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Victoria Davis is a highly sought-after dating coach with a passion for helping individuals find love and build meaningful connections. Her approach is based on active listening, empathy, and personalized techniques, which she developed after attending numerous webinars, conferences, and meetings for professional coaches. Victoria believes that every person should deal with both external and internal factors, engage in self-development, enhance their overall being, and only then seek a compatible partner. In her opinion, personal growth and transformations may provoke positive changes in a romantic life. This is the only way to meet the person you deserve. 

About Victoria

Victoria was born in Chernihiv, a lovely city in the north of Ukraine. Like most girls, she decided to become a teacher. This is how she made her way to Nizhyn Gogol State University. After graduation, Victoria planned to become a teacher of English and Literature, but after practicing at a local school, she understood that this is not what she wants to do in the future. 

In 2020, being a student yet, Victoria came across a coach training program. After completing a course, she started to help clients develop self-confidence, improve their communication skills, and navigate the complexities of modern dating. 

“I am so happy to see how two single souls unite and start a healthy relationship”, admits Victoria in recent posts. 

Her articles have a fresh look at modern acquaintances and dating, valuable insights, and practical tips. Now Victoria lives in Warsaw, travels a lot, and has friends all over the world. Her real experience, knowledge of different cultures, and active way of life let the coach provide efficient recommendations on building a brilliant dating profile, flirting, and dealing with dating anxiety. She believes that everyone has a soulmate, it is only a question of time and effort to meet the right person. 

Working with people, their challenges, and their needs takes a lot of energy. Hobbies let Victoria keep a balance, distract herself, and renew her energy. In her free time, Victoria likes to play tennis, read books on psychology, and draw. 

“Unfortunately, at school, we were not taught how to be good partners and make relationships work out”, says the coach. This is what drives her to publish articles that aim to help people create happy connections. With the incredible spread of modern technologies, both men and women have endless opportunities to meet and date online without going out. Victoria aims to let people make this experience successful. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature
  • Landmark Forum with Advanced Training
  • EverCoach Coach Training Program

Professional Experience

  • Teacher of English (2020)
  • Professional Life & Relationship Coaching (2020-till present)
  • Author of articles at

Last Visited Events

  • Global Love Conference March, 2023 New Your City
  • Master Holistic Career and Life Coach Live Webinar June, 2023

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