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Dating sites-reality and theory

2015-05-30 12:33

In theory, every dating in internet could be divided into three parts. First part is of cause chat conversation on the site in private section. You need to ask some question and find out if you want to continue talking to the lady. This allows you to answer the questions which are normally arise on the dating person, such questions as age, profession, social status, preferences, sex preferences, kids, bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol or anything else like this.

European dating sites often have these questions as the standard questions in their questionnaires; however, some people prefer to answer on these questions in personal conversation.


Don’t be afraid to throw personal questions, its your life and here everything matters!!


You may be not just able to ask, you may be asked by her on you’re the same habits and details. Then, if you like her photo and her personal details, you may start to look for a dating place and time. Its hard to believe, but ladies usually need visa and so on to visit you in your country, so, if you find a lady in an European dating sites, you may need to visit her first. This is important to show her that you are a real gentlemen and moreover this would be easier because for example EU citizen does not need a visa to Ukraine, or visa to Russia is obtained really fast and cheap for the foreigners.

In theory, it looks even easier than it is in reality. Just a brief look on a theory of acquaintances gives us a solution, and explains all what is uncertain.


A few steps of both theory and reality of acquaintance!



1st step – European dating sites, and not only European are full of girls, and all you need is just add them to your list and start conversation with these ladies. Be sure to remember that these ladies are mostly Russian and Ukrainians.

2nd step If you like one or two ladies, concentrate on your conversations to them, try to give them some personal questions, and find out if you want to continue with her

3rd step – Negotiate inside the European dating site, where you found her everything regarding your first date, talk about place, time and other conditions that might be important. We recommend gentlemen to visit her country first. She feels safe in this case and she could be more openhearted, and sincere if gentlemen takes the initiative in his hands.

4th step. Come, visit her and find what you’ve been looking for.

Enjoy talking to and being with the girl of your dream! Congratulations, you did all what was needed to find it, try to impress her, be honest and gentle and she falls in love for as much as you want or need.