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Instant Chat
Usually used for live short talks with smiles, stickers, video
Possible only with users online
You pay for time, not for quantity
(1 credit for 1 minute chatting)
You can use both text & video
(1 credit for 1 minute extra)
Perfect for longtime mailing, sharing stories & photos etc.
You can send it when lady is offline
You pay for quantity, not for time
(10 credits for 1 sent message)
Attach your files (photos. pictures...)
to message for free

Frequently Asked Questions

Important note: If your payment was declined, do not try to excessively make a purchase (for example getting declined and trying again multiple times). This would reduce instances of being blocked for velocity reasons. 


I. If your payment was declined, first of all, please make the following steps:

  1. Check your balance and make sure you have enough funds in your bank account.
  2. Check your Internet banking limit for your card or account (daily and monthly).
  3. Сontact your bank to ensure that payment can be processed through the payment provider you have chosen (SecurionPay, Segpay or Multicards).

Also make sure that:

  • You have input your full first and last names (no initial letters)
  • Your first and last names are input starting from capital letters
  • There are no misprints in data provided
  • You have input your valid email address

If everything is alright, try to make a payment again.

II. In case it is declined again make the following steps:

1. ​Contact the payment service provider you have used:

2. Try to use another payment provider (SecurionPay, SegPay/SegPay Direct Debit or Multicards).​

3. Try to use another credit/debit card (for SecurionPay, SegPay or Multicards) or bank account (for SegPay Direct Debit).

4. Make a screenshot of the error occurred during payment and contact your bank to clarify a possible reason.

If the problem still left after the above steps, contact us [email protected] providing the following information:

1. Your ID on VictoriyaClub (if you send a ticket by email).

2. Payment system you have used (and information if you have tried another one).

3. Date and time of the transaction.

4. Screenshot of the error if possible.

After receiving such information from your side we will check the data of the transaction available for our side and inform you about future actions.