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How to dress for a first date

2015-07-26 00:00

Every relationship starts of certain point, where both man and woman take a chance to determine whether they can get along and make a good couple. Woman always take care of their appearance, so they naturally looking for an attractive man. So you should know some basic rules how to wear to avoid a major fiasco. Remember that your first dating shouldn't be your last, and if you want to meet Ukrainian women again you vitally need a good impression.


Before we start talking about the right look, let's think about the time and place. If date will be hold in luxurious 2 Michelin star restaurant in the evening, well-fitted smoking is obvious choice. In any other case, some casual or denim outfit will be OK. Forget about sport costumes and trainers (or at least you will do some sports with your girlfriend) she will be negatively impressed then. Meet Ukrainian women good looking handsome men.


Dressing is always important, however, remember an old cliché: "Don't try too hard". Dating is not a fashion show and, of course, you should remain a man. I recommend you to dress smartly, but with little impression of hurry and forgotten man.



Color palette plays a big role in your outfit. Don't dress in neutral (beige, grey), because they are boring. Also, don't even try to stand out with some flashy colors. In any case, don't dress in all black. Dating is not a funeral. The best choice is jewel tone (forest green, cobalt blue, maroon).

These colors are not flashy, but still interesting and attractive to impress and meet Ukrainian women of your dream.


Before we start creating a perfect look for dating, let's check some items, that you shouldn't wear in any case.


  1. Stripped shirts are not trendy nowadays and wore by lots of mans. It's a wrong choice if you want to impress your woman.
  2. Shorts. Of course you can wear them if it is your 10th date with this woman and you know each other well, but never on the first! Woman can understand you, wearing shorts, disrespectful to herself, and you would not meet Ukrainian women the way she desire this.
  3. Flip flops or sandals are unacceptable. There is no excuse for wearing them. The reason is the same as with shorts. Also, they don't look stylish and attractive, and could spoil moment when you meet Ukrainian women.
  4. Tie. It's look too formal. And it looks like you were trying to hard.
  5. Jewelry. Never. Just trust me. Don't make yourself looking tacky and dowdy.


So, now you know some basics and we can start creating a perfect look for dating.


Firstly let's start with bottom. The best choice will be dark denim jeans, better slim fitted ones. Then I recommend you to wear casual long sleeve T-Shirt with no logos, pictures and patterns. Also you can wear checked or small-patterned shirt. After this you should wear casual lighter weight jacket to look more smart and stylish. Also you can wear a cardigan, which is quit trendy nowadays. When you meet Ukrainian women just take care of yourself, look stylish and normal.


And now let's talk about some very important details:


  1. Shoes say a lot about you and women always notice them. I recommend you to wear nice black or brown lace-up shoes. Don't wear dress shoes. Leave formality at home.
  2. Wear nice watch. They are the only piece kind of jewelry, which looks great on every man. They show that you level of success and confidence.
  3. Use classic men's scent, but not too much. 
  4. New and clean underwear. You can't predict what is going next when you meet Ukrainian women.


And also keep in mind this rules:


  1. Take a shower before dating.
  2. Do a haircut the week before. And don't try something new. Go with your usual routine. 
  3. Trim your nails and nose hairs, if you want to meet Ukrainian women remember to look accurate.


So, now you are absolutely ready to your first date and know how to dress smartly. I hope you become more confident, but during the dating focus only on your woman and show your best. Good luck!