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Psychology of relationship-how long does online love live?

2015-07-05 23:26

In our multifaceted digital world, communication enters the realm of the Internet, where we can find virtual friends to pour our heart with love, understanding and warmth and sometimes-virtual love we’ve been cherishing since adolescence. Online chatting, sharing photos, instant messaging involve more and more people looking for genuine feelings.

Ways of online communication: From email to video dating chat

There are 4 main ways of online communication: emailing, online chats, audio speaking and video communication. The oldest and most popular one - emailing - seems to be the most romantic way among others. Earlier those who need the second half, were not able to see or hear each other because of the Internet low bandwidth and lack of appropriate software. But most modern, latest programs are “all inclusive” and allow user to see another person directly. Online video dating chats are gaining high popularity for those who are looking for genuine feelings. Are they successful in striving for creating relationship online?

How to increase your chance of successful final? One of the most common problems of virtual relationship is imbalance between the virtual image and its real representation. Don’t overplay in putting your best foot forward trying to look overwhelmingly handsome, fabulously well, incredibly generous, keenly intelligent, understanding and sexy. Being natural and sincere will be more appreciated by your virtual partner and will help avoid their disappointment at the time of face-to-face communication. . There are three possible variants of relationship development:

  • relationship dies out while the partners are still in the virtual reality;
  • relationship lasts till the first real life meeting;
  • relationship continues after face-to-face meeting.

If you want to achieve the third variant, be honest and frankly open with your chat partner and don’t try to look better than you really are. Following these advices, you’ll find the way to happiness and success in video dating chat.