Does it make sense to use cute and unusual names to call your girlfriend? According to a recent survey of more than 1,000 adults, 87% of Americans use pet names in their relationships, compared to 74% of Europeans. Furthermore, those who use pet names for girlfriend are 16% more likely to report happiness in their relationship. Calling your loved one “Muffin” or “Sweety” can improve your romantic connection; it’s a fact. But we suggest you go even further and discover more unique names to call your girlfriend. 

Reasons to Use Cute Nicknames for Girlfriend

You might be confused about why your girlfriend would like you to call her by a nickname. She has her own name, after all. As studies show, our name is our favorite word. So what’s wrong with saying “Hello, Sarah” or “How was your day, Maria?” 

There are quite a few reasons for that. 

  • It adds playfulness to your communication. With time, it’s easy to forget that you two living together is not just an agreement you have signed. But the routine consisting of house duties and work often makes our communication more practical and less romantic. Using sweet names to call your girlfriend will help you keep that spark. Moreover, it will remind you that you are together because you’re madly in love with each other. 
  • You create your own world. Having nicknames in a relationship shows a special bond. It’s like having secret words or phrases that only you both understand. Say your girlfriend once enhanced the flavor of your coffee by adding cinnamon. You would say that she is like cinnamon, adding even more amazingness to your life.  You might call her “Cinnamon” after that. Only you two know the meaning, like having a secret language.
  • Showing your attention and affection. Your girlfriend will love knowing that you’ve noticed her special qualities and turned them into a romantic nickname. That’s why it’s important not to choose a name blindly, but to have a specific reason behind it. Perhaps it was a humorous incident in the past that highlighted a particular quality of hers. For example, if she enjoys making decisions and taking charge, you could call her “Boss.” In case she loves Italy, she’d appreciate being called “Bella.”

Read on to learn unusual and flirty names to call your girlfriend. 

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A List of Meaningful Names to Call Your Girlfriend

Check out our creative list of names that go way beyond boring labels like “Honey” and “Darling.” Each of these choices carries a special meaning that will make your girlfriend feel over the moon. Whether you’re looking for something cute, romantic, or completely out of the ordinary, these names are sure to add an extra layer of meaning to your relationship.

Romantic names to call your girlfriend

Treating her like a princess never goes out of style. Our selection of romantic names to call your girlfriend will make your significant other truly happy. 

  • Owl: Just imagine her facial expression when you say, “The owl I need is you.”
  • Cupcake: Before calling your girlfriend by this name, tell her that she is your cupcake in the world of muffins. 
  • Sunshine: It’s simple and will definitely make your significant other smile. 
  • Blueberry: You can also call her by other berry names, depending on what she likes (e.g. Strawberry, Cherry, etc.)
  • Sleeping Beauty: It works best for women who are really good at ignoring early alarms. 

Funny names to call your girlfriend

Ladies love men who can make them laugh. Have a look at these funny names to call your girlfriend and pick one you like. 

  • Little Monkey: Perfect if your girlfriend likes cuddling, which sometimes turns into her climbing you like a tree.
  • Dancing Queen: Is she into making great moves on the dance floor? Then the ABBA song is about her!
  • GPS: It is a great name for girls who are always the ones to google the way when you are hiking or traveling together. 
  • Cookie Monster: If she is into biscuits and candies, this name sounds much better than just calling her sweet tooth.
  • Sherlock: It will definitely suit girls who always find reasons to get suspicious, even when there are none.
  • Jalapeno: Does your lady have a very special temperament? Then keep calling her like this!
  • Aubergine: When she’s into purple.
  • Mistletoe: Does she like kissing you more than anything else? Mistletoe will certainly work for her!
  • Pixie: No girl will be able to resist your charm if you call her by the name of a mischievous fairy.
  • Ms. Right: Because even if she does something wrong, it’s just because she intended to do so. 

Flirty names to call your girlfriend

Want to always keep your romance alive? Check out our list of flirty names to call your girlfriend.

  • Witch: Because she is absolutely gorgeous but also pretty dangerous.
  • Tinder surprise: Have you met the love of your life online? Take the chance to remind her of your romantic story. 
  • Thunderstorm: Because she is your beautiful, crazy woman. 
  • My Valentine: If you say it not only on February 14, she will certainly love it. 
  • Volcano: Because your girl is insanely hot.
  • Khaleesi: It is a great option if you are both Game of Thrones fans.
  • Unicorn: She is nothing like the other girls, right?
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Weird names to call your girlfriend

Instead of googling cute names to call your girlfriend, you are in search of something more extravagant? Look no further. 

  • Sponge Bob: What can be a better name for a girl who is extremely positive and optimistic?
  • Guinea Pig: Because she is incredibly cute. 
  • Bonsai: It is one of the weird names to call your girlfriend if she is much smaller than you. 
  • Chardonnay: For the cases when your woman likes a glass of good wine.
  • Apple of my eye: It’s cute to a certain extent but also quite weird.

Sexy names to call your girlfriend

By using one of our sexy names to call your girlfriend, you will boost her self-esteem and make your romantic life even more exciting. 

  • Peach: This fruit is often associated with a very particular part of a woman’s body, so consider spicing up your relationship by calling her Peach. 
  • Bombshell: She is absolutely stunning and can explode with passion at any moment. 
  • Enigma: Ideal for women who are charming and mysterious. 
  • Mon Amour: No girl can resist the good old French classics. 
  • Chilli: When she knows how to add just enough spice to your relationship, call her like this. 
  • Hottie: It might sound a little predictable, but trust us, many girls dream of hearing such a nickname from their man. 

Summing Up: Which Name is Best for GF?

The best names to call your girlfriend are the ones that have a meaning behind them. You don’t necessarily have to pick one of the options we offered, but you could certainly use them as inspiration. Think about what makes your significant other special and try to give it a word. 

In addition, there is no need to stop at one nickname. Use cute words when you are with a group of friends or in more private settings. Show your lady that you notice all of her sides and that you love them all.

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