The relationship between Britain and Poland goes back many years, so it should be no surprise that Polish dating within the UK is common. There are countless dating platforms that cater to single men looking for a Polish woman in England. 

What makes Polish women so attractive to English men is their traditional values. This is missing from most British women. It is really challenging to meet a British woman who enjoys cooking a nice home-cooked meal, wants to spend her free time with a family and raise kids. So good-looking Brits have nothing left but to turn to Eastern European dating sites and look for traditional marriage partners. These are attributes that make Polish ladies irresistible to many British men. 

Polish dating U.K is incredibly popular as it really works. The high numbers of Polish women marrying guys from the UK proves that English-Polish relationships work. Let me share some of the interesting facts about romantic encounters that happen between these two nations:

  • In 2014, more than 3,000 brides married men from the West.
  • According to the survey carried out in 2021, more than 696 thousand Polish people live in the UK.
  • Those Polish women who moved to the UK have more chances to meet men and have better sex lives. 
👩Average age of Polish brides in the UK30 years old
💋Top dating sites to meet Polish girls in the UKVictoriyaclub, Tenderbride
🤵Why do Polish females like English men?They find English men handsome, fun to be around and well-mannered
❤️Marriage success rate between Poles and Brits0ver 80%

Facts About Polish Dating U K 

As there are so many Polish women in the UK, there is a huge demand for dating these girls. The beauty and the friendliness make these women sought after. The reasons these ladies are so popular are their attitude and, of course, appearance. The list below gives an illustration as to why so many single men dream about Polish women dating

💋 Poles are smart and intelligent

Polish girls are highly educated, which means you can chat with them about a large range of topics. Polish dating England appeals to many local guys as finding a truly intelligent woman in the UK can be hard. 

💋 Polish females are sincere

Their honesty will undoubtedly take you by surprise. Polish brides are highly frank and straightforward. This is a great thing, as everyone knows where they stand.  

💋 They look absolutely stunning 24/7

It is impossible to see a Polish woman not looking her best when she is out in public. Women from this region take immense pride in their appearance 24/7. Having a Polish wife, you can be sure that all your friends will be envious.

💋 They hate when men are late

Using a Polish dating agency London, it is important never to be late for a date. Girls from Poland will wait for 15 minutes and then leave. So be punctual and show respect. 

💋 Poles love flowers

When dating attractive Polish women, flowers are a great icebreaker. But in Poland, the number of flowers must be an odd number. An even number of flowers are used for funerals. 

Through my Polish dating UK review, you will find out that Polish females prefer dating sites over offline dating. The majority of single Polish ladies choose to date online rather than pick up a guy in a bar. Selecting a safe dating website will bring you more results, therefore, increase your success rate.

📌 Because there is so much opportunity to date Polish women online in England, Ireland has decided to follow suit. Now there are fantastic Polish dating site Ireland opportunities, for single men wanting a beautiful Polish girl. So, if you come from other parts of England, try your luck. Poles find English men now just very attractive but smart and romantic. 

best Polish girl

How Does Polish Dating in the UK Work With Victoriyaclub?

Victoriyaclub takes the pressure off singles who are looking for love. When it comes to dating foreign women, the website offers a convenient and safe environment where English men can connect with real women. The platform takes care of users’ safety, therefore, carefully checks profiles and makes sure that members have polite conversations. 

☝️ Victoriyaclub offers an extensive database of Polish brides with quality photos and comprehensive descriptions of what they are looking for and how they present themselves. Men from the UK will have a chance to learn about Polish girls in detail and, based on it, start communicating. 

☝️ The platform offers reasonable membership prices for advanced features. You will be able to communicate with Poles via web camera and have almost real-life dating experience without leaving your home. 

Enter your search criteria and find a woman of your dreams by age, height, weight, body type, and desires, or you can review random profiles of Polish women who are online and use a webcam for intimate chat sessions. 

So Victoriyaclub gives singles everything they need for successful encounters and long-term relationships. 

How To Meet Polish Girls 
On Victoriyaclub?

Online Polish Dating UK Tips 

Impressing Polish women requires some knowledge. In general, Poles are easy to get along with, and they are laid back. Please check out the list of tips I have prepared for you to succeed with these charming females. 

  • Be polite when interacting with them. Men from the UK are known worldwide for being true gentlemen, so do not disappoint in this regard. Using manners and being respectful is the way to win a Polish lady’s heart. 
  • Shower your Polish date with compliments. All females like some positive words of encouragement, and Polish women certainly appreciate a man that does this. 
  • When using free Polish dating sites UK, be sure to add nice photos. The profile page is a vital window into the person you are. Adding quality photos and details about yourself can make all the difference.
  • Show interest in her family. Ladies from Poland are family-oriented women, so chatting about their family members will get you good points. Be curious about her life as Polish women love that talk. 

📌 Well, these recommendations are easy to follow, especially knowing that they will help you impress beautiful Polish brides. Join a trustworthy dating site and start practicing these tips with the hottest females from Eastern Europe. 

Polish lady to date


Polish women are the number one foreign partner for UK men. This is due to the amount of Polish ladies in the UK, plus the natural beauty these ladies possess. Dating foreign women inside your country is a big advantage as you can meet the woman you like face-to-face after a chat online and have a more intimate encounter. With all the tips provided above, you should be in luck with sweet Polish brides!


What is the best Polish dating site UK?
Victoriyaclub is one of the best, safest and most effective Eastern European dating site with many real Polish girls’ profiles. The website offers plenty of features including in-depth search, texting, webcam chat, private photos, etc.
Is there a Polish dating site?
There are numerous quality Polish sites offering single girls looking for a long-term commitment. But to choose one, make sure it is legit, has good customer support, and verified women’s profiles.
When to kiss a Polish girl?
Do not rush to kiss a Polish bride on the first date. Give her a hug and a kiss on her cheek only. Taking things slowly will help her trust you and know your intentions are genuine.
What are the Polish dating norms?
Never be late, surprise your date with flowers and call her the next day. Being a gentleman will make a Polish woman fall in love with you really fast.
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