chrismas gift ideas for women is your chance to please your special one and refresh her warm memories of childhood days – the time when you believe that all dreams must come true.

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