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A simple way to become the perfect man for her

2015-06-25 11:00

Every woman is looking for someone who will make her feel like a queen. You should be charming, with a kind heart, intelligent behavior and of cause handsome looking appearance. Girls like man with good manners and sense of humor. Every woman is looking for a man, who can hold her on when she is upset or make her laugh when she is unhappy. Especially woman from Ukraine, so, if you want to become the best person for foreign girl, read some recommendations below, before spending all your time on best dating sites in attempts to find a woman of your heart.

Hygiene and pleasant smell- the best way to make perfect date with Ukrainian girl!

Every girl wants a man with pleasant smell and with clean clothes. You know, girls have a lot more requirements for foreigners. To be handsome on your first date clean your fingernail, take shower, comb and wash your hair and brush your teeth. Having good smell does not mean to spray a whole perfume on yourself before a date. It only means daily shower and maybe a little body spray. Just these things can make you much more attractive for a girl.

Be romantic and have manners


Every girl is a princess. Be a prince for her! You can write a letter for your girl, with some small present from your country. For example, chocolate. Girls like it. You can bring for her a piece of chocolate, which is unknown in her country. You can leave little notes for her, especially when she does not expect this. First date would be excellent, if you make romantic dinner and than you will walk in the park or seaside. And manners, open doors for your girl, say “please”, pull out her chair, these things are really make girls go crazy and fell in love.

Stop egoism — think about your foreign girl

You should be stronger. Ask her about her feelings and emotions, try to learn her language, speak with her after hard day on work, help with her bags. Hold her hand during a scary movie and give your jacket in the evening when it is cold. Learn more about her hobby and interests, ask about her favorite books, say compliments and respect her as a person and you will be the best and the love man for every girl.