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How to arrange an ideal Russian dating?

2015-05-30 11:10

Implementing secret American dream of an overseas wife, numerous of agencies offer their services in acquaintance, helping to find love for the west men and Russian or Ukrainian women. Nice sites could be found among the Russian dating sites, free sites are hard to find, but these kind of sited still do exist. There is nothing like tricks inside the Russian dating sites, however they work selling advertisement and stuff like this, offering free services, so there is nothing to be afraid of for the end user.

Ok, now we are going to find out how to make an ideal dating. Your first and the most important idea is to be well prepared, and this will make your day immediately.


Make the following 10 things your rule, before the ideal Russian dating!


This means that in order to make and arrange everything you need to do the following:

  1. Be positive and even a little bit humoristic
  2. Be well dressed, clean and neat, Russian Dating needs it, cause girls are very attentive to such things
  3. Be ready to understand her, because her English could be much lower than you expected before the date.
  4. Try to bring flowers, Russian ladies and Ukrainian ladies love attention, but first sign of attention are flowers.
  5. Just in case she has a baby from previous marriage, it would be nice of you if you bring small present for the baby.


Don’t really forget the Baby!



If she has a baby, than baby deserve attention. For the first ideal Russian dating, bring present and ask a few brief questions, tell her you love kids.


  1. If you really like her, don’t try to force anything, let it go as it should, just don’t forget to behave as a real men
  2. Be prepared to be tested, know the topics you talk about, and be ready to accept her point of view.
  3. You may try to be romantic with the lady. Free up your mind and enjoy what happens.
  4. Try to ask her what cuisine she likes, before arranging a restaurant, may be this would be a missing brick in her impression.
  5. In order to make your dating completed, all you need is just enjoy her, imagine that she is already yours, interject yourself in this situation and there are no doubts she will be yours as much as you want.

Beside this, there are plenty of girls and options for every men. If you make brief look on proposed services, than you are going to find something trustworthy, because many girls need men from Russia and Ukraine and a most of them are nice woman, beautiful angels and hot lovers who are impeccable and deserve you!