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What Are Romanian Women Like?

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Romanian brides is sex appeal. The exotic looks that these ladies possess draw foreign men from across the world into their arms. Romanian single women are sensual, sexy, and have a power that makes Westerners fall in love with local brides. 

Girls from Romania love the idea of meeting international men to start a relationship. The relationships between single US men and Romanian brides are increasing each year since the demand for Balkan women grows. The reason so many men from America desire these brides is their traditional values. Romania remains a traditional country where people choose family before work, money, and success. Local brides make great homemakers, so if you want to marry a woman who will fully dedicate herself to you and your home, Romania is the right place. 

Brides like Romanian have been missing from many US guys’ lives since the rise of feminism in America. You will unlikely meet a woman in the US who would say she enjoys household chores and dreams of creating a family. Over 60% of American women are focused on career and making money. 

The reason why local women search for partners abroad is because Romanian men are generally heavy drinkers and do not offer their brides much of a life. This pushes beautiful Romanian women to search for reliable men who can offer them better standards of living outside their country. Coming to America is what almost every single girl in Romania dreams of, so you can make one woman very happy.  

😋Facts About Romanian Females

Along with my introduction to Romanian women, I would like to share some interesting facts about local brides:

  • Romania has the 5th highest rate of marriage in Europe. This shows how traditional and family-oriented local brides are. 
  • The average age of marriage in Romania is 28 years old. The goal of most Romanian brides is to settle down with a trustworthy man and start a family. 
  • Many Romanian brides move to the UK to meet their future marriage partners. They look for better standards and want to enjoy their lives, not struggle. 
  • Romanian girls are often described as doll-looking. A typical “Miss Romania” has slim arms and prominent décolletage. Local brides are delicate and are sought-after by men of different nationalities. 
👰Average age of Romanian mail order brides28 years old
🤵Why do Romanian girls want to marry foreignersThey find foreign men more attractive and believe that foreign men can provide a  better standard of life for them
How do Romanian girls look?Slender, delicate, with cute faces and dark eyes
💄What are the characteristics of Romanian females?Family-centered, loyal, caring
🌐Best dating websites with Romanian women,,
✈️Top cities to meet brides in RomaniaBucharest, Brasov, Timisoara
❤️Success rate: Romanian woman and America manOver 80%

Main Characteristics of a Romanian Woman

Romanian girls bring lots to the table in a relationship. This is why they are desired by foreign bachelors. Men from across Europe and America are very keen on meeting a typical Romanian woman as she looks absolutely stunning. But it is not only the appearance that makes local girls so attractive. Romanian brides have great personality traits that you will also be impressed with. 

💋 Romanians are traditional wives

Traditional wife is a label that these women have, and is correct. Romanian ladies love to follow tradition, which is to serve their families and husbands. Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the home is a real pleasure for Romanian women. You will feel like a real man when you have a Romanian bride in your life. 

💋 They have caring nature

Caring and consideration are something that all men desire in a partner. Romanian brides certainly have both qualities. Women from this region are willing to do anything that satisfies their men. Once in a relationship, you will realize how kind-hearted these females are.

💋 Local girls make excellent lovers

Passion is a real Romanian trait and means women love to enjoy their husbands. Expect fireworks in the bedroom department because females from this region are sexually active. If intimacy is important to you, Romanian brides are a perfect match for you. 

💋 They let their partners lead

Romanian women are happy being in the shadows and allowing their husbands to lead. If you are a man who loves total control, these are the ladies of your dreams. Women from Romania make excellent partners for strong guys. 

💋 Romanian ladies prioritize family

Local brides are family-focused and are totally dedicated to their roles. Starting a family is very important to Romanian girls, and they often give birth fairly early in life. Having a full family is a real joy for Romanians. They are at their happiest with family and friends. 

As you can see, dating a Romanian woman can bring you what you have been lacking with Western women. Romanian girls have features that make you look twice. With so many positive character traits, local females are perfect candidates for a successful and happy marriage. 

Why Do Men Want To Date Sexy Romanian Women?

There are a whole host of reasons why Romanian girls are at the top of the list for many single international men. One of the main reasons is their incredible beauty. Romanian singles have dark, sensual features, tanned skin, and striking dark eyes. Romanian women features make them a huge hit for US and European guys. 

Another reason ladies from this country are sought after is their attitude. They love to serve their partners. It gives them immense satisfaction and pleasure. Being in a relationship with Romanian girls, you realize how lucky you are. Your Romanian girlfriend and, later, wife will satisfy your needs and make you feel special.

Men from America want to have a partner they can trust and who is dedicated to them. With Romanian brides, that is undoubtedly the case. Divorce is not seen as an option for the majority of Romanian women. They believe marriage is for life, and sticking by their husband is important. Romanian sexy women are not just great lovers but subservient wives. 

Family and loved ones are the most critical factor in their life. They may be very conservative and old-fashioned compared with women living in the US but this is what so many men lack. It takes a trip to Romania or a visit to a dating site to get acquainted with single Romanian women and this is what I am going to talk about later in this article.

What Does Make Romanian Women So Appealing To Western Men?

How and Where To Meet Romanian Women For Marriage? 

There are two ways that most single men meet Romanian beauties, one is offline, and the other is online dating. With online dating, which is the most popular and convenient, you can meet thousands of attractive Romanian brides without leaving your home. Romanian women dating online is super safe and lends to great results within a  short term. However, there are guys who do not believe that it is possible to meet the love of their lives online. For them, taking a plane to another country and meeting local women face-to-face sounds like a much smarter decision. Well, I offer to compare both methods. 

👉 Advantages of online dating

With online dating, you just need to add some nice photos of yourself, fill in some details about your hobbies, desires, appearance and create a profile page. The better your profile page is, the more attention it will get. The features that you can use when you are dating online are excellent. Use video chat for a quality interaction and intimate connection with brides you fancy. You can send winks, comment on photos and request brides’ contact information.

Online dating provides a safe environment. Another advantage of online dating is that you can find single women and chat with them via your mobile device. A matching algorithm is another fantastic tool that brings compatible people together. Forget about scrolling down hundreds of pages with brides’ profiles. A dating site will notify you every time there is a matching bride for you. This is a great option for busy men. 

👉 Benefits and risks of offline dating

The alternative is offline dating and it perfectly suits those single guys who want to have an adventure. Offline dating means heading to Romania to search for girls in bars and clubs. The major cities in Romania where tourists head for women are Bucharest and Brasov. There are some famous clubs in Bucharest where foreign men can see naked Romanian women dancing. It is all fun and cool but the problem with offline dating is you can come across scammers and gold diggers. Many guys who visited Bucharest complain that they spend hours chatting with girls in bars, buying them cocktails and taking them to fancy restaurants, only to find out they are married. 

There is also the difficulty of the language barrier. Many Romanian girls will not have a good understanding of English, so communication may be tricky. It is also more expensive than online dating with the cost of travel, entrances to clubs and drinks, etc. Considering all the difficulties, I would certainly say that online dating is a far more reliable method of meeting foreign brides. 

Real Profiles of Single Romanian Women

Top Rules Of Dating Romanian Women 

When you choose to date women from Romania, there are some tips that will help you succeed. Remember that first impressions are vitally important, so do not skip this part of the article. Romanian women are down-to-earth and pretty simple women, so do not worry, they will not make your life difficult. 

👉 Learn some basic Romanian phrases

This will really impress her and show you are serious about finding out more about her and her culture. This is easily done by searching on the internet, taking some classes, or just reading a book. If you choose to meet women on dating sites, you will be assisted by professional translators. 

👉 Encourage your date to talk

Sometimes it is easy to take over the conversation at all times. Even though Romanian women prefer men taking the lead, encourage her to speak. This will give her confidence and show you are interested in what she has to say. 

👉 Be respectful and polite

Using manners and acting like a gentleman is the right way to impress Romanian girls. Local brides choose to date international men as they heard that foreign guys are well-mannered. Pay a bill, treat her to flowers and call her the next morning after a date. She will definitely appreciate it. 

👉 Tell her you want to meet her family 

Being interested in their family members  is very important to Romanian women. Once you ask questions about family life, their eyes will light up. Their culture is very family oriented, so your interest in meeting them will certainly make your date consider you as a potential match.

👉 Be generous with your words

Compliments are always a fantastic way to make a positive impression. Tell your Romanian how stylish her outfit is, how nice her body is, and how sweet she smells. All of these compliments will make her feel great about herself. 

📌 When you meet Romanian women, you will find these tips will help you achieve brilliant results. I can’t forget to tell you that it is important to look smart. Women from Romania love to dress up and wear high heels on dates. Men should also make an effort and wear nice clothes, watches, and quality aftershave. 


Romanian girls are known for their traditional values, amazing looks, and their strong desire to meet foreigners. Looking through photos of local women, you will notice that physical characteristics of a Romanian woman are so much more attractive compared with women in the West. In this country, women look like models which leaves men curious. So, if you are looking for a stunning woman who can also be a devoted marriage partner, you know what country you should look for after joining a dating site. 


How to love a Romanian girl?
Show respect, be kind and be totally loyal to her. This is how a Romanian woman would love a man, so show the same back. Romanian girls are eager to be with men from the Western world. So as a western guy, you want to show interest in her culture. You also need to give her compliments and make her feel confident.
What is Romanian culture for women?
The culture in Romania for women is all about family and taking care of the household. These ladies love to serve their loved ones. Romanian women enjoy cooking, cleaning, and having a large family. Their main objective in life is to marry a man they love and take care of him. The man will earn money while her duties are at home, looking after the family.
What is Romania famous for?
The country is famous for Count Dracula, the famous vampire. It is also known for its great hospitality to its guests who visit the country. Romania is famous for its local dishes. One of the melas that comes to mind is Sarmale. This is cabbage rolls with minced pork inside. This is usually eaten at weddings and Christmas holidays and is delicious. Marrying a Romanian bride, you are guaranteed to have amazing meals every day.
What is gender equality in Romania?
Modern women in Romania are respected as equals. Traditional Romanian women are still in the majority as they prefer to stick to traditional roles. Most women manage to combine family life and career as they have to work hard to have a nice life.
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