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The European traditions of the wedding

2015-07-05 22:46

In the last decades more couples choose a European wedding, which consists of:

  • Official engagement;
  • Stag party;
  • Photo session for the photo album;
  • The meeting of the couple by the altar at the church;
  • Wedding lunch;
  • Wedding trip.

Preparations to the wedding

Preparations to the wedding ceremony often take place in a hotel, where they rent two rooms. The one room is for the bride, and one for the groom. From the very morning of the wedding day the couple is together. Before the registration, together with their friends, they film their love-story. They choose the places to visit beforehand. It can be a breakfast time in a hotel where they stay or the trip to the shore if it is not far, or another place bound with their love story.

If you choose a good dating site UK, it could organizes the first meeting with a woman and arranges necessary details which will lead to the happy marriage with all European traditions.

The wedding dress

The dress of the bride should be blue or white. It symbolizes purity. The ceremony is followed by wedding lunch, where a big wedding cake is served. West traditions include the toasts, bride’s dance and cutting off the cake. The bride throws her bouquet to the group of the present unmarried women. It is believed, that a woman who catches the bride’s bouquet will get married soon. According to the modern traditions, a bride should wear something old – it brings luck. Another tradition says that she should have a coin in her shoe. According to another European tradition - another thing of her wedding cloth should be new. It symbolizes a new life, new beginnings and new status.


Registration often takes place at the seaside or on the beach of the ocean. It also can be held in some beautiful romantic place. According to the law the marriage registered in this way is officially accepted. If you choose dating sites UK to look for your bride, you get higher probability of happy marriage.

Wedding lunch

Traditional lunch includes a unique style in everything. During the lunch the couple makes a small present to the guests. It can be even a small jar of marmalade made by the bride. It is a very good sign of attention to the guests and thankfulness for their coming.