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Stages to marriage or long term relationships

2015-06-08 23:22

Russian women online are always on the go, however relationships with the ladies from internet and ladies from real life does not differ at all. These ladies are always a part of real life, so that Russian women online are offline also, it depends on the time, their desires and availability of a partner.

What to say about the stages of relationships with the ladies whom you found online.

1st stage of relationships is always acquaintance with the girl or women who is online on the Russian dating site or anything which offer online dates. Here you need to be positive, look good and by all your appearance, you need to show confidence and masculinity. Girls love to be with the alpha-males and thus the Russian women online need to see such kind of men if you want to pass to the second step


Passing through this step will let you decide whether you want more or need to stop



2nd stage of relationships begins when you arrange a meeting, when everything is clear about the prospective partner its time to negotiate time and place of the meeting with Russian women. Online it is easy to look as an alpha male, but real life differs from the online significantly, so to successfully accomplish the third step, you need to be well prepared.

3rd step is first dating in itself it’s the most important stage, here you need to be inventive and cheerful, positive and be wealthy, at least be able to make a wealthy men impression.


Impressions are very important, don’t blow this out!


4th step is second dating – should be enough to start with lust and if you make right accent on the previous steps, she would fall in your hands and be all your, perfect Russian women. Online is her preference, and you may download her to be offline just for you.

5th step, try not to let her too close, use psychological techniques to tie her on your personality. Enjoy how she loves you and enjoys yourself, understanding that you are excellent men and your excellent women is near you. In order to maintain the 5th stage and not to allow it to go further to The 6th stage be sure that you don’t allow her too close. If you want her to be your wife, prepare not only to unbelievable Russian wives features, prepare for something big and important, and to all her positive qualities would be inevitably added.