According to recent studies, around 7% of the world’s population are atheists. So if you’re also not into spending your Sundays at church, you might as well look for a soulmate who isn’t either. That’s what atheist dating sites are for. They connect people with specific views, which means that the moment you meet, you already know that you have at least one thing in common. 

Honestly, there are also other online dating options for atheists. But we’ll get to that later. First, let’s talk about all the intricacies of dating an atheist and creating romantic connections with a believer when you are not religious at all. 

Can an Atheist Marry a Religious Person?

In theory, everything is possible. After all, it’s not the only thing that matters when it comes to building a life together. However, there might be quite a few difficulties:

  • Your fiance probably wants to get married in a church. When it comes to dating a Christian as an atheist, it’s all about compromises. Chances are high that your first argument will be over whether both of you are OK with a wedding ceremony in a church. 
  • Sooner or later, you’ll have to decide whether to make your children religious. Of course, your children will be able to decide on their own when they grow up. But what are you going to answer to their questions about God when they are 6 or 7?
  • Celebrating some holidays will come with controversies. If you don’t consider holidays like Christmas or Easter important or celebrate them without giving each occasion a special meaning, your spouse might not like that. Keep in mind that it’s also not easy for the girl dating an atheist as a Christian to compromise on this.

But wait, there are benefits to dating a religious person as an atheist too. Surprise!

  • Spiritual development. You don’t have to become Orthodox or Catholic when living with a believer. But your wife will give you a lot of good reasons to explore spirituality in a non-religious context and reflect on existential questions. 
  • You’ll have various perspectives on different situations. And this is a good thing! When it comes to a Christian dating an atheist, it means you’ll share your different opinions on various matters, and this will deepen your connection if you’re truly in love with each other. 

Tips on Atheist Dating from

Dating as an atheist comes with certain challenges… as does any other kind of dating. We don’t encourage you to think about it as something completely different from the traditional relationship-building process. Nevertheless, we do have a few quite handy tips on how to increase your chances of making it work when looking for love on an atheist dating website.

Be honest about your beliefs

When you really like a girl and you see that she’s religious, you might be tempted to hide the fact that you’re not. Our experts consider it a terrible idea, honestly speaking. That’s not how a Christian dating atheist works. Either you’ll actually have to become a believer or your communication will come to a dead end when the truth comes out. So when she is wondering what your religion is or asking you, “Whats an atheist?”, speak openly about your opinion on religions. However, make sure to be respectful when talking about it. 

Look for other things you have in common

Whether the person you’re dating is an atheist or not, there are surely more things you have similar views on. Talk about your favorite movies, music tastes, the food you like the most, and so on. If you are an atheist dating a Christian, such shared interests will help you build a strong connection and a decent base for a long-lasting relationship. One thing to avoid is focusing too much on your beliefs instead of trying to find love. We are talking about things like adding an atheist sign to your profile image or mentioning it more than once in your bio. 

Set boundaries

In the first stages of dating, we tend to persuade ourselves that the other person will change in the future. To be more precise, we plan to be the ones changing them. So if you are an atheist dating Christian, it’s vital that you state from the beginning that celebrating Easter, for instance, is a no-go for you, as well as baptism for your children. If you’re both atheists, you can still have some disagreements on things like these. Following such advice will eliminate any need to look for a specifically atheist dating site. You can find your soulmate anywhere!

Have fun

Try to make your dating experience as enjoyable as possible instead of thinking about the differences in beliefs you and your girlfriend might have. Organize online movie nights, send her romantic postcards if she lives far away, have late-night conversations about your childhood memories, and… simply appreciate the opportunity to spend time with someone special. This way, whether it works out or not, you won’t have any regrets. 

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Are There Any Atheist Dating Sites?

As online dating is insanely common nowadays, you can find platforms for people with very specific life views. So yes, there are some atheist dating websites. The question is, though, do you want to limit your choices? 

After all, atheist and Christian dating is not that rare. Plus, many people who consider themselves believers don’t do many religious things in their daily lives. They simply follow the traditions they have been taught in their families. Therefore, it’s not really necessary to consider faith in God or any other higher power to be the decisive factor in your choice of a partner. 

Go for more universal options, such as VictoriyaClub. On this platform, you’ll find beautiful single girls from most atheist countries. Take advantage of:

  • Reasonable low prices for credit packages
  • Only verified user profiles 
  • Ability to use services of one of the safest atheist dating sites
  • 24/7 incredibly friendly support 

At VictoriyaClub, more than 20 happy couples are formed per month. You would not believe how positive the atheist experience they share with us is. Our users spend around 350 hours chatting each month, and we do our best to supply them with cool features to make online interactions more fun. Remember that atheist dating Christian girl isn’t always a big deal unless you decide it’s a big deal. 

Summing Up

If you’re diving into the world of atheist dating, remember to be honest about your beliefs. Instead, focus on finding things you both enjoy, like movies or food. If you are all about atheist women dating, don’t forget to set boundaries early on, so there are no surprises down the road. Still googling, “Is there an atheist dating site?”

Our tip: when picking a dating platform, you could try one just for atheists, but remember, it might limit your options. Places like VictoriyaClub provide a wider range of people to connect with. The website offers verified profiles and boasts more than 15 years of experience. Plus, it has detailed filters that will help you find the perfect girl. Register today to discover your soulmate!

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