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15 types of bad girls that are not suitable for relationships

2018-08-17 12:53

In this article I’ve collected types of girls with whom guys are usually get bored quickly and do not bring any variety in the relationship, I think they should be avoided, or it is even better not to begin with them acquaintance and communication at all.  

With them, your life and relationships in particular will be like walking around the bush, well, in no way will resemble a serious relationship.  In such situations, the guys often wonder: "Why are the relationship going awry?»  Sometimes it's not just you, but the girl. 

When guys come across such girls, they are under bad influence, having experienced frustration in the relationship, treat the girls prejudicially.  So, to make sure that your view of the girls won't get spoiled, you need to avoid those girls who can harm your feelings.


Bad girls and bad experiences.

I was in a relationship a lot of times and realized that if the relationship goes to a dead end and it continuously remain in this impasse without any progress, then do not continue it,  you just need to finish these relationships and move on instead. 

After all, we are different and even if you consider yourself perfect, you cannot feel perfect in the hands of the person who does not suit you.


How do you know that the girl does not suit you?

Regardless of how much you are sociable and a good guy, sometimes a girl can just ruin your relationship.  And here it's not that she is bad, but that you initially made the wrong choice. 

Sometimes it's not always worth to blame a girl, sometimes she does not know herself that she is doing something wrong or she herself is from her own nature that does not suit you. 

Sometimes you need to lean on your own instincts and listen to what they prompt.  After all, every person has them and maybe even at the first meeting with the girl something can alert or repel, every moment you need to take note.


15 types of girls who harm relationships.

When dating a girl, just compare her with these types of girls and if you notice that she gets under one of these types, then your task is to be cautious about the relationship with her, and if she does not change at the same time, do not plan something grandiose about her.

1. Overly intrusive girl.  When a girl falls in love, like a guy, she wants to spend more time with her loved one.  This is an excellent chance to strengthen relationships.  But when you recently walked together and then in 5 minutes she calls you again, and then after 10 minutes as you just talked, it starts gently boring.  When the situation begins to continue, then a week later such girl is beginning to annoy you. 


2. Strongly expressed owner.  You just met for a second time, and she already dictates to you the rules that you looked at this girl, and the one you wrote and why you generally communicate with someone on social networks, if you only have to communicate with her, love only her, call only her and etc.  In addition to her, you have other friends, acquaintances, friends with whom you want to communicate, so it's better to give up such a girl than to give up friends with whom you have a better relationship. 


3. A girl who uses you for her own purposes.  Actually your relationship starts very well and you feel like you've found that one and only.  Once you get to know her with your friends, and then it turns out that your new lady had a good time with them.  She just used you to meet the people she needed.  Such girls immediately go by. 


4. A girl who does not admit her guilt.  Each of us is prone to make mistakes in relationships, not because we do not have experience in the relationship, there is simply no experience that would give us unerring behavior in a given situation.  Therefore, when you understand that in all situations only you are wrong, your girlfriend has a wrong approach to relationships and to you in particular.  Always two are wrong. 


5. A girl who constantly whines and complains.  Who needs an aching girl who is always unhappy and does not bring any positive feelings into the relationship?  She constantly complains about her work, her life, everything that surrounds her.  If she does not see any fun and happiness, even at least because you are near her, then she is simply negative in herself.  If you do not want to become the same, then find yourself a more positive girl. 


6. A girl who does not know herself and who she wants, and at the same time confuses you.  She seems to be with you and, like, she does not.  Today she decided that your relationship is over, and tomorrow she calls you 100 times, rejoicing at your voice in the phone.  She constantly does not know what to strive for and confuses you constantly.  From a girl who confuses you, it’s difficult to predict what you should expect in the future, which means that you will never be sure of her and her feelings. 


7. A girl with great demands with a dominant base.  She is one of those who likes to command and give directions, so that everything is decided by her request and in no other way.  This type of girls just wants to control their lives and everything that is in it.  The most unfortunate men who are exposed to this influence, they just become henpecked. 


8. A girl with high self-esteem.  When a girl estimates herself more than she really is, then it looks very cheap.  These types of girls listen to what they say, and not what they are told.  They do what they think is right or what is convenient for them first.  In this case, do not feel any discomfort, if in your opinion their actions cause disgust. 


9. A girl who does not trust you.  Even if you said that you were walking in the evening with a friend, she would ring up all those who saw you two and find time to find some evidence that you were walking with someone else.  She never trusts you and doubts your truth.  This is very stupid. 


10. A girl without her own opinion.  When it comes to solving some serious issues, then from it you are unlikely to get any specific answers.  She is responsible for some specific questions frequently: "I do not know» or simply escorts them with a bad laugh.  She does not have her own opinion and it's bad, especially when you need advice or help from her. She is not yet ready for something serious or just not ready for a relationship. 


11. Hysterical.  She almost breaks the wall with her head, when you once again quarreled, there is anger in her eyes, and if she tries to hit you, she may not be all right with her psyche.  Soothing pills will help only for a while, you better make some deduces. 


12. Frivolous attitude towards you as a guy.  She's not serious about your relationship, flirting with someone on the side.  She is peculiar to go with someone to walk, and in general, she is not particularly discouraged while you are not around. 


13. The Great Martyr.  Your relationship developed as usual, you did not even know what would happen next.  And then it began: "I do not deserve you ...", "I'm sorry that my young years have passed in vain ....", "I'm a lonely, beautiful girl and live in this evil world, no one likes me .... How to live on?  What will happen? ».  Such an eternal, groundless suffering that hardly anyone needs. 


14. Mother's daughter.  Who most of all in the world your girlfriend loves, of course, her parents.  But when you realize that even when she needs to make some decision, she only listens to her mother and father.  No opinion of her own, relationship depends only on the opinion of her parents.  And if you still make any comments about her parents, she will tell Mom and Dad and you will be the worst guy in the world.  Such girls should stay with their mother and father, let them continue to be brought up. 


15. Chronically dissatisfied girl.  The girl is not positive at all, you are approaching her in on way and another, but the mimicry on her face remains stone, as usual.  On the one hand, it seems to you that maybe this is her temporary image, but after a week nothing changes.  She is not happy not to you, not to anything around.  Her status on social media says only one thing: "Life sucks." 


If you notice that your girl belongs to some of these types, just try to talk with her, to change somehow her relation to you or others.  If you understand that after a while nothing changes, it's easier to find yourself a normal girl, because often such relationships do not have a future.