The trend in popularity of using dating services online to find love is increasing every day. Here are some research papers about online dating services saying that 366 million people were using matchmaking sites in 2022. This number is much larger now.

Often, when men decide to meet pretty women on the matchmaking platform, they have a question about how to start a dialogue. This is a very important thing to do to interest a girl and make her want to continue the conversation with you. You are lucky if you stumbled upon our guide before meeting the best brides for relationships. You will find relevant questions that will be useful to you when you start chatting with a lady. They will also help you understand if a partner is right for you. After all, by answering them, the girl will be completely sincere with you.

👍🏻 Some guys are sure that a romantic dialogue with a girl can only be created with the help of questions that contain some flirting. But in fact, in order to establish close contact with your interlocutor, you need to ask her questions on different topics. These questions can be funny, deep, or interesting.

To inspire you and put you in a positive mood, no matter whether you are on your first date or a year into your relationship, I have prepared for you a selection of phrases and questions that your lady surely wouldn’t mind answering when talking with her on largest online dating services. Find a list of the most sincere and interesting questions with a hint of pepper, and explore them to easily carry on a conversation!

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💌 What are Good Questions to Ask Ladies?

There are a lot of questions that would be perfect for revealing the character of the girl you like, her preferences, desires, and goals. With all this in mind, I have prepared a comprehensive list of questions for you, choosing a few of them will easily start hundreds of exciting conversations with your partner. No matter how old your lady is, these are basic questions that will definitely show your best side.

💋 Flirty questions to ask an older woman

Girls believe that male confidence is manifested in their ability to flirt… In addition, it is known that a little bit of romance allows both partners to open up, create a relaxing atmosphere, and even reduce stress. Therefore, here are a couple of questions for you to consider when you want to defuse the situation.

  1. What is love from your point of view?
  2. Do you believe in true love?
  3. What do you usually think about before going to bed?
  4. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  5. When was your first kiss?
  6. Why are you so attractive to me that I can’t take my eyes off you?
  7. Have you fallen in love many times in your life?
  8. Have you ever confessed your love?
  9. What would you do if you turned into a guy for one day?
  10. What do you mean by the concept of “ideal man”?
  11. Do you like romantics? And what the most?
  12. Did you go on a date last night?
  13. Do you prefer to give gifts or receive them?
  14. What qualities would you like to see in a loved one?
  15. How do you behave if you have sympathy for a guy?

🙌🏻 Deep questions to ask a lady

There are questions that you can ask a woman at any time when you want to ease the tension between you when meeting her on the best online dating services. It will lead you to a serious conversation, force you to be sincere, and, with their help, you can get to know your partner better. For example, here are some of them.

  1. Does happiness for you lie in family values or career growth?
  2. What does your ideal life look like in your dreams and plans? 
  3. Do you consider jealousy to be an essential part of relationships? 
  4. Have you ever had to hide your relationship from others? If so, why?
  5. How do you feel about cohabitation before marriage?
  6. Describe, in three words, a relationship that you think could last a lifetime.
  7. How do you feel about having children?
  8. Do you have any fears? How do you try to get rid of them?
  9. What is the most valuable lesson life has taught you?
  10. What achievement are you proud of?

🤫 Questions to ask a woman you just met

At the beginning of dating or a relationship with a girl, it is very important to talk to find out everything about her. If you know nothing about your chosen one and don’t even try to understand what she really thinks, what she dreams about, and what she wants, then it turns out that you are in dialogue not with her, but with yourself. To prevent this from happening, you need to be attentive to each other and share your thoughts. These questions will help you get to know the girl better:

  1. Did you have a happy childhood?
  2. Are you close to your family?
  3. What character traits do you consider to be the best in yourself?
  4. Tell me about yourself in a few sentences.
  5. Are you happy with the way your life is going?
  6. What was your best period in life?
  7. Happiness – what is it for you?
  8. Would you like to develop in your field, or would you like to try something new?
  9. What are the most important things in life for you?
  10. Is freedom important to you?
  11. How do you see your life in 5-10 years?
  12. Is marriage important to you?
  13. How long would you like to date before getting married?
  14. Do you dream of a honeymoon?
  15. Would you like children?

😄 Funny questions to ask a woman you like

If you are trying to please girls, then it is important for you to know that almost each of them will definitely appreciate your sense of humor. After all, any woman simply likes the fact that a guy can cheer her up at any time, of course, when it is appropriate. A sense of humor is perhaps the main thing that will help you create an ideal match between you and your lady. These funny questions will help you impress a girl and save you from awkward moments.

  1. Tell a joke that makes you laugh every time.
  2. What will you choose for evening viewing – a psychological thriller with a sharp plot or a new episode of Stand Up?
  3. Do situations in which you have to look ridiculously funny scare you?
  4. How do you feel about gentle pranks and cute pranks?
  5. Are you ready to laugh at yourself in an unpleasant situation?
  6. If you urgently need to make your interlocutor laugh to get rid of awkwardness, how much effort will you need to do this?
  7. Have a lot of funny things happened in your life over the past month? Tell me about the funniest situation.
  8. If you decided to change your name, what would you choose?
  9. If your life had a slogan, what would it be?
  10. When was the last time you laughed until you cried?
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⛔️ What are Uncomfortable Questions to Ask a Girl?

What questions are best not to ask a girl? It all depends on the degree of intimacy and your relationship. At the very beginning, try not to be intrusive and do not touch on too personal things; you should also not discuss ex-partners, money, politics, or religion. Feel the interlocutor; intuitively, you will understand which topics you can bring up and which ones it is better to avoid. 

It is unlikely that a woman will agree to continue the dialogue, much less go on a date, after these questions:

  1. How much do you weigh?
  2. Why are you so skinny/fat?
  3. Why are you still alone at this time?
  4. Why did the previous relationship end? Did the guy have any complaints against you?
  5. How many boyfriends have you had?
  6. Am I better than your exes?
  7. How much do you earn?
  8. Do you have your own apartment or do you rent one?
  9. Are your eyelashes/hair/lips/nose/breasts natural?
  10. What is more important: career or family?

📝 Conclusion

When you’re just starting to meet a girl, be it online or offline, making a good first impression is all you need. Your ability to find the right words and ask interesting or flirty questions to a girl will definitely help here. I hope my guide will become an effective weapon for you in winning women’s hearts. Having a prepared set of good questions on hand will help you quickly establish contact with a woman and avoid a pause in communication.

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