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How to choose the beautiful and right bouquet for the first date

2015-08-06 00:00

Flowers as a gift have always been associated with sincere feelings and appreciation. If you decide to surprise your darling, the bouquet of flowers on a first date is the right decision, but for completely success, you should choose right bouquet to make a proper date night online.

It is necessary to remember the first real date is unthinkable without the flowers! If you want to look a true gentleman, a good idea will be  to learn a few rules  about how to choose the color of flowers  for the first date and what flowers mean your intentions in date night online acquaintance. After all, most of the ladies are very well versed in the flowers` colors. As we know, the flowers are favorite gifts for women.

What do flowers mean?                             

Any flower or bouquet will please a woman, especially on the first date, but with the meaning of the flower will indicate not just a gift, and will reveal the fullness of feeling man.

  • Let's start with the queen of flowers – roses, this flower will help you to choose the date night online thing. It`s majestic beauty and rich blend of flavors put the flower on the first place. It is believed that by giving a red rose, man confesses in love. If this rose is not yet opened, so his feeling will be very gentle, clean as young petals. Rose light colors, for instance,  white, pink,  show all the sincerity and happiness of the giver, if he is even from date night online. Don`t try to buy on the first meeting some roses, "a million red roses" in this case is superfluous. Don`t try to show that your wealth, they just overshadow your feelings. The only rose is a true symbol of love. In fact, after the meeting, for sure you will go to the cinema or for a walk around the city.
  • Lilies - it is one of the most universal flowers that you can give for any occasion. Lily symbolizes innocence and purity for the date night online lady; she is able to express your sympathy and interest of the girl. However, be careful because this flower has a pronounced flavor that not everyone likes it.
  • Gerber is associated with the sun, summer, positive and good mood. Florists often called “male” gerbera flower, but that does not mean that it is impossible to make a present for girl or woman. It`s very suitable for a first date flower as symbolizing the ease and flirting.
  • Tulips are a symbol of love, happiness and harmony. This flower will tell your beloved about your tender and sincere feelings. If your choice has fallen on this flowers, you should remember that it`s better to give a large bouquet!
  • Chamomiles  are ideal for romantic young girls, because they symbolize the delicacy and lightness of the soul of date night online young lady. Chamomile is better to give unpackaged on the first date, they will help to create an easy and relaxed atmosphere.

The color scheme of the bouquet and what it could mean

  • White color is a symbol of innocence, purity and sincerity of feelings. Bouquet of white flowers is perfect for a first date, especially if you don`t know for sure what your darling likes. 
  • Yellow color is very ambiguous, so with such colors you have to be careful. On the one hand yellow flowers symbolize the separation (especially chrysanthemums), but yellow is  the color of sunshine and joy, it is ideal for the expression of the brightest feelings. But despite this, it is better to be 100% sure that your date night online is loyal to yellow.
  • Pink - the color of romanticism. It symbolizes the gentle and timid feelings, perfect bouquet of pink roses for a first date, and not just the first. Pink is considered universal.
  • Red - the color of passion, as we know, it speaks of hot passionate feelings, especially if the colors chosen are a rose. Bouquet of red roses is better to give a familiar girl with whom you have associated a serious relationship or wife as a sign of the passion between you and your pure angel of date night online girls.
  • Purple and blue are the symbol of stability, long-term intentions and deep feelings.

But no matter what flowers you choose, remember that they should be fresh, without unnecessary "frills» and, of course, presented with a pure heart and soul.